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Snail slime was used for beauty products. Source: Volodymyr / Adobe Stock.

Ancient People Harvested Snail Slime for Beauty Products (Video)

Harvesting the natural benefits of snail mucus has a history dating back to ancient civilizations . This unique substance, valued for its nutrient-rich qualities, has found its way into modern beauty...
National Trust archaeologists have finally determined the age of the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset, England using snail shells and the ancient Abbas Abbey “next door.” But questions remain.					Source: PeteHarlow / CC BY-SA 3.0

‘Missing Detail’ From the Cerne Abbas Giant Story Revealed

The Cerne Abbas Giant, a crude, naked, male-giant figure, drawn on an English hillside with chalk, measuring a whopping 180 feet (55 meters) tall has obviously been an eternal source of fascination...
World’s Oldest Jewelry Excavated at a Moroccan Cave

World’s Oldest Jewelry Excavated at a Moroccan Cave

Human beings have been wearing necklaces, bracelets earrings, and other forms of jewelry for a long time. But when you are next looking at a cross bracelet in an antique store and wondering what...
Cerne Abbas Giant chalk figure, in Dorset, England is now believed to be less than 350 years old!       Source: PeteHarlow / CC BY-SA 3.0

Research Shows Cerne Abbas Giant Chalk Figure Is NOT Ancient

In Britain, researchers believe that they are finally able to date the mysterious gigantic chalk figure at Cerne Abbas . The Cerne Abbas Giant has intrigued people for at least a century as its...
Tekhelet - Israel

Ancient textile may contain Biblical blue dye lost for 1,300 years

An extremely rare blue dye which adorned the robes of kings, priests, and Jews in ancient times, and which was lost to the world nearly 1,300 years ago, is believed to have been found on a 2,000-year...
Pyrenean glass snails - human migration

Tracking Human Migrations through … snails

How is it possible for snails in Ireland to be genetically the same as snails in France? Well probably they didn’t travel thousands of miles including sea on their own. Scientists believe that this...