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Alessandra Filiaci

Alessandra Filiaci was born in Rome in 1964. At a very young age she discovered the works of W.W. Atkinson and R. Guénon, texts on mysticism and oriental philosophy, Greek mythology, study of symbols, Tarot, astrology, the I Ching. The innate thirst for knowledge and the humanistic culture have provided the basis of her personal Inner Path, drawing sap from the study of historical-religious and esoteric themes and the teachings of various Spiritual Masters.

Writer, poetess, Reiki Master, she is the author of the books:

Reiki - Il cuore e la mente. Esperienze e scoperte in un diario di viaggio (Terre Sommerse edizioni, Roma 2020);

Oltre il tempo e lo spazio. Raccolta di poesie (Terre Sommerse edizioni, Roma 2018);

I Tarocchi della Nuova Era. Percorso spirituale, divinazione, applicazioni ludiche (Terre Sommerse edizioni, Roma 2017);

I Tarocchi. Il Sentiero degli uomini e degli dei (Bastogi Editrice Italiana, Foggia 1999).

She is the creator of Tarosofia, a system of study and creative use of the Tarot. She is a member of the Theosophical Society.




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