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Genesis-Revelations The life cycle of the World

Discover a simple messages of the bible supported with contemporary knowledge. Genesis is a historical record trying to explain how the World began. Revelations tries to explain how the World ends and the continuous cycle of the planets. This message describes the life cycle of the planets. As with all things of our World we can observe them and produce a life cycle chart. Although science and many wonderful stories exist attempting to explain how life began, so to does science and stories try and explain how Earth will end. The bible describes the end as not a very pleasant time, a phase in which fire has a dominant factor.

The New Perspective has identified our World as a living organism like Gaia and identifies the parts of the World from head to tail. The New Perspective has observed how life on each body part is an expression of this body part. The nose of the sword fish from the nose of the World. The neck of the buffalo from the neck of the World. The red breast of the robin from the breast of the World. Belly dancing from the belly of the World. The springy thighs of the kangaroo from the thigh of the World. All animals and aspects of life fit this basic pattern. The New Perspective identifies the life cycle of the planets, which explains our fossil records and accommodates such descriptive passages as revelations.

The New Perspective has identified how our ancient predecessors were aware of this pattern, but it also identifies corrections, as we have now at our fingertips information from all regions of the World and new scientific discoveries our ancient ones never new.

Discover "The New Perspective" and apply it to your own area of expertise and you will gain a global awareness and logic to the basic building blocks of life.

Your comments and feedback would be much appreciated.

Interesting information!

Interesting information! Thanks for sharing!!

love, light and blessings


Ancient pattern revealed


It is of great interest to the subject of ancient civilisations that the spiritual focus at the time was centered about the discovery of the World body in correlation to our body and under the influence of the Celestial template. From the key zone of religion it is now noted that according to the ancient chart of Kaalapurusha the World body was discovered to connect to our bodies and the Celestial body. The World body can be seen by some rather obvious connections now. The sphinx being the zone of Leo, the Womb and virgin Mary being Virgo, the scales of Buddha being the central fulcrum of the body. Being revealed now beside Leo is cancer and this coincides with Stonehenge. All zones around the World express this pattern distributed and understood by our ancient global civilisations from the heads of Easter Island to the base tail of Pisces. Midway between Leo and the tail is Singapore and the merlion.....

There are 5 small articles available explaining and updating this ancient understanding. If you wish I can post the links here if anybody is interested.

that is essentially what Rita

that is essentially what Rita Louise said in her book the ET Chronicals. 

Good stuff. But I would not

Good stuff. But I would not exactly call Genesis an historical record. It's clear that the writer of Genesis whom ever it was had no understanding of the universe. 

In the beginning there was

In the beginning there was nothing and then God spoke.  Sounds an awful lot like the Big Bang theory. 

Genesis continues

In New Zealand there is a concept called Io wihch is comprehendable and logical. There is a book I came across about twenty years ago that contains most of the stories of genesis from all around the World and each has a similar trend.

Yeah you can find many such

Yeah you can find many such stories and many predate the Biblical account. The Sumerians and Babylonians are two such civilizations that had creation stories that predate the Biblical account. Sadly the Bible purports nothing new in respect to cration stories. Some are based on ex Nihlo, chaos etc....I can post more info later.

Full cycle

Great references. The full point being the planetary life cycle, opening with the beginning of the World and concluding with the end of the World and returning back to the beginning. The life cycle of the planets is a logical pattern to read now and has been released as part of the New Perspective.

Our Cyclical Nature

Your post is interesting but I have found that the bible is allegorical in nature and both Gerald Massey and Manley P. Hall have pointed out how its allegories accord with ancient Egyptian sacred scripture. Even the rites of freemasonry originated in ancient Egypt. Also, the myths of other ancient peoples accord with the ancient Egyptian sacred texts. My intention is not to disparage your post, but only to point to the truest most reliable sacred texts that I am aware of.

