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A gold piece from the Vindelev hoard. Source: Oleryhlolsson / CC by SA 4.0.

The Ancient Golden Treasure Rewriting Danish History (Video)


A remarkable chance discovery in the Danish village of Vindelev is revolutionizing our understanding of early Norse history. Two old school friends, armed only with a metal detector, stumbled across a treasure trove of more than 20 gold artifacts, weighing nearly a kilo. These items, hidden for close to 1,500 years, have unveiled a captivating glimpse into the past. Among the extraordinary finds are Roman medallions and intricately designed pendants known as 'bracteates', some of which are as large as a saucer. What truly sets this discovery apart are the enigmatic inscriptions and previously unseen runes, believed to be among the earliest references to Odin and the other Norse gods.

This extraordinary find raises intriguing questions about Vindelev's historical significance. Could this village have been the seat of power for an enigmatic Iron Age king or chieftain previously unknown to us? The discovery of such a substantial gold treasure trove suggests the presence of a highly influential individual or community in the region during that era. Archaeologists and historians are now eagerly delving into the artifacts, hoping to unlock the secrets of Vindelev's past and shed new light on the early Norse civilization.

Top image: A gold piece from the Vindelev hoard. Source: Oleryhlolsson / CC by SA 4.0.

By Robbie Mitchell



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So this is primarily Roman occupation in the territory known today as Denmark..   Nothing unusual since Rome expanded its occupations into many territories..

Charles Bowles

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