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Alessandra Filiaci was born in Rome in 1964. At a very young age she discovered the works of W.W. Atkinson and R. Guénon, texts on mysticism and oriental philosophy, Greek mythology, study of symbols, Tarot, astrology, the I Ching. After a formative and constructive experience in Milan in the second half of the '80s in different publishing fields, strongly motivated to access new Psychical and Spiritual Realities, she began to collaborate since the early '90s with Italian periodicals related to her own sensibility and interests ("Magicamente", "Il Giornale dei Misteri", "Il Giornale dello Yoga", "Corus Cafè"). She is the creator of "Tarosofia", a system of study and creative use of the Tarot, which she promotes through the initiatives she carries out for the Cultural Association "Anahata" in the city of Rome, founded in 2008, of which she is President. She is a member of the Theosophical Society. Writer, poetess, Reiki Master, she is the author of the books: "I TAROCCHI. IL SENTIERO DEGLI UOMINI E DEGLI DEI" (Bastogi Editrice Italiana, Foggia 1999), "I TAROCCHI DELLA NUOVA ERA. PERCORSO SPIRITUALE, DIVINAZIONE, APPLICAZIONI LUDICHE" (Terre Sommerse, Rome 2017) and the collection of poems "OLTRE IL TEMPO E LO SPAZIO" (Terre Sommerse, Rome 2018), in which twenty-two lyrics dedicated to the Major Arcana are included (her poem "Marea", taken from this collection, is in the volume containing the most representative works of the 3rd International Prize "Maria Cumani Quasimodo" 2019). She has written a book on Reiki.


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