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Vestigial muscle in forearm. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Vox.

Proof of Evolution You Can Find on Your Body (Video)


The human body reveals compelling evidence of evolution. By examining its intricacies, we uncover remnants of our animal ancestors. One such example is the palmaris longus, a vestigial muscle in the forearm. Although it no longer affects grip strength, it can be removed for reconstructive surgeries. Our outer ear muscles also bear witness to our evolutionary past. While their movement is limited to humans, they once aided early nocturnal mammals in sound localization. Today, electrodes can detect slight muscle activity in response to sudden sounds.

Goosebumps offer another intriguing clue. When we're cold, tiny muscles connected to body hairs contract, causing the hair to stand upright, and creating bumps on the skin. This response, useful for furry mammals' insulation, can also be triggered by intense emotions or surprising musical moments in humans. Lastly, the tailbone, or coccyx, composed of fused vertebrae, represents the vestiges of our ancestors' tails. Although all humans develop a tail during embryonic stages, it regresses and disappears, except in rare cases of a vestigial tail present at birth. These remnants within our bodies provide tangible proof of evolution. Delving into these fascinating traces deepens our understanding of our evolutionary journey and our place in the natural world.

Top image: Vestigial muscle in forearm. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Vox.

By Robbie Mitchell



We were deposited on Earth prior to the ice age by our overlords, the Goa'uld, in order to mine minerals for there starships.  I get it. 

The Buddha knows.

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That's like saying just because whales( baleen whale) develop teeth in early studies but later teeth stop developing and sieve starts to grow instead it proves that their ancestors are bears!
It's true that we have a common Source but it's not that animals are our ancestors.We are absolutely different species!We've hardly ever changed.We've been always like we are now.And yes archeology proves that.So called moder men has been around since the earth spins.Why is it so frightening to be a human instead of developed animal?

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