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Religious perspectives on human origins



Cubits united all of the ancient world. Cubits empowered these civilizations from the teachings of Thoth, the G in Masonic illustrations, Pythagorean, the Bible etc... Cubits by design built both of Solomon s temples and the seven wonders.

Cubit rods of Maya and Kha

Mankinds timeline and cubits that united a nation for over 11,000 years


Before we start the article, let's first define cubit mysticism.
In Solomon's day there were three cubits:
A land cubit, a building cubit, a gold cubit, all of which had many disciplines.
For instance:
Tomb builders employed sacred astral discipline.
Jewelry and decorative works employed portions.
Land surveying employed derived geometry.
A cubit can be assigned any standard length. Thus, multiple length rods.
All cubits united, but on different branches of discipline.(such as a bricklayers tape to a surveyors)
What is a cubit?

Battle in Ancient Egyptian Temple



I’m trying to get some information on such a battle or dispute.  I read about this 25 years ago in a book on Ancient Eyptian history.

Does anybody know of such a battle?  In the account I read, the losers fled to China, and there was a  discussion about the similarities of the eyes painted on Chinese boats to Ancient Egyptian eye symbols.

My thanks for any information.

Genesis-Revelations The life cycle of the World


Discover a simple messages of the bible supported with contemporary knowledge. Genesis is a historical record trying to explain how the World began. Revelations tries to explain how the World ends and the continuous cycle of the planets. This message describes the life cycle of the planets. As with all things of our World we can observe them and produce a life cycle chart. Although science and many wonderful stories exist attempting to explain how life began, so to does science and stories try and explain how Earth will end.