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Sonora witchcraft market, Mexico City. Source: Belikova Oksana / Adobe Stock.

Inside Mexico's Sonora Witches Market (Video)


Mexican witchcraft has long been a topic of fascination for people around the world, and for good reason. In a bustling city of 20 million people, Mexico City, where the majority are devout Catholics, the Church vehemently denounces any association with witchcraft, branding it the devil's work. Yet, for many Mexicans, the allure of this ancient craft remains irresistible. Hidden within the labyrinthine corridors of the Sonora witches’ market, an anthropologist named Anthony Zabaleta has spent a quarter of a century unraveling the secrets that lie within. He has witnessed some truly shocking events, including the discovery of nearly 100 objects buried as part of a hexing ritual.

Here, witch doctors known as "brujas" offer their mystical cures and services, catering to the darkest of desires. From casting spells to lifting curses, this market supplies everything, including grotesque ingredients and sinister rituals. Despite the prevalence of science and reason in modern society, stories like Zabaleta's show that the supernatural still holds a powerful grip on people's beliefs and actions.

Top image: Sonora witchcraft market, Mexico City. Source: Belikova Oksana / Adobe Stock.

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