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Paul Dienach meeting the leaders of the Future

Chronicles from the Future: Meeting the Leaders of the Future and Revealing his True Identity

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Across the hallway, in front of an extremely tall door, there were six boys and girls standing who, judging from their outfits, probably didn’t live in the institution. They had just arrived. I only saw them for a couple of seconds and I didn’t have the chance to meticulously observe them. They were teenagers, all of them with long hair à la page, with almost matching uniforms - in the same pastel color shades as the living room - and all of them with belts embroidered with silver thread and short silk shawls hanging from their waists. Although strangers, they were the ones to open the door for us to enter into the small living room. Suddenly, the door shut behind us and, without anyone having told me anything, I found myself face to face with two Ilectors.

They looked at me in silence. Nobody else was there. To my surprise I saw Professor Molsen standing opposite them in awe.

I felt my body failing me and I was unable to resist. I didn’t know if they were priests or kings but, these venerable figures, dressed in white, with their imposing appearance, impressed me from the beginning. I saw them as a peaceful harbor for turbulent souls. I wanted to tell them everything right away.

I fell on my knees and in a quivering voice, I told them everything in between sobs. I was struggling to breathe every so often but my fervor and my yearning were so intense that I kept going. I had never felt like this, not even during confession. I was so shaken and upset that I couldn’t keep my narration in a chronological order but I managed to tell them the whole truth, little by little; and I think that the tone of clear sincerity in my voice, my nonlinear but otherwise coherent narration, my real thrill and the steadiness of my tearful gaze did not escape the grasp of the two elders.

While staring at me, their peaceful faces started to turn pale. No words could describe the expression of their eyes. I begged them to believe me.  They gradually started asking me in broken German – the language I was speaking with them - a storm of questions concerning the place where I lived and my time. I explained everything straight up. I could see them getting more preoccupied by the minute by my foreign language speaking.

Paul Dienach and the Leaders of the Future

I remember that for a moment there I lost my courage and almost broke down, but then I resumed answering all their questions as precisely as possible. I kept reassuring them of the truth of my words, weeping in emotion but also in sorrow for not being able to provide them with tangible and concrete proof.

In the end, these wise men believed me! Oh my God, they believed me! They lifted me up, sat me next to them and with that inexplicable air of profound blessedness and utter benevolence, they looked at me and spoke to me as equals.

God bless them! Only He can repay them for the good they did me in those extremely difficult and bizarre moments.

I didn’t make out a lot from their insights on “the narrow limits of human cognition” or ‘’the relativity of time and the potential existence of simultaneous time intervals”. Neither did I completely understand the concept of “the great and unified reality lying beyond the human perception of the past, present and future”.

Paul Dienach

But the rest of what they told me on the divine and human matters calmed me down. They gave me such a profound serenity, such consolation that made me feel more in peace than ever before. They worked as medicine alleviating my troubled soul. Later, of course, I achieved a deeper understanding of their version. In their view, they had before them “one of the rarest metaphysical phenomena, a peculiar manifestation of a mental state, not entirely balanced - at some point they even called it pathological - but not something supernatural that escapes the confines of the laws of life and of the physical world.

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