Also, by freeing ourselves from some of the erroneous beliefs we have been indoctrinated with - such as the age of the world being around 5,000 years and the so called theory of evolution - we can begin to understand the creation myths/mysteries. In my humble opinion, the ancient Egyptians have left us all the information we need to interpret the ancient mysteries and, in particular, they left the zodiac found at Denderah which symbolically represents our life-cycle. I am truly in awe at the extent the ancients went to ensure that through millenniums information was left to educate and warn us.



It is most impressive the time and effort taken to record the discoveries and knowledge. Ancient Egypt is and was of great influence for the World. It is written the influence was also inspired by the World zone of Libra. The animal icons that represent the zones of the World as governed by the animal dynamics and study of the Worlds animals, at the time, represent each region but the zone of Libra whose spiritual awareness was already defined and influenced the discovery of the World body. As recorded in the chart at Denderah the correlation between the zones of the sky correspond to the zones of the World. The sphinx is the most obvious connection. In years to follow Christ cements the connection of Virgo and uses a team of twelve, each representing the twelve signs, to enhance the World connection to the identification of the World body. It is even easier to see from this chart that on the other side of Leo and Egypt is the zone of Cancer and this corresponds to Stonehenge and is even more similar to this pictorial representation of Cancer. Here in New Zealand we are heavily influenced by the tail and if you are ever able to view the stars from here you will be presented in the night sky by the rather obvious Celestial tail. This corresponds to the World tail as now identified as Antarctica.

Once you consider each zone represents a part of the anatomy be it our bodies, the World body or the Celestial body you can read the message in all of life. Another wonderful inspiring message from ancient Egypt is the great respect they had for animals. The animals taught them so much and showed them the variation in dynamics and parts. 



Being perfectly honest I have no idea what your point is?




We have discovered several very exciting points.

Our ancient ones discovered the stars were the pattern for the World. They realised that by studying the World you could see the creative energies of the Celestial order. Our ancient ones studied the World and discovered the connection between the zones of the World and the zones of the Celestial. They discovered that as you study life around the World, dynamic and dominant characteristics changed as you moved around the World. They established the head or top of the World [as indicated at Denderah] to the tail or base of the World. This is represented by the Earthly characteristics observed and then projected back to the Celestial zodiac.

When you make this connection you can see in all of life how this is so. We now have the globe fully mapped and we know what animals live where. The New Perspective has identified this universal template of life as discovered by our ancient predecessors. We can see how much of history fits this pattern, from stone structures to costumes and dance, anatomical characteristics to medicinal qualities to religious dynamics.... 

The New Perspective has identified the complete World body. The New Perspective has identified the complete Celestial body and the New perspective has also revisited the relationship and influence to our bodies.

We hope this has clarified some points and hope you may consider the notion for a moment as this may help unravel many wonderful mysteries.

The New Perspective has five small articles that can be viewed  

The celestial education of

The celestial education of the Ancients is documented very well such as the Tetrabiblios and other ancient text. Astro Theology is another prime example. I guess you know where your going with this.


From Ptolemy's Tetrabiblios

Seeking Information


The original design of Kaalapurusha containing the zodiac signs correlated to the human body, we have found a reference, dating back about four thousand years to the Hindu valley. We search for the research and information that formulated  the construction of the chart. We wonder if you have ever seen any such material with your very impressive referencing to related documentation. If any body has read any details we would appreciate to be advised. 

Kind regards Barry

Your talking Vedic Astrology.

Your talking Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology only uses the one house system known as the "equal house". The Zodiac is Babylonian in origin.The Greeks expounded on it. If you have found such a reference you should try Googling the reference. I can find no such text. But I will keep looking mind you.

You may find this interesting:


Also this:

And here is the entire BHAGAVAD-GITA,


Wel I think this is what you are referring to "The Hindu Book of Astrology". This is not an original version and according to the author he has of yet to find one.

