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Federico Cataldo

Federico Cataldo was born in Faenza, Italy. He studied modern history (with medieval preference) at University and electronic music at the Conservatory of Bologna. His main interests in history are the study of collapsed long-forgotten societies, the Middle Age era in its entirety, and the reconstruction of our technological present through the study of ancient artifacts and technologies.


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The Man in the Iron Mask. Source: Igor Normann / Adobe Stock

The True Story of the Man in the Iron Mask

L'Homme au Masque de Fer (the French for “The Man in the Iron Mask”) is the name given to a prisoner arrested in about 1669 and condemned to the cruel fate of having his head clamped within an iron...
Roman dodecahedra

The Enigma of the Roman Dodecahedra

The Roman dodecahedron is a small, hollow object made of bronze or (more rarely) stone, with a geometrical shape that has 12 flat faces. Each face is a pentagon, a five-sided shape. The Roman...
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