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Witchcraft in India. Source: YouTube Screenshot / The New York Times.

Witchcraft: India's Deadly Superstition (Video)


As India has continued to modernize, the old issue of ancient superstitions surrounding witchcraft has repeatedly cropped up. This deeply rooted belief has led to a tragic trend of violence against accused witches, primarily affecting women. Accusations of witchcraft often stem from property and land disputes, resulting in dire consequences. For centuries, spirit healers have claimed to exorcise evil spirits from individuals who are believed to be possessed. However, the origins of these spirits remain shrouded in mystery. Over the past 15 years, more than 2,000 women have fallen victim to witch hunts, causing immeasurable suffering.

Fortunately, campaigners like Verbalor Abba tirelessly fight to eradicate this harmful custom. Their efforts have led to the implementation of a groundbreaking law banning witchcraft accusations. This law empowers women to defend themselves against baseless allegations. One remarkable example is Jameelah Rava, a 27-year-old woman accused of witchcraft by her brother. Thanks to the new law, a compromise was reached, and her brother retracted his accusations. This change offers hope for countless women who might otherwise face violence and persecution. The battle against superstition in India is ongoing, but there is progress thanks to individuals like Verbalor Abba and the crucial legislation implemented to protect women from baseless accusations.

Top image: Witchcraft in India. Source: YouTube Screenshot / The New York Times.

By Robbie Mitchell

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