If you look below the title page link you will see "chart" I think this is what your talking about. But just in case I will post the link to the chart:

Seeking information


The original design of Kaalapurusha containing the zodiac signs correlated to the human body, we have found a reference, dating back about four thousand years to the Hindu valley. We are searching for the research and information that formulated  the construction of the chart . We wonder if you have ever seen any such material with your very impressive referencing to related documentation. If any body has read any details we would appreciate any additional supporting information. 

Kind regards Barry

Who the heck is we? And what

Who the heck is we? And what civilization are you referring to? Where is the link to the reference you are talking about?  What book or ancient manuscript is it found? Who wrote it? As far as the construction of a chart that was published 4000 years ago good luck with that one buddy.

You need to start with the civilization and author of said reference you are referring to. Tell you what give me the author and I will see if I can find this needle in a haystack for ya.

I - We


It is rather interesting that the introduction of the New Perspective, the identification of the World body, the identification of the Celestial body, the identification of the template to much of history including the placement of many ancient structures, has produced, one exposed question on Ancient Origins. Requesting a reference to the use of we as opposed to I. My personal profile refers to personal details and the use of I. The New Perspective is currently establishing an extended team, aware and trained in the full concept of the New Perspective and helping with research and the introduction of the New Perspective. It is a conscious decision that when I write, I consider the team which represents the New Perspective and so the use of the expression "we". I have the current task of advising organisations and people who would have an interest in ancient sites. Other areas the team is corresponding with include;-  Space research focusing on the planetary life cycle and Celestial identification and energies, biogeogragphical zoning, religious influence, Marine animal research, prehistoric dynamics, natural history, ancient sites, international species variations and endangered species, medicinal properties, anatomical stress on populations-correlated to global issues and pressure, Vedic astrology-the influence on human anatomy, planetary movement and spiritual transmigration, understanding zodiacs and missing World connection, updating zodiac -the complete design.....      

On another level the New Perspective is an expression of life and the discovery of the World body. With most of life on Earth we( human knowledge) have recorded the life cycle of most things, now we(the New Perspective) are able to explain the life cycle of the planets, a logical cycle of the World body and the other planets. It is because we speak of life on Earth and the life of the World, we speak for the World. On a more spiritual note the same applies for the Celestial body. The "we" on a more spiritual level refers to speaking on behalf of the World body and the Celestial body, of that which we are trying to explain.  

Thank you for your question. We did assume that this site would generate a large number of questions related to the lost knowlegde, that the World was once considered a body as recorded by the zodiac and built in stone in each of the sections around the World. We do have a question for you. On what part of the World anatomy do you live?

Ancient chart



A scroll through our material produced an early version of the cosmic man, anatomical man chart. But this doesn't have a reference to the 4000 year old reference once read. As detailed, we believe many ancient World sites have been built to this pattern and so this chart design must predate all structures and events built to this design concept. It is a most unravelling pattern for the World and a great in-site into the awareness of Global communications and understanding by our ancient civilisations. We are in discussion with ancient origins and will hopefully have some pictures placed on the gallery for easy referencing. Your comments will be much appreciated.


Greetings All,

Greetings All,

With thanks to Ancient Origins we have managed to have some pictures posted on the Gallery. There are three different versions of the original anatomical man or cosmic man concept. This design as defined by the New Perspective predates all great stone monoliths as most ancient structures have been built to this simple pattern. The enlightening concept was spread around the Globe and influenced many beliefs and subjects. 

The discovery, that the World was influenced by the Celestial order at the time, produced, from Global observations; Cosmic Man. The correlation of our bodies, to the World body and to the Celestial body. The plane around the Sun was believed to produced the connection of the twelve division of the Celestial body to the twelve divisions of the World body which correlated to the anatomical connection to the twelve divisions of the human body.

The symbols used are observation of the twelve zones of the World body around the equator. Each of these zones contain magnificent structures built to pass the message through time. The latest zone confirmed and cemented was the expressed zone of the World anatomy denoted by ancient times as Virgo. The Virgin Mary and Mr Christ tell the story from the womb of the World. 

