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Snail slime was used for beauty products. Source: Volodymyr / Adobe Stock.

Ancient People Harvested Snail Slime for Beauty Products (Video)


Harvesting the natural benefits of snail mucus has a history dating back to ancient civilizations. This unique substance, valued for its nutrient-rich qualities, has found its way into modern beauty products. The process, once detrimental to the snails, has been revolutionized by innovators like Simone Sampò, based in Italy. His invention, the Muller One, now allows for sustainable snail slime extraction. The journey begins in the fields, where snails are carefully selected after a 14-month feasting period. Simone's machine mimics a spa experience, encouraging the snails to secrete substantial amounts of slime.

This slime, a result of their natural movements and relaxation, is then collected, dehydrated, and meticulously refined for cosmetic applications. The ingenious method yields remarkable results—up to seven pounds of slime per batch. Once processed and perfected, the valuable extract finds its way into beauty products that grace countless faces. This intricate process intertwines science and nature, offering a glimpse into the remarkable potential that snail slime holds for enhancing our skincare routines.

Top image: Snail slime was used for beauty products. Source: Volodymyr / Adobe Stock.

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