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Chinese shadow puppets (GNUL)

The Master of Chinese Shadow Puppets (Video)


In the vibrant city of Tai'an, China, a remarkable figure named Fan Zheng’an stands as the torchbearer of an art form steeped in history—the Chinese shadow puppetry of Mount Tai. With a lineage spanning over 2,000 years, this traditional craft finds its guardian in the skilled hands of Zheng’an, who at the age of 76, boasts an astonishing 68 years of dedication to this mesmerizing practice. A true virtuoso, Zheng’an is a one-man symphony of puppeteering prowess. His performances are a captivating dance of shadows, where he deftly manipulates four to eight puppets—sometimes even more—bringing their stories to life with unparalleled skill.

It's not just the puppets he handles; Zheng’an breathes life into them through his melodious voices, scripted tales, and rhythmic melodies played with his feet, creating an entrancing orchestration that captivates audiences young and old. His commitment to safeguarding the authenticity of Mount Tai shadow puppetry is commendable. As an observer, one cannot help but be moved by Zheng’an's dedication. Through his nimble fingers and unwavering passion, Zheng’an is not merely a puppeteer; he's a custodian of culture, preserving the heritage of the past for the delight of generations to come.

Top image: Chinese shadow puppets (GNUL)

By Robbie Mitchell

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