Here are a few examples from the World divisions and the ancient structures in these zones. The most obvious is Leo and the construction of the sphinx, as previously described next, the zone of Virgo. The next division is the point of balance, a half way mark through the body, the balancing fulcrum and several figures and structures mark this zone of Libra, like the Buddha. The belly button, stone structures are also attached to this region of the World anatomy. I will jump to what was considered the first zone the head, counting the zones back around the World,we reach the first division and located here are the heads of Easter Island. Taurus, the neck region expressed through the strong neck of the bull is marked out at the Chaco canyon where the pathways between significant stone structures map the constellation of Taurus. The arms are well recorded through Gemini, but most exciting is the next division and the identification of Stonehenge as Cancer. All of these structures fit the design of anatomical man, our body was considered the image of God.

The New Perspective is a series of short articles. It details how this can be seen but it also updates the information by the identification of the complete World body. It shows how all of our animals fit this pattern as well as hinting at how the pattern can be read in many subjects. The New Perspective realigns the basic structure to the spherical and helical identified universal structure. The World body picture on the Gallery indicates this structure. The design of Anatomical Man had a great influence on ancient civilisations and as this identifies it once united Global populations.  


We are poor conditioned souls. We are born into a world that is inexplicable, and like bacteria in a culture dish you believe and think as you do according first to your language which controls the way in which you are able to think, and according to where you culture dish is, historically and climactically etc.

Religious writings accept God, even Buddhist and Jain scriptures engage with and revolve around God's presence and the Bible is a collection of God-centered writings.

God-centred writings were a convention, as was Prophecy. That which is "revealed" comes from God, but God does not function in the same way we do. If it did, it wouldn't be very interesting. No, God -possessed people write down "revelations" that are dreams and visions.

They arrive, for real. They really do occur, but they are personal to that individual, one of the "people of the book", because that individual wrote them down.

They are not however true in an historical sense, necessarily. God made the world in 7 days is the writer's way of saying what a fantastic being is God. 

Further, the historical basis for the idea that God guided people may be true, but that was THEN. It is irrelevant to NOW.

The Apocalypse of St.John was THEN, not NOW. It was a series of visions sent by God to Jesus and to John, lovely, really nice, wonderful, terrible too, yes, but visions only, as were all the other Apocalypse's written around the same time by Peter and Paul, to name but two, which you can find in the OUP edition of the Apocrypha.

These are ALL divine revelation in vision.

Unfortunately we now are stuck with them being used by groups in the middle east claiming divine authority for invasion occupation and mass murder, and this goes back to the terrorists who established Israel, and were replied to by the Ayatollahs of Iran then deciding to go through the western buffer zone of Iraq to recapture Jerusalem and get rid of said Israel, and the rest just got much worse.

But there is no ACTUAL connection in fact between then and now. Its just an excuse to evil violent men and women to destroy mankind.

It's as if someone discovered the HG Wells short stories on parchment buried in pots sometime in the future and decided they referred to our time and are historical fact.

In other parts of the world where they are cultured differently to us they do not understand all the mindless violence, caused by people incapable of thinking outside the box, imagining they are entitled to do as they please like the average psychopath.


It is sad to consider some

It is sad to consider some places or people are fighting as a life style, when here in New Zealand now smacking your child is considered a legal matter. We all take different meanings or interpretations from information to suit our own situations. I think it would be a great idea if we could pick up hundreds of people struggling and fighting and send them on a small tour of different countries around the World so they can see and experience how others live.

Have you read the New Perspectives, life-cycle of the planets article, this gives a logical description of the movement of the planets and describes a more scientific explanation of the biblical concept. Genesis to revelations the life-cycle of the planets. 


It is described biblical text that the World is scorched by fire and the end times are considered a nasty sudden moment of which personalities are drawn to represent this fierce, fiery end time, until a new World begins. 

