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Alessandra Filiaci

Alessandra Filiaci was born in Rome in 1964. At a very young age she discovered the works of W.W. Atkinson and R. Guénon, texts on mysticism and oriental philosophy, Greek mythology, study of symbols, Tarot, astrology, the I Ching. The innate thirst for knowledge and the humanistic culture have provided the basis of her personal Inner Path, drawing sap from the study of historical-religious and esoteric themes and the teachings of various Spiritual Masters.

Writer, poetess, Reiki Master, she is the author of the books:

Reiki - Il cuore e la mente. Esperienze e scoperte in un diario di viaggio (Terre Sommerse edizioni, Roma 2020);

Oltre il tempo e lo spazio. Raccolta di poesie (Terre Sommerse edizioni, Roma 2018);

I Tarocchi della Nuova Era. Percorso spirituale, divinazione, applicazioni ludiche (Terre Sommerse edizioni, Roma 2017);

I Tarocchi. Il Sentiero degli uomini e degli dei (Bastogi Editrice Italiana, Foggia 1999).

She is the creator of Tarosofia, a system of study and creative use of the Tarot. She is a member of the Theosophical Society.




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Moses and Joshua in the Tabernacle, wearing the breastplate by James Jacques Joseph Tissot, (1836-1902) Jewish Museum, New York (Public Domain)

The Israelites’ Lost Urim And Tummim, Divine Divination Of Yahweh

The story of the settlement of the Israelite tribes in the Promised Land has long been the subject of controversy among scholars. Moreover, the narrative of the Book of Judges has been regarded as...
The Egyptian Expedition under the orders of Bonaparte, painting by Léon Cogniet (early 19th century) (Public Domain)

Egyptomania: Multitasking Mummies Of The 19th Century

Napoleon Bonaparte’s 18th-century Campaign in Egypt represented a pivotal moment in the quest for knowledge about the history of the ancient Egypt, by then a forgotten civilization that flourished...
Examination of a Witch by Tompkins Harrison Matteson, inspired by the Salem witch trials (1853) (Public Domain)

Strixology: Recording Diabolical Practices Of Renaissance European Witch Hunts

Foemina Instrumentum Diaboli can be translated as ‘Women are instruments of the devil’, which sums up the essence of Renaissance witch hunts in Europe. The word ‘witch’ evokes the figure of an...
Deer, antelope and predators. Aberdeen Bestiary (12th century) (Public Domain)

Meaningful Sacred And Profane Medieval Bestiaries

Medieval European churches, constructed by men for the glory of the Creator, are adorned to varying degrees, with sacred and profane images. No figure nor detail in these stone encyclopedia is...
Scenic view of typical narrow alleyway lined laundry lines in the Medieval Centro Storico of Naples ( lazyllama/ Adobe Stock) and Munaciello according to popular imagery ( Lady of a times /CC BY-SA 4.0)

Mischievous Munaciello, A Folletto Character Of Neapolitan Folklore

Every country in the world has its own rich folklore , every city and village has its own legends about fantastic creatures and supernatural beings told by grandparents to parents to children,...
The Befana with sweet coal and candy on wooden background. Italian Epiphany day tradition (vetre/Adobe Stock)

Babbo Natale And Befana: The Italian Santa Claus Duo

Christmas and Epiphany are undoubtedly two of the most popular holidays for Italian children. Children love to be told fantastic stories and excitedly await the arrival of Babbo Natale and the Befana...
Interior of a Gothic Cathedral by Paul Vredeman de Vries (1612) Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Public Domain)

The Language And Symbolism Embedded In Medieval Stone Bibles

In the Middle Ages, paintings and sculptures had a powerful educational function. The Church relied on the language of images to influence the illiterate masses. Popular education was nourished not...
The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat, John Reinhard Weguelin, 1886 ( Public Domain )

Therapies, Pseudo-Science And Bizarre Remedies Of Egyptian Medicine

Everything known about ancient Egyptian medicine comes from four different types of sources: works of art, the writings of ancient historians, palaeopathology and papyri. Medical papyri can be...
The Star Of Bethlehem Leading the Magi To The Cave Of Treasures

The Star Of Bethlehem Leading the Magi To The Cave Of Treasures

According to the Gospel of Matthew , Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea at the time of King Herod and some Magi from the East arrived in Jerusalem to inquire where the new-born King of the Jews was...
Yin Female Taosim In Search Of Immortality

Yin Female Taoism In Search Of Immortality

Chinese Thought conceived the idea of ​​a universe governed by the interaction and cyclical alternation of two opposing, but complementary principles called Yin and Yang . Before becoming...
The Imprisonment of Beatrice Cenci by Achille Leonardi ( b: 1800 d. 1870) (Public Domain)

The Ghosts and Superstitions of Ancient Rome

The history of the military conquests of the ancient Romans has often neglected to highlight some characteristics, which are still typical of the citizens of the Urbs Aeterna ( Eternal City ) . The...
The Crucifixion by André d’Ypres / Dreux Budé Master, (before 1440) Getty Centre (Public Domain)

Chronovisor: The Time Machine That Captured The Crucifixion of Jesus

Imagine a time machine , that could capture, among other things, three dimensional holograms of the crucifixion and death of Jesus; a speech by Napoleon; Cicero's first speech against Catiline; and...
Depiction of Rasputin in the Basement of the Jusupov Palace on the Moika in St. Petersburg. (Allan Fetherolf / adobe stock)

Rasputin: The Rise And Fall Of The Charismatic Thaumaturge

Gregorij Efimovich Rasputin was a country man with course manners and an immoderate passion for women and wine, a charismatic personality, a mystic with healing abilities and the scapegoat for the...
This fresco is commonly known as The Tarot Players. It is from the Casa Borromeo, in Milan, and was probably painted in the 1440s. (Public Domain)

The Literary Panorama of the Tarot Cards: Historical Reality and Myths

Although the Tarot is the most widely used ‘book of images’ in the world for the purpose of fortune-telling , many people are oblivious to its origins. A popular belief exists that the Tarot...