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Restaurante Botín. Source: Tamorlan / Adobe Stock.

Have a Seat at the Oldest Restaurant in the World (Video)


Dive into a portal to the past at the world's oldest continuously operating restaurant. With doors that first opened in 1725, Restaurante Botín boasts an impressive 293-year legacy. The restaurant's wine cellar dates even further back to 1590, adding another layer to its rich history. Walking into this establishment feels like stepping back in time, with centuries-old stories echoing in every corner. One of the ancient restaurant's most treasured assets is its oven, which has been kept alive for 293 years. This oven, described as the "crown jewel," has never been turned off and maintains its warmth through the night only to roast by day. As a result, there's a distinct and special aroma that permeates the air.

The star dish of this iconic establishment is "cochinillo" or roast suckling pig. This culinary masterpiece is celebrated for its crispy skin, achieved with oak wood, producing a delightful crunch that's a delicacy in its own right. The recipes used at Restaurante Botín have been passed down from generation to generation, maintaining the same essence and taste from when the founding ancestors first introduced them.

Top image: Restaurante Botín. Source: Tamorlan / Adobe Stock.

By Joanna Gillan

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