The New Perspective identifies a logical life-cycle for the solar system, the movement of the planets. A planet is born at the distant perimeter of the solar system, and passes through many phases as it moves slowly on an almost infinity journey of life. At first the freezing states and gaseous phases slowly produce a solid core as element are gathered. When a final solid mass is produced the journey to the Sun continues and a magical phase of expression is reached. This is the phase of water, when the distance from the Sun has warmed water to a stable liquid state, and this allows for life to grow as an expression of the surrounding energies. Once fully emerged, life on Earth is at greater distance from the Sun, colder and time is slower, so life too is an expression of this. The larger bodied, slower, blubbery creatures develop as time warms and speeds up. Less insulation, warmer and faster creatures evolve.

The planets pass through the phase of expression towards the Sun and eventually water is fully evaporated and the planet becomes unstable and is cremated by the Sun. The next planet, Mars has entries the phase of expression allowing life to express itself. The fiery biblical description although dramatised, actually has a degree of logic or essence to it.

There is so much we dont understand

There is so much we dont understand and so much that is so very simple.

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics". Eistein



Nisa Carroll Burkay

The simple pattern of life.

As energy, the New Perspective identifies how life on Earth has sprung to life to the template of the radiance of the Celestial pattern. The combined energies of the Celestial body act as a pattern for life on Earth. This simple pattern, the basic building blocks were recognised and passed through time by the teachers of the past. The simple Celestial body influences the World body and the pattern to life on Earth. The World body seems so simple now, when you see the head to the tail. It seems strange how our ancient ones plotted this concept but did not have the map of the World to see the actual complete form. 

It is an amazing time of discovery, to see how so much of history fits this pattern, from head to tail. Most importantly we identify how animals fit into this pattern and have evolved intricately as variations from head to tail. The largest antlers from the top of the World head. The best nose of the sword fish from the nose of the World. The strongest neck of the buffalo from the neck of the World. The claws and grasping forearm animals from South America. The red breasted robin from the breast of the World. Big bodies, the elephant and hippos, rhino from the body of the World, the beating of the chest. The wings, the tails to the springy thighs of the Kangaroo from the thigh region of the World.....


I found this to be an interesting thread.  It reminded of something that I once read written by a Muslim scientist/philosopher during the last few years.  He said the the story of creation in Genesis explained the Big Bang Theory to stone age people and Revelations explained the Big Crunch Theory to those same people.


Neil the Gravedigger

Thousands of years ago the

Thousands of years ago the naked eye was used to see and consider the Celestial order. The basic idea is that is was considered the template or creative energies for life on Earth.

The fundamental construction of the bible is the simple explanation for the life-cycle of the World. At the time one of the major issues was the connection of the World to the Celestial and this amazing discovery. Each side of Israel were the recognised connections of Egypt to the lungs of Leo and the construction of the sphinx and on the other side the scales of Libra, the pivot point for the World anatomy. The simplicity of the concept seems to have been lost. 1/ The Celestial pattern connecting to 2/ The World pattern influencing 3/ The human form and connection.

The Virgin Mary connects to the womb anatomically and this was recognised and announced by Mr Christ.(see gallery zodiac pictures) The whole notion of the trilogy is the recognition of the three scales of life, life on Earth, the World body, the Celestial pattern.

As represented in the zodiac signs our World animals express this pattern form head to tail and it is almost so obvious it doesn't seem true.


New Website

Greetings all,

This subject seems to captivate many readers. If you are intersted I have put together a small website containing the summarised articles explaining many of these points and ideas. The references ealier are no longer available so you may also read them at the following website   

Any feed back is always welcome, appreciated and respected.  

With kind regards Barry


Greetings Damon,

Greetings Damon,

I am not sure what material you are specifically referring to here. You obviously feel strong about biblical material and stand firm on the subject of science. I have a natural view of the World, being a New Zealander and in a more philosophical phase of my life I seek meaning and messages from global material available at our fingertips. It is rather obvious from the structure of the bible that genesis is about how life and the Earth began and revelations attempts to describe how the World ends and the continuous cycle thereof.

