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Mexico City

Sonora witchcraft market, Mexico City. Source: Belikova Oksana / Adobe Stock.

Inside Mexico's Sonora Witches Market (Video)

Mexican witchcraft has long been a topic of fascination for people around the world, and for good reason. In a bustling city of 20 million people, Mexico City, where the majority are devout Catholics...
The discovery of a cache of Aztec ritual offerings, including the remains of a Mexican wolf dressed as a warrior (seen here), has lead experts to believe they may have found the tomb of an Aztec king. Source: Mirsa Islas / INAH

Sacrificed Animals Dressed as Warriors Point to Tomb of Aztec King

Researchers conducting excavations in Mexico City found a series of boxes containing Aztec treasures. Inside they discovered a cache of Aztec ritual offerings, including child remains, precious...
An amazing wooden mask found among the latest Aztec artifacts’ discoveries at Templo Mayor in central Mexico City. Source: Mirsa Islas Orozco / INAH

Mexican Archaeologists Find Over 2,500 Rare Wooden Aztec Artifacts!

Archaeologists in Mexico unearthed one of the largest and most impressive collections of Aztec artifacts ever found, just northeast of the central plaza of Mexico City. This incredible Aztec artifact...
Giant Obsidian Golden Eagle Surfaces in Mexico

Giant Obsidian Golden Eagle Surfaces in Mexico

The Aztec’s Hueteocalli , otherwise known as the Templo Mayor (which translates into “Great Temple”) stood at the center of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), the capital city of the Aztec world in Mexico...
Aztec Palace Complex and Later Cortes Home Unearthed in Mexico City

Aztec Palace Complex and Later Cortes Home Unearthed in Mexico City

Archaeologists have unearthed an Aztec palace complex in the heart of Mexico City . The recently unearthed palace complex in the capital of Mexico was built for an Aztec emperor but was also...
The skull of one of the individuals studied, in which the dental modifications are apparent, and the tubes used for isotope and genetic tests, both of which were carried out as part of our study.       Source: Collection of San José de los Naturales, Osteology Laboratory, (ENAH), Mexico City, Mexico. Photo: R. Barquera & N. Bernal.

Bones Reveal Story of Three African Slaves During Spanish Colonialism

Despite the infamy of the transatlantic slave trade , scientific research has yet to fully explore the history of the enslaved Africans brought into Latin America. In a study appearing April 30th in...
The temazcal, sweat lodge, found in La Merced, Mexico City, Mexico. Source: INAH

Finding Temazcaltitlán: Aztec ‘Sweat Lodge’ Holds Sacred Meaning in Mexico

The ruins of a 14th century Aztec ‘sweat lodge’, known as a temazcal, have been unearthed in Mexico City . It is located in the historic La Merced district and helps experts pinpoint where...
The mammoth traps were found in Tultepec, Mexico. Source: Edith Camacho, INAH

The World’s First 'Mammoth Traps' Found in Mexico?

Anthropologists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History said in a statement on Wednesday that a pair of hunting pits, essentially mammoth traps, were discovered during...