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witch hunt

Witchcraft in India. Source: YouTube Screenshot / The New York Times.

Witchcraft: India's Deadly Superstition (Video)

As India has continued to modernize, the old issue of ancient superstitions surrounding witchcraft has repeatedly cropped up. This deeply rooted belief has led to a tragic trend of violence against...
Witch on a broomstick. Source:  T.Den_Team / Adobe Stock

The Cringeworthy Reason Witches are Shown Riding Broomsticks

What comes to mind when you think of a witch? For most people, the first image that comes to mind is of a witch flying through the night sky on a broomstick. Ever wondered why witches have been...
The persecution of witches is a common theme within the history of witchcraft. Source: Matrioshka / Adobe Stock

The Long History of Witchcraft Persecution

Since the beginnings of history, humans believed in religions of a polytheist type, worshipping a plurality of gods and spirits. By proposing a monotheist religious system, Christianity intended to...
Papua New Guinean. There has been an increase in recent years in attacks aimed against Papua New Guinea witchcraft.

Papua New Guinea Witchcraft: Ancient Spirits and Deadly Modern Witch Hunts Live On

Papua New Guinea is one of the few places in the world where literal witch hunts still take place on a regular basis. Witch hunts continue to be practiced, even though engaging in a witch hunt was...
 A woman and children were found dead in a well near their home.

Ancient Superstitions Pervade India as Modern ‘Witch Hunt’ Leaves Mother and Children Dead

A shocking story from India is showing that in some areas of the world old superstitions are still alive and leading to terrible crimes. The belief in witchcraft is still common in many areas of...