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I am a retired professor of Linguistics at Rutgers (the State U. of New Jersey). I’ve also lived & worked & studied in 9-10 countries around the world; 3 of them as a Fulbright scholar. I’ve have written 13 books: scholarly & popular–– nonfiction & fiction. Relevant ones include: A Ganges of the Mind: A Journey on the River of Dreams ,   The Ganges in Myth & History , The Illuminator (an “Islamic” novel set in Samarkand at the time of Tamerlane––early 15th century), The Wanderer: Travels & Adventures Beyond the Pale. And The Heretic’s Book of Death & Laughter: The Role of Religion in Just About Everything , that goes into greater depth about the topics discussed in the article. And peripherally: Understanding the Language of Science (University of Texas Press). Website. My website is: stevendarian.com. Contains writing samples from two books of mine.


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