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Mankinds timeline and cubits that united a nation for over 11,000 years

Before we start the article, let's first define cubit mysticism.
In Solomon's day there were three cubits:
A land cubit, a building cubit, a gold cubit, all of which had many disciplines.
For instance:
Tomb builders employed sacred astral discipline.
Jewelry and decorative works employed portions.
Land surveying employed derived geometry.
A cubit can be assigned any standard length. Thus, multiple length rods.
All cubits united, but on different branches of discipline.(such as a bricklayers tape to a surveyors)
What is a cubit?
The utilization of a unit and a constant or an opposite and an angle as shown in Rhind Papyrus #53.
I'll further explain in a coordinate example:
A square segment (unit) and its hypotenuse (constant). The cubes segment equals a (unit) and its diagonal a (constant). These measures would have been displayed and utilized in parallel on a cubit rod.
The pyramid of Khufu, 280 cubits altitude or 28 (one unit) x 10 by 5.5/7 of the unit, adjacent (constant), PI. The pinwheel Milky Way to the arrangement of a sunflower, all equal a unit to constant relationship. Contrary forces actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent on each other.
This is how the universe designs and why Pyramid Khufu's height and breadth is in ratio with the earth...

The article:
The Mayan civilization built from cubit expulsion?
Another view:
Babylon and especially Egypt taught cubit procedures as a way of life from stretching rope, beyond astronomy to the Gods as a higher form of learning. After these civilizations fell to Cyrus The Great who freed the Jews, what happened to cubit methodology, the way of life for over ten thousand years in mankind’s time line? If you think about it, only a quarter of that time has passed since. What happened to the stone masons and Harpedonaptae? Well, it is known some of them went to Jerusalem, but what of the rest? A mega force wherein cubits was a theological virtue. A mega force consisting of tomb, monument and metropolitan builders with their work still on display. As a guess, only one third of the force remained and built Persepolis and over time worked their craft into Europe, Greece, Rome to the great cathedrals with secret hand shakes of sorts to establish stature, pay and to travel freely across the land for the knowledge in masonry was highly desired. But what of the other two thirds? This was a huge population. What was going on at this point? Cyrus was allowing everyone to practice their religion (not forcing one on them) but what of cubits? Cubits united the ancient world in a way Cyrus could not rule. What do you think the meeting was about when Cyrus met Pythagoras, who studied with the Egyptians and understood cubit nature. I believe that the meeting sealed cubits in a guild. What of the aforementioned two thirds? These were die hard cubitors (made up word). Could it be that they fled persecution to continue practicing cubits freely, ended up in Central America and organized, became who we now know as the Mayans. These would have been the tomb builders, that massive way of life and discipline was diminished. Could this also be why Mayans where so blood thirsty in sacrifices. In mankind's time line the Mayan civilization rose 150 years after Cyrus and 50 years after Christ. This is my opinion, please feel free to continue it. - Frank A.Tytar

Quite a thought.


So, you like many before you have spawned yet another theory linking Egypt with America, and this time it was the Mayans (again). Cocaine mummies, pyramids of stone, polytheism. That being said, let’s expand on your hypothetical scenario. 

For starters, all of these indicators listed everywhere should have linked them more to Egypt and not the Middle East. And it did a little, even the origins of Inca civilization stemming from a ruler who’s name phonetically resembled someone who was a ruler in ancient Egypt. Cyrus never made it to Egypt. But you’re talking about Mayans anyway, and the rise of the Mayans is around the same time Cyrus conquered the Middle East. Other than that, it’s very complicated to create a link to anywhere who’s ever used a cubit. 

To know of the land beyond the sea was an implausibility because the chances of return would be very slim and a very tedious process in itself. There would have to be several large vessels storing food and grain for resustinance upon arrival, and that alone would take years of premeditated cultivation along with well equipped men and women of exceptional learnings and with society structure.  Then you’d have to survive the long trip while maintaining a course often against the winds: you could actually sail that boat and wind up anywhere twice. You’re talking about a secret cubit guild who fled Cyrus: they would actually have to sail through Gibraltar, around the whole of Africa or somewhat Southeast through the Indian and Pacific Oceans bypassing pretty much everywhere ideal just to reach this land that somehow only the cubit guild had come to know about.   It’s not an impossibility but it’s highly unlikely there. Moving on....

Now we’re looking at their languages. Mayan did have a syllabic written pictogram representation, indicating a cultural revolution from a previous society with a syllabic representation. It’s not like Chinese or Linear A, but a similar concept to Egypt yet entirely different in every way imaginable. If there were linguistic similarities then someone would’ve said something but the truth is either nobody knows how Mayan actually sounds, or the similarity wasn’t at all evident.  This indicates the written and syllabic alphabet concept is older than the oldest ruin ever found and not a copycat unless this cubit guild intentionally changed their belief system and language while traveling years to hide from someone who couldn’t pursue them, leading me to believe they would’ve had no intention of preserving their former way of life in the cubit guild thereby making this endeavor pointless to begin with.  Plus these Mayan , eh...refugees made no mention that they were refugees from Cyrus or anywhere distant at all. 