If you have read this discussion material you may have tried some of my links but these are not current. These references have been recorded on a website now. This is a scientific perspective identifying a pattern in nature on a global scale and also contains a life cycle process for the planets. (

If you have time to read this material I would love to hear your response again. It is by my understanding of how life works that I may read or see different messages, interpretations or meanings from different material.

Cheers Barry

The End of the World

The end of a life be it a moth, a sloth, a fish or a tree has been studied and the life cycle plotted from its birth and firtilisation, it’s germination, to the moment it dies. Relative to our own lives, terrestrial life cycles can easily be studied over time, observed and recorded. When it comes to larger structures living in longer time spans, structures like planets and galaxies, ideas and theories are proposed and formulated. These develop with observations and time, they vary, change, merge into new theories and progressive concepts.


Thousands of years ago comprehending the life cycle of the planets when theories were young and science was only beginning ideas were primitive. Such original theories came in spiritual interpretation, myths and legends. Stories awaiting the maturing support of scientific detail.


The bible interestingly is structured based on the life cycle of the Earth, it begins with Genesis explaining how Earth began and ends with Revelations an explanation of how Earth ends and concludes with the repetitive continuous life cycle of the next World. So now thousands of years later science offers theories of how the Earth began in relationship to the life cycle of our galaxy and the formation of all galaxies. The mainstream theory of planetary formation is more likely than alternative theories as with theories of planetary motion but we offer our faith to scientific experts that formulate these theories and trust that what they suggest as a theory is correct.


After reading and considering theories on planetary formation and planetary motion an interesting correlation arose when contemplating the biblical concept and a similar cycle emerges with our own life cycle. To begin with I seperate the idea that a state of war and killing and human destruction is a process of the end of the World. Such a time of death and sadness would be expressive and descriptive of an ending of the World but from a scientific perspective the life cycle of the World would simply explain the planetary motion and life cycle. Described biblically the fiery end to the World is also spiritually interpreted and aligns with planetary motion theories or concepts. We as a species are born live and then pass and our bodies ritually cremated.


I have been introduced to a World on a more organic level and relate to a simple process and planetary life cycle that seems to harmonise with biblical concepts and new scientific perspectives. The finer details of planetary motion I believe are expressed through the concept detailed in the cosmic drag model of planetary motion. The process of planetary formation within a galactic structure determines that a planet is forged on the distant perimeter of our solar system where dwarf structures combine and grow to a structure allowing them to enter the planetary swirl on a pathway towards the sun. A planet passes through the phases first surrounded by frozen gases warming as they move closer to the sun. In the magical goldilocks zone where water is stable the process of terrestrial life expresses itself. Ancient text suggests this is a manifestation of the surrounding energies of the larger cosmological structures. Earth is positioned in the middle of the goldilocks zone on it’s path towards the sun and Mars has entered this goldilocks zone now acquiring water from this zone. Mercury and Mars have passed through this zone of water now dry and heated.


This fiery end process is a cremation that we have inherited as a ritual for our own bodies, but also as described biblically as one World passes the next is also ready and waiting. We are halfway through this goldilocks zone. The Earth began naked when entering the goldilocks zone and water and life began, grew to a maximum size in a position defined by the Jurassic period when a year had 420 days. The number of days in a year gets smaller as we get closer to the sun, life evolves into smaller and faster species with less hair and blubber as the temperature increases the closer we get to the sun. We have just passed the midpoint through the goldilocks zone although time now and revolutions and rotations of the Earth reduce relative to our reducing distance to the sun.


As we continue on our pathway we will adapt to the changing environmental conditions on an adaptive and evolutionary process. Hundreds of thousands of years remain before water disappears as with us from Earth but once again we watch the next planet as life grows and flourishes.