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Mankinds timeline and cubits that united a nation for over 11,000 years

Before we start the article, let's first define cubit mysticism.
In Solomon's day there were three cubits:
A land cubit, a building cubit, a gold cubit, all of which had many disciplines.
For instance:
Tomb builders employed sacred astral discipline.
Jewelry and decorative works employed portions.
Land surveying employed derived geometry.
A cubit can be assigned any standard length. Thus, multiple length rods.
All cubits united, but on different branches of discipline.(such as a bricklayers tape to a surveyors)
What is a cubit?
The utilization of a unit and a constant or an opposite and an angle as shown in Rhind Papyrus #53.
I'll further explain in a coordinate example:
A square segment (unit) and its hypotenuse (constant). The cubes segment equals a (unit) and its diagonal a (constant). These measures would have been displayed and utilized in parallel on a cubit rod.
The pyramid of Khufu, 280 cubits altitude or 28 (one unit) x 10 by 5.5/7 of the unit, adjacent (constant), PI. The pinwheel Milky Way to the arrangement of a sunflower, all equal a unit to constant relationship. Contrary forces actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent on each other.
This is how the universe designs and why Pyramid Khufu's height and breadth is in ratio with the earth...

The article:
The Mayan civilization built from cubit expulsion?
Another view:
Babylon and especially Egypt taught cubit procedures as a way of life from stretching rope, beyond astronomy to the Gods as a higher form of learning. After these civilizations fell to Cyrus The Great who freed the Jews, what happened to cubit methodology, the way of life for over ten thousand years in mankind’s time line? If you think about it, only a quarter of that time has passed since. What happened to the stone masons and Harpedonaptae? Well, it is known some of them went to Jerusalem, but what of the rest? A mega force wherein cubits was a theological virtue. A mega force consisting of tomb, monument and metropolitan builders with their work still on display. As a guess, only one third of the force remained and built Persepolis and over time worked their craft into Europe, Greece, Rome to the great cathedrals with secret hand shakes of sorts to establish stature, pay and to travel freely across the land for the knowledge in masonry was highly desired. But what of the other two thirds? This was a huge population. What was going on at this point? Cyrus was allowing everyone to practice their religion (not forcing one on them) but what of cubits? Cubits united the ancient world in a way Cyrus could not rule. What do you think the meeting was about when Cyrus met Pythagoras, who studied with the Egyptians and understood cubit nature. I believe that the meeting sealed cubits in a guild. What of the aforementioned two thirds? These were die hard cubitors (made up word). Could it be that they fled persecution to continue practicing cubits freely, ended up in Central America and organized, became who we now know as the Mayans. These would have been the tomb builders, that massive way of life and discipline was diminished. Could this also be why Mayans where so blood thirsty in sacrifices. In mankind's time line the Mayan civilization rose 150 years after Cyrus and 50 years after Christ. This is my opinion, please feel free to continue it. - Frank A.Tytar