Now we look at Mayan DNA. Very variant but somehow (somehow) traced to a crossing at Beringia long long ago. I can accept the fact that Eskimo/Inuit populations DNA are similar to those further south, but nobody entertains that these people might’ve just travelled North after their arrival from some other point on the continent, and nobody liked the Northwest Territory so breeding after that was a little incestuous thereby creating less variance. I won’t completely deny that even the Mayan culture was just as easily influenced by a seafaring immigration of refugees. However these indicative genetic markers found in Europe or Asia Minor were found in the Paracas, who preceded the Nazcas and Incans etc. This actually led me to believe that the Mayans were actually a product of indigenous culture evolution and not a Sumerian descendance. This fleeing band you thought of would have therefore been vastly outnumbered by an already present earlier group of societies and would’ve had no choice but to adopt the language and culture of these peoples. But there’s one fatal flaw in this scenario:

The wheel was not in the Americas, ever. They used a pampoose to drag things over the very rough landscape. This highly advanced warlike sacrificial cubit guild who crossed several oceans successfully multiple times just couldn’t manage to remember how to build a wagon let alone a chariot.  You’re actually better off entertaining the Book of Mormon explanation or alien colonization and their extraterrestrial knowledge of the cosmos. 

You’re talking about Masonic foundations made manifest in Mayan cultures.  All I can say is if all these indigenous bands were influenced by outsiders, why are there so many tribes and bands with countless dissimilar languages. They were very isolated, they had to be to become so different. Their gods were entirely different, their games were different, their system of calculations were different, their artistic expression was different except in the fact they managed to build step pyramids, but even their technology was different. However: theirs were much smaller and were used entirely different. These builders often hauled stone from nearby places, it’s apparent to me these Mayans actually used stones that were already present.  

I won’t deny that all this knowledge and society structure came from like sources, but it was long before Cyrus gave the Jews freedom of religion

Now let’s hear out another theory

Let’s say there was a ruling class in the earliest of days. Kings of Sumer, King Sargon of Akkad, Hammurabi, Kings of Persia, protoLatium, King Minos of the Cretans, pharaohs. Let’s say the earliest ruling class spread far and wide to establish their dominion over lands not yet inhabited by anyone. This would be evident in genetics and linguistics, and it is. Over time Egyptians spoke Khemite, French spoke Gaulish, and the whole time this ruling class continued to expand and eventually didn’t realize their neighbor kings were their kinsmen. So they were practicing political weddings and treaties, campaigns and wars,  establishing themselves as god kings with some divine right and birthright, and yet nobody knew they were already somehow related. So every war fought was generally not commonfolk seizing crowns and kingdoms but princes and kings and emporers overthrowing each other. Let’s say this dominion spread long before the R1b gene made manifest in Europe, this ruling class crossed into America and began to establish common dominion there too, multiple times (multiple crossings). This became Mayans jealous of Incan territory, Paracas slaughtered, Nazca assimilation into neighboring organizations. This all became god king rule all identifying some king as their being of idolizations. Such was evident in China and Australia, Easter Islanders and other Polynesians. Which would explain why all these kings even of recent times share a common genetic marker (R1b and a couple others). Wars and  revolutions destroyed lineages and birthright claims, all knowledges lost and constantly reestablished since before Dynasty One of Egypt. Let’s say this was brought upon by the end of the Ice Age, every land more accessible by crossing ice sheets and land bridges instead of by the later need for a boat. There’s an interesting theory: oceanic vessels weren’t invented because they weren’t necessary. All these lands were known because people had more easily been there, obviously before  glacial melts 11,000 years ago caused all these access points and regions to disappear, isolating everyone and destroying their records. 

It might be a bit far fetched, but when you read the bible and other ancient accounts you’ll find it’s more likely a blood related ruling class evolved to become Mayans with similar knowledge and society structure than fleeing from Cyrus the Great

>Stone masons made manifest in Mayan cultures

>You’re talking about Masonic foundations made manifest in Mayan cultures.


Not Masonic Masons, Stone Masons. Masonic Masons came in much later on the time line. The Mayan and Egyptian temples are of the same construction, the same alignment and built in cubits. Cubits and cultures in different ratios, yes. The Mayan civilization rose about 150 years after Cyrus conquered, this written as logic suggests. This response was at a glance, I'll have add to this response after I sort your option. Thanks for the engagement.

Cubits and applied methodology Is the joint link between the Americas and Egypt . Knowledge of mathematics, of one source. Definitely not a spawned theory.


In perspective of a time line, Cyrus came to rule in 352 B.C. Stone masons and that way of life for over 2500 years earlier, displaced. Alexander The Great came to rule in 150 B.C. and founded Alexandria containing conquered knowledge, this occurred the library of. In and about the same time, Stone masons or the math thereof took root in central America. Knowledge most definitively jumped continents. Searching for DNA attributed to cubits would be similar to searching for the missing link.  For an example, Free Masonry as it is known today is in multiple DNA. One thousand years after this time in 926 A.D which became the basis on which all subsequent Masonic Constitutions were framed, a reunification of this craft begins to take place. With that said, we are talking centuries of culture deployment with governing peoples coming up with unique ways to rule. You only need to look at the influence that Columbus delivered to indigenous people.

Stone masonry craft built for the Pharaohs, God and strived in geometric perfection. This knowledge was passed down through social units around the globe. How it intertwined in religious beliefs and architecture would need more research but it is evident. This in context with the thread Cubits reply date 10/18/18. Your point about the wheel is valid. First thought would be, they view it as technology that collapsed civilization however it is not uncommon for societies to do this, take for instance Earthing or the Amish. Perhaps the fertile ground proved to be to impregnable with rain. Many things could be considered here.