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Chronicles from the Future: Paul Dienach

Chronicles from the Future: The accident of Andrew Northam

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The two elders left. The time had passed without me realizing it and it was now dark outside. Valleys and mountains surrounded me. I could hear the now familiar celestial melody (their evening prayer), sang by children’s voices as coming from far away, from another, extraterrestrial world. Truth be told, I never wanted it to stop.

August 18

(After midnight)

It’s two o’clock in the morning, there’s complete silence around me and I got out of bed to write. My day was painless and my nervous system free from the tension of the first three days. If they are telling me the truth, there’s still hope for me to recover from the shock.

Today was the thirteenth day of my new life, thirteen days full of newfound experiences and emotions. My thought is always with God, only he can show mercy even to the sinner.

Yesterday morning I went out to the terrace and enjoyed the sun. I spent a long time by myself. I sat down and re-read what I had written at night.

Paul Dienach and Professor Molsen

Later, Professor Molsen joined me and kept me company until noon. He was different with me today. He was talkative and we communicated quite well, except for the times when he tried to talk to me in his own German. Yearning to know more, I accused him of having experimented on Andrew Northam, without being sure that such a suspicion had any right to cross my mind. He vigorously denied that allegation and he did it with apparent sincerity.

Northam dead

The day before yesterday, Ilector Jaeger told me that they had brought Northam to Molsen, suffering fatal injuries on the head after a car crash. He died in Molsen’s arms and only after fifteen minutes and after having frozen him for a while did Molsen manage to bring him back to life. I didn’t mention any of this to the doctor. I asked Jaeger for the reason why they didn’t let me speak to everyone freely, like the rest of the patients did, and he assured me that this would only last for a few days. He also told me that my insomnia wouldn’t harm me, as long as I spent most of the night in bed.

As far as my life was concerned, he didn’t ask me about anything other than the illnesses I had been through. In as much detail as possible I talked to him about the incident of 1917; “a kind of lethargy” I called it.

In the afternoon, Jaeger paid me a second visit. Both times he was sent by the Ilectors. He told me so much… His company is a great consolation to me. He speaks in such a different way from the doctors; he puts his heart and soul in it.

Chronicles from the Future  is now available in Kindle or paperback format through  Amazon.

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Am getting seriously annoyed with the drip feed - the articles are exceptionally short. Within 2 minutes I'm done with it. Where can I buy this version (not full original diary) now???

ancient-origins's picture

Hi Someguy. We have already mentioned that the book is still under the final editing and every week the author has a designer to create the graphics for the stories. That’s the reason for the ‘drip feed’. Once the book is ready in a month from now you will be able to buy it from Amazon. We will let everyone know when the author finishes with the book, don’t worry about that!


Thanks. It's a great story. I just don't want to lose interest :-/

Memories from the Future:The Valley of Roses (A.R.E.) you tube video about this story .

Yes, the Youtube video you are referring to is the first English language lecture about the writings of Paul Dienach. It's a very interesting well presented discussion about this story.

Any plans for AO to release its other 2 ebooks on Amazon to buy. I would pay for Ancient places and Ancient Artifacts and I am sure i wont be the only one. I know their available for download for free but I would like to purchase both as paperbacks/hardocover which would be  nice additions to my vast home library.

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Hello Xiosisland, not at this stage, but we hope to offer printed books in the future. Thanks for the suggestion. 


For anyone who is eager to know more I suggest searching on youtube using "Paul Amadeus Dienach". You'll find a presentation with the highlights of the book. It's interesting, but I consider it to be little more than a cool fantasy story untill I get some proof this actually happened and the guy wasn't a nutcase.

What sort of proof could there possibly be, though, to support a story of this nature? I don't know if I believe it's true yet, but I don't need to. I'll read it and maybe get something out of it.