Skeleton of a giant found in Romania.

Exposing the Secret History of Giants and the Underground Hyperborean Gallery in Romania


With Rosia Montana being a mining area, a number of interesting discoveries have been unearthed there over the years – one of the most interesting being a skeleton of a 10 meter (32.8 feet) tall giant which was found in 1976.

About 5,500 years ago, an underground gallery was constructed in the region by the Agathyrsi. In February 2012, a group of geologists followed the gold vein in the same place. They kept digging until they ended up at the base of the gallery. To their utter surprise, they found a gravestone which was definitely not made of common rock. The geologists took a sample, and the laboratory results revealed that the components of the tombstone included 55% 50 karat gold dust, 15% granite dust and 30% wolfram. Also, the analysis revealed that the composite rock had been made using a type of technology unknown today.

The Hyperborean Gallery

Known by the name of “The Hyperborean Gallery” or “Gallery 13”, the place of this amazing discovery is located beneath Cornea village. A number of other discoveries were made at the site in 1976. However, in the name of “security” the anthropological and archaeological discoveries were deemed too unusual and shocking for the time, so the gallery was permanently sealed.

The gravestone was not the only unusual item found inside the gallery. On it, archaeologists found a 10 meter (32.8 ft.) tall skeleton of a giant. Apparently, the giant had been buried there after his death, with his legs gathered on one side. Lacking the proper equipment necessary to analyze such a find, the skeleton was sent to Moscow. Unfortunately, nothing has been reported about the giant ever since.

The discovery of a skeleton that measures 10 meters or 32.8 Feet.

The discovery of a skeleton that measures 10 meters or 32.8 Feet. ( Oculto Revalado A Verdade )

As for the tombstone, a new series of research was planned to analyze it in 2012. The relic was dug up once again and measurements showed that it was six meters (19.7 feet) wide, twelve meters (39.4 feet) long and three meters (9.8 feet) tall. It weighed almost 1700 tons and contained somewhere around 900 tons of solid gold. To make a comparison, such a quantity of gold would have required over twenty years of mining work to gather. The last thing known about the gravestone is that it had been cut up into 80 smaller pieces in order to make its transportation possible. As for its destination, it is not known where it lies today.

One of the archaeologists working in Gallery 13 took a set of photos with the gravestone and sent them to a paleolinguist. The latter noticed emerald green bas-relief writing covering the entire surface of the artifact. The text had been written in three parallel rows which started in the upper left. From there, the writing descended diagonally, similar to a serpent, and formed a spiral around a wolf head. Finally, the script ended in the lower right corner. The paleolinguist speculated that the unknown writing could be Pelasgian and that the discovery with its markings and writing clearly possessed great cultural and historical value. Nevertheless, the gravestone was cut and melted. The state obtained a share of 19 pieces, 31%, as stipulated in the local gold exploitation contract.

During the excavation, the lifting of the gravestone also revealed the entrance to a pit. The four meter (13.1 feet) diameter pit had a descending spiral stairway and a milky violet light radiated from the inside. A closer inspection of the stairs made it clear that they looked as if cut into the walls of the pit by a laser and, as for the violet light, nobody could determine its source.

Curious to find the source of the light and to see what was inside, the paleolinguist descended into the pit, but nobody else proved brave enough to join him. The night passed and the man never returned from the pit.

Ultimately, the army sealed the entry to the pit, as well as the entire Gallery 13, with cement. Those present never talked about the discoveries again - as they had been made to sign confidentiality agreements, therefore what lies beyond the staircase of the pit remains a mystery.

Romanian Giant Legends

Depending on the region of Romania where the legends come from, there are different names for giants. In the Boziorul area, giants are known as “tartars” (“tartari”), for example. A number of unusually tall skeletons have been uncovered at Scaieni, in Buzaului Mountains. For instance, when locals tried to plant apple trees on a hill, they accidentally discovered humanoid skeletons of over 2.4 meters (8.2 feet) tall along with pottery fragments.

vSkyline of Buzaului Mountain.

