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Achilleas Syrigos

Achilleas Syrigos was born in Athens on 24 th May 1973.

He undertook a Law degree at Athens University and fulfilled his childhood dream by becoming a sportscaster at SKAI TV at the age of 21. Since 1994 he has written more than 1.000 articles in the biggest Greek magazines and newspapers (including interviews with Paolo Coehlo, Michael Jordan, Luc Besson, Professor Nanopoulos and many others). In addition he has edited 2 books, hosted TV and radio shows and worked in more than 50 prime time TV shows as an executive producer, project manager or editor in chief, aired by the biggest TV stations in Greece (MEGA, ANT1, STAR, SKAI, ALPHA). He has also worked with all the leading Production Companies in Greece (ENA Productions, ANOSI, Studio Ata, On Productions, Plus) as project manager and creator of TV formats.

After working for more than two years on the scripts of Paul Amadeus Dienach, he decided to collaborate with publisher Radamanthis Anastasakis in order to publish worldwide the new edition of Dienach’s original Diary Pages , which was formerly available only in Greece.

This legendary book, which was originally given to him by his brother, is now the centerfold of his life and he is determined to share this world heritage with as many readers as possible.

Achilleas is married with architect Antonia Tsoumi and has a one year old son, called Aristos.


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