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traditional medicine

Witchcraft in India. Source: YouTube Screenshot / The New York Times.

Witchcraft: India's Deadly Superstition (Video)

As India has continued to modernize, the old issue of ancient superstitions surrounding witchcraft has repeatedly cropped up. This deeply rooted belief has led to a tragic trend of violence against...
traditional medicine, Cambodia, healers, ingredients, healthcare

Reviving Ancient Healing Arts: Cambodia's Groundbreaking Approach to Healthcare (Video)

Traditional healers, with their deep knowledge of nature's bounty, have long played a pivotal role in providing healthcare in Cambodia . They use an array of natural ingredients, including dried...
An ancient skeleton (representational). Source: Idanthyrs / Adobe Stock.

Ancient Remains of Disabled Teenage Girl Unearthed in Brazil

A remarkable archaeological discovery in Brazil's Serra das Confusões National Park has unveiled the centuries-old remains of a disabled teenage girl, whose life was marked by spina bifida. Unearthed...
Mother and baby donkey. Credit: Geza Farkas / Adobe Stock

Global Donkey Populations Decimated for Chinese Traditional Medicine

A British charity has announced that the rising demand for donkey hide gelatin is threatening to collapse their numbers by half across Asia, Africa and South America unless governments intervene now...
A Place for Traditional African Medicine in a Modern World

Traditional African Medicine and its Role in Healing in a Modern World

Herbalism, divination, and spiritualism often combine in traditional African medicine, perhaps the oldest and most varied therapeutic system in the world. This holistic health care system has many...
Shennong: The God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture

Shennong: The God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture

Shennong, which means “God farmer” or “God peasant”, is a deity in Chinese religion. He is a mythical sage healer and ruler of prehistoric China. Shennong is also known as Wugushen “five grains,” or...