Skyline of Buzaului Mountain. ( Public Domain )

Knowing the local legends, people from the area immediately thought about the tartars. One of these legends even claims that the mountain formation known as the “Pillars of Tainita” (“Stalpii Tainitei”) had actually been built by these giants of old. In the past, the giants were also credited for building two large underground halls somewhere beneath the mountain.

The strange formation which can be seen up on Tainita Mountain resembles a set of stone chairs. As they are found at high altitude and in a highly inaccessible area, locals claim that tartars built the chairs to sit on when they wanted to gather for council.

Artistic representation of a Romanian giant.

Artistic representation of a Romanian giant. ( The Incredibly Long Journey )

Another legend from Hateg Country (“Tara Hategului”), tells the tale of two giantesses who built two cities: one in Deva and the other on the peak of the Severed Mountain (“Muntele Retezat”) respectively. Upon the end of the construction, when the giantess from Deva beheld her rival’s city and saw it had turned out more beautiful, she became envious. In a moment of rage, she threw a plough towards the mountain citadel - destroying it and severing the top of the mountain at the same time. In this way, the mountain earned its name, being known ever since as the Severed Mountain.

The Retezat Mountains seen from atop one of them (Vârfu Mare, "The Big Peak").

The Retezat Mountains seen from atop one of them (Vârfu Mare, "The Big Peak"). ( Public Domain )

In regions such as Teleorman, Giurgiu, and southern Muntenia, giants are known as “jidovs” (“jidovi”). A local legend speaks about a hero going by the name of Novac who fought a jidov. Once the giant was defeated, he ran away to save his life, but in his flight he left a mark on the ground. The area has been called “Brazda lui Novac” ever since. In the region there are also other formations called “maguri” by locals who believe that these have been built by giants.

Giant Discoveries in Romania

A number of archaeological discoveries have been made in Giurgiu. For example, it was found that in Argedava, King Burebista had his first city (before he unified the Dacian tribes of the area). Yet, an even more interesting discovery was made between the years 1940 and 1950. In this period, archaeologists unearthed 80 humanoid skeletons which appeared to be giants. The huge skeletons measured about four to five meters (13-16 feet) in height.

Giant skeletons have been unearthed in other parts of the country as well. As one example, in October 1989, 20 giant skeletons were found in Pantelimon – Lebada.

A sculpture of a giant’s leg in Corbii din Piatra, Romania.

A sculpture of a giant’s leg in Corbii din Piatra, Romania. ( Nicubunu/CC BY SA 3.0 )

Other such discoveries have been unearthed at Polovragi, at Cetateni, beneath Negru Voda Monastery, and in the Bucegi Mountains - where the existence of a network of underground tunnels surprised workers.

Secrets within the Bucegi Mountains

Secrets within the Bucegi Mountains (

Thus, skeletons of giants have been discovered in many places around Romania. To get straight to the point, giants have been discovered in: Scaieni in Buzau County, Mariuta in Calarasi County, Persani Mountains, Polovragi, Piatra Craiului, Tara Hategului, Cetateni beneath Negru Voda Monastery, and in many other places.

In Maramures, the Fortress of Oncesti (“Cetatea de la Oncesti”) was believed to be the home of the giants. At Argedava, giants with a height of over five meters (16 feet) have been discovered in 80 graves. Although most are suddenly “lost” after being discovered, the secret Romanian giants continue to be unearthed.

Featured image: Skeleton of a giant found in Romania. (

By Valda Roric


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Yeah? Who decides what is "extraordinary"?

We live within a universe that is in excess of 14,000,000,000 years old, on a planet that is about 4,000,000,000 years old, in a biosphere that has existed for up to 2,000,000,000 years; modern humans have been around for perhaps 250,000 years, though only 8,000 years of that is recorded history. Modern science has been around for 400 years or so, and current scientists have been here for 80-100 years tops, more like 40, on average.

So when they say "extraordinary", they base that on their experience of roughly %0.00032 of the sum total of humanity's period of existence, and about %0.00000004 of the timespan of life on earth.

A bit lacking in the credibility department in terms of being able to define what is or is not "extraordinary", don't you think?

