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ArticleThe Powerful Symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000 Year History johnblack1602 weeks 5 days ago
ArticleMummified Hand from Yorkshire May Be Last Hand of Glory Still in Existence Alicia McDermott73 weeks 3 days ago
Forum topicPlease introduce yourself aprilholloway2244 weeks 1 day ago
ArticleStaffordshire Hoard: The Most Exquisite Anglo-Saxon Gold Collection mrreese51 month 5 days ago
ArticleUnraveling the Nature and Identity of the Green Man Riley Winters172 months 1 week ago
ArticleDo you dare enter a fairy ring? The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural lizleafloor142 months 1 week ago
ArticleThe Weird Wolds of Yorkshire: Inside the Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle Charles Christian93 months 5 days ago
ArticleFuthark: Mysterious Ancient Runic Alphabet of Northern Europe Bryan Hill73 months 1 week ago
ArticleTen Legendary Swords from the Ancient World aprilholloway73 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleThe human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory johnblack1934 months 1 day ago
ArticleIs Celtic Birdlip Grave the Final Resting Place of Queen Boudicca? aprilholloway64 months 1 week ago
ArticleTen Powerful and Fearsome Women of the Ancient World Joanna Gillan114 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleThe Rosslyn Chapel Carvings: Facts, Mysteries, and Conspiracies dhwty15 months 6 days ago
ArticleThe story of Ragnarok and the Apocalypse johnblack315 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleRare gold sun disc from Stonehenge era publicly revealed to mark solstice aprilholloway55 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleThe Norse Legend of the World Tree - Yggdrasil Andreas Kornevall275 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleBoudicca: The Celtic Queen Who Unleashed Fury on the Romans Joanna Gillan65 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleViking Berserkers – Fierce Warriors or Drug-Fuelled Madmen? Joanna Gillan316 months 6 days ago
ArticleWho Destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria? dhwty176 months 1 week ago
ArticleThe life expectancy myth, and why many ancient humans lived long healthy lives aprilholloway237 months 6 days ago
ArticleA Step Closer to the Mysterious Origin of the Viking Sword Ulfberht ancient-origins148 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleLegendary Lia Fáil: A Roaring Rock for the Coronation of Ancient Irish High Kings mrreese48 months 4 weeks ago
ArticleThe Legendary Kraken bill49 months 5 days ago
ArticleEngland's Bloodiest Battlefield: The Battle of Towton and the Battered Remains of a Medieval Knight Mark Miller39 months 1 week ago
ArticleMummified remains found in bog are world’s oldest Joanna Gillan29 months 2 weeks ago


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