Francisco Goya, Witches' Sabbath (El aquelarre).

Mythology in Romania: Exploring Beliefs about Witchcraft and the Devil

An old Romanian proverb says: Do not speak badly of the Devil because you cannot know to whom you will belong . According to popular Romanian mythology, it is not considered difficult to establish a...
Main: Rowan tree, Glen Loyne, Inverness-shire (, CC license). Inset: Celtic Rowan Tree fairy by Mickie Mueller

Woe of the Witches – The Elevated Flying Rowan Tree

Why were certain plants raised from mere utility to reverence in the collective consciousness of various populations from different cultures? This elevation from purely physical use to the realm of...
Main: The Island of Blå Jungfrun (Flickr). Inset: stone labyrinth (CC BY 3.0) and Stone Age fireplace

Mysterious Labyrinth and Ritual Caves: Archaeologists dig up the Stone Age Past on Swedish Island

In local folklore, Bla Jungfrun Island has long been associated with dark curses and witchcraft. Off the coast of Sweden, the island has a history of bad luck and a reputation for magic, and even now...
Spanish inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition: The Truth behind the Dark Legend (Part I)

The Spanish Inquisition was not only a controversial organization, but also little understood by the general public. It was an institution that is haunted by a dark legend and, as you know, legends...
The Dunmore Cave of Ireland

The Dark Reputation of the Dunmore Cave of Ireland

Caves play an important role in the story of humanity. In addition to providing shelter for our earliest ancestors, caves were also often considered to be mystical and magical realms. For some...