I gotta say ... someone has a vivid imagination. Extraordinary beliefs require extraordinary proofs. There is, as always on this topic, absolutely no verifiable information in this article. If you want to be taken seriously (at least by me) produce some hard evidence.

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100% agreed. Why would a reputable site publish such an unproven and fallacious article?

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your kindness and once again your respect in the exchanges we have had. Thanks for telling me your beliefs and I must say I respect your honesty in these questions. Many atheist/agnostics usually attempt to answer these and some do surprisingly well, but in the end, none of really knows the answers to these questions. However I'll do as you asked me to do. I've actually been there before myself, however unlike you I did believe in the big-bang and evolution. However as an unbeliever there were some things that were pressing me even more. Here are 3 of them. 1)Mathematics states very clearly and logically that nothing can come from nothing. So you are left with 2 possibilities. a)There was something non-eternal and it made something else and that made something else, and this cycle continues for eternity. Or b)There was always something that always/infinitely existed, and things come from it or it made the other things. As a non-believer I am forced to believe that with either possibility here that the universe itself is eternal. That very well could be the case, but then that would make the universe a sort of non-personified god. 2)The second thing that perplexed me as a non-believer is the existence of life. Over time as I began to study things about life, evolution, etc. There is one fundamental issue that can't be answered. How did the first life get here. Evolution believes it has the answer but it does not, nor has it be proved that the way it says it started is the way it actually started. Much conjecture, but its hard to know since no one was there, so we have to play investigator. Law of Biogenesis says "life comes from life". But how does this work if there used to be no life? Information also plays a role in this. Firstly, where does information come from. As people we know it has to come from an intelligent agent as anything can turn into information. If I tell someone that this rock is a landmark and will let you know when to turn left, then that rock has now become information. Genetics has information and LOTS of it. Where does this information come from? Also when natural selection and speciation occurs in creatures, information is usually lost or shuffled, not gained, but in order for macro-evolution to occur, information has to be gained and this is not something that has yet been observed. For example a dog has less genetic information than a wolf. These are some of the dilemas I have faced as a non-believer and was forced to believe that either aliens brought life to earth or a god did. Combining this with the first issue, I am then forced to believe that either another alien brought that alien to life in which another alien brought the previous one to life in an eternal cycle, or once again an eternal god did. A third thing I faced as a non-believer is 3)what is the source of morality? As a non-believer I am taught that it arose as part of evolution and in some way became an evolutionary advantage to pass down morals so as to preserve populations and societies. I can see how that would be the case, but ultimately these ideas of right and wrong are just opinion if that is the case. Why should I be "good" at all except to stay out of prison or trouble with the government. Why does it matter to be nice, except to 'get mine' per se. As a non-believer I was forced to the logical conclusion that ultimately survival and my happiness alone is what mattered for the little bit of time I'm here and whatever else happens in between that doesn't matter, how it is achieved doesn't matter, and that somebody's perception of right and wrong is only their opinion. This also means what is the point of loving other people. I can like them for a temporary time to get what i want and then it doesn't matter. This didn't sit well with me for it would mean that selfishness, greed, etc. is not "wrong". People who see that, it is just their opinion, there is essentially no real right or wrong, only what we feel "should be done". It also meant death is not bad, it is just a part of life. But something feels wrong with death, not just for people, but for everything in the world, just doens't feel like it should be here. Why do i feel this way? Is it only a feeling and if so, seems evolution should have taught us a long time ago that this is good, it benefits the system. Feelings aside, there are other things in the world that just seem wrong outside of that, but again it must only be my opinion. Speaking with other folks helped me to realize there are universal rights and wrongs in people, including non-believers of any faith. Could we have been tampered with because of thousands of years of religious teaching? It's definitely possible, but nevertheless people appear to have some things agreed upon concerning right and wrong. Where does this right and wrong come from? Was it a)thought up by people for societal sake? b)suggested to us by an outside source or authority? One thing that i must say is consistent, is that people don't like rules, even though we do think they should exist. However in most cases, most people wouldn't come up with rules, an authority usually has to come up with them, and even then there needs to be an enforcer or accoutability to ensure the rules are enforced. In any case I must admit it is possible that people thought up right and wrong for evolutionary purposes, but I felt the better explanation was a higher moral authority came up with it due to the universality of right and wrong, and the fact that outside of a moral authority, right and wrong is just opinion. Eventually I became a believer in Christ as you know and many answers to the questions I had became available to me that I didn't think was possible. I hope that someday your questions can be answered to your liking as well.

Concerning the video game example, you asked me how did corruption enter a perfect creation? The simplest answer is free-will. I can elaborate and explain that essentially God wanted his creation in people to love Him, but He also wanted them to be intelligent. He could have easily made a creation without the possibility of evil, but then wouldn't he just have robots that couldn't love Him back? However with the creation of free-will, there leaves open the possibility for one to choose to go against what you say or suggest to them is right. With free-will one can choose to do things to the creation that were not intended. Could God prevent them from following through on their actions? Sure, but corruption would have already entered the person because of their choice and therefore corruption would have entered creation. You see, many question why does or why did God allow certain things to happen and it is fair. If He is so powerful, why didn't he....etc. This is perfectly fair, but would we have free-will to do as we please? God didn't want robots and mindless servants, He wanted beings who could love Him because they wanted to and could excercise their own choice. Unfortunately this also leaves the possibility that they wouldn't choose Him and wouldn't choose right, but He also knew this, but to Him the love of even just One is worth this possibility. And if you ever been in-love you can agree that the possibility of one loving back is worth the heartache of being dumped a few times, lol. In any case, when it comes to Christ He again chooses to respect your decision in not wanting to love Him. In fact, many people make God out to be so mean when they ask, why would a loving God make people go to hell? The simple answer is because they choose to. The difference between heaven and hell isn't one place is full of bliss and the other is full of torment. No people who go to be with God are in heaven because they have chosen to love Him and they want to be with Him, and since He is goodness, people are in a good place. Those who go to hell, have also chosen this, not because they want to suffer, no, it is because they said they don't want nothing to do with God and have chosen not to love Him. It is not a place where you are being tormented by a particular person, it is a place where you suffer because you realize you have missed out on the goodness of God because you didn't realize that life was as hard as it is without Him. The best explanation I can give you is a parent-child relationship. When a child becomes a teenager often times they feel they are grown when they are not there just yet. They may feel like they don't need their parents help to live the "good-life" lol. So the child may rebel and do whatever they want and if their old enough, the parent may let them know they can leave if they want to and see what life is like without them. Upon leaving the child realizes life sux out there without mom and dad, but during that time mom and dad have still been helping out from afar, providing essentials like water, clothes and little bit of money, but still they have to take care of themselves and work and do all these things. Some children may come back and realize they weren't yet ready to be out there on their own. Some children however will decide "o things aint that bad" and continue to rebel in which they get completely cut off and realize how much things really do suck. The one who comes back is like the one who believes in Christ and wants to love God. But the others are like the child who says "i don't need you". Could God force you to be with Him in heaven, sure, but why if that is not what you want. One may say "shouldn't God do everything to protect you from such a place?" Yes and He did by providing a way for us not to go there through Christ, but He is not going to force you there if you don't want to because again, the difference between heaven and hell is not an object of torment and an object of blessing, no it is in one place God is manifest there and the other place He is not. Hell is bad because you are that child who is missing out on that awesome party all the cool kids went to, lol.

In any case, thanks for the exchanges again. I hope you find your answers man, I really do. I'm sorry you had an awful experience, but I can say that religion will do that to so many people. But Christ doesn't care about your religion, he wants a relationship with you. If you don't believe me read the book of John where He make it clear to the pharisees(The religious folks at the time) that religion is not how you get closer to God. Faith, Love, and hope - pure relationship is what He wants from you. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth and you shall be saved. Not by works, for none of us can live up to the perfection of God as so many religions try to make you do. No Christ was the perfection for us, so it is through Him we live and build a relationship with God. Then you can have life more abundantly, not necessarily in material things, but things like these answers you want in life will come. I would love to continue this exchange with you over email, but i'm not so sure i should put my email address on this comment/forum for the public lol. If there was a way i could send it to you privately I would. In any case, I hope you have a great weekend.



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