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The purpose of religion

I have been on a personal quest to understand what our ancient ancestors were trying to tell us via their various mysteries i.e. monuments and sacred writings.  I have also read a lot of books with many different theories and explanations of those messages.   As an electrical engineer I am familiar with manipulating imaginary (untouchable and invisible)  unknowns and I realize that imaginary quantities can and do affect the real workings of things.  Essentially, the crux of the problem of the ancient mysteries is that we have become unable to perceive something that is vital for properly understanding the mysteries.

The ancients wrote of our minds being composed of three parts, i.e. , logical, emotional(heart) and spiritual.  The Spiritual mind sees by the light of the Spiritual Sun.  They stated that the spiritual mind would degrade since the Spiritual Sun (the polar planetary configuration - see David Talbott’s site) had set in the age of Leo when the Moon was full.  Presently, at a half Great Cycle since Leo, the Moon has now waned to New Moon and we are in deep spiritual darkness.  By Moon I mean the spiritual Moon who’s rhythm the bodies of our females follow.  

The ancients have left us the information of the cyclical nature of our Spiritual Consciousness.  We are in the Cosmic Night and the atrocities being committed are influenced by evil spiritual beings that we cannot see as the spiritual light to illuminate them is gone.  This is why the ancient ancestors prayed to come forth into the Light.  They knew that we would degenerate, so they left us religion, myths and megalithic monuments - all just to capture our attention and clue us into the true nature of existence.  All of the clues  are in plain sight, but only with the aid of spirituality will the mysteries fully unravel.

Religion definition.


Greetings Stephen,

 It is difficult to comprehend how our ancient ancestors comprehended life, mainly due to the shift in understanding and knowledge. It would be interesting to see how an expert of the mind would explain how the mind works today. You speak true when you suggest the clues are in plain sight, and the wonderful effort was made to help record messages, by the ancient ones, so they could be read by future generations for thousands of years. Our companions in life, the animals and plants, rivers and streams... can also tell the story as well as words or structures. Living though is however no different for us today accept we carry the knowledge and experiences of all that has been. We see life on Earth as did they, we see the sun rise, we see the animals and plants, we see the rainbows and eclips's, mountains and stars, but we also have all of the stories about them as well as the scientific knowledge old and new. The New Perspective identifies a pattern that influenced the World and shaped much of history, but it also updates this pattern by identifying how this can be reviewed with the aid of the complete book of knowledge from the entire globe to date.     

The New Perspective has identified the universal pattern to the World but it has also defined the configuration for the Celestial body, redefines our anatomical correlation and binds the universal template to the microscopic formation, all to the repetitive spherical-helical formation, and all to the simple building blocks for life, from head to tail. One of the most exciting aspects to the New perspective is the understanding of the life cycle of the planets, this is explained in the second section. You may be interested in the more spiritual section though, this explains how the subtle energies of the Celestial body gives expression to the terrestrial as the planets pass through the phase of water. 

Thank you for your message, you made me look up the definition of religion.

The purpose of religion:

I believe the purpose of religion is to pass down knowledge. Also, we will never understand the past, because their "world" and our "world" are totally different, and no matter how much we think we know of it we kind of don't. Also, I believe religion and myths are all connected. I wish to know the truth of everything including the past. Also, I'm a Christian, but I believe each (old) religion has a grain of truth in it and I believe the bible is incomplete.

‘we will never understand the

‘we will never understand the past, because their world and our world are totally different, and no matter how much we think we know it we kind of dont’

Because you can trust that humans will behave in a human fashion, you can always understand what humanity is up to. The worlds of the past are really not any different then the ones you can find today. And the thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions of the people that inhabat them are the same as the ones that inhabat the world that you live in right now. It’s crazy how little things have really changed. Read what Homer said in the Illiad, or what Thomas Aquinas wrote, read frances Burney for a more modern novel. They all talk about people doing things that any person would do. weither they lived back then, or right now. 

It doesnt seem like it would be difficult to understand the worlds of the past because they seem to exist in the present. 


--Still learning--

My reply

True the brain and thoughts of humans don't change. This has been proven through the overlook of the history of the human race, but there are things that we won't understand. Do you know the mindset of a farmer? How about a peasant under a tyrant king? There are things we don't know though, because our world is physically different from the past. This is why we don't know any thing of the past. We know the recent past, but no the distant past. For example, we can't see stars unless we're in a isolated place far from civilization we can't see stars; though in the past they could see stars, and distant galaxies, planets,etc. In some religions stars helped form religions like the Greeks. Also, there are things in religions that once existed, but obviously don't and we believed that they were myths. Like hobbits, we thought they were made up; well in Indonesia where they have hobbit legends, archaeologists have discovered that hobbits did in fact existed until extinction from something. Also, in the bible there is mention of giants also in other religions and cultures that did not have contact that we know of at that time. Also again, including the bible, multiple religions mention winged-creatures, well do we see winged humanoids now?. Also we still don't know the technology they used to build certain things that should of been impossible at that time and even in our time it's impossible. So, how did they do it? Who are these creatures that lived among them? What did they see? We may have the same thoughts and actions as them, but we don't know them or the things they did, because their world and ours are different. That is why we may never understand them.

The purpose of religion

Every religion in the world stresses the importance of treating others with the same respect you would want for yourself, the ‘Ethic of Reciprocity.’ Most of the ten commandments are about forming a successful society.

The engineering principles found in nature, especially at a micoscopic level, have led to bio-mimicry in our own engineering design.

Where does it all come from? I will be interested to see where your research leads



I think too, a big part of

I think too, a big part of religion is simply an explanation of how things work, from subtle items to spiritual interpretations. Trying not to divide, science too is a growing book of how life and things work. Law too is a changing developing system, like from instant hanging to learning and rehabilitating, subjects grow change and intertwine with different cultures and time. We are at a time when global information is available to all and open global minds may interpret this material in fresh ways. Here is my summary, a global pattern bound by a simple structure, repetitive microscopically and macro-cosmically.
( Est 1/2 hour read totally.

the purpose of religion

I think that the purpose of religion is to illustrate the origins of the creator, cosmos, time and beings In order that we, as humans, can better understand the creator by the creations and the flowing cyclically of the nature of things and hopefully one day return to the divine.

Religion also creates a comfort and easy understanding among it’s adherents -many religious ideas transcend specific religions and are common in all good societies. Things like ‘don’t murder’ and ‘Don’t steal’ as murder and theft are a bad thing for eastern, western, norther and southern societies to have to deal with and are outlawed. – and through rituals to bring us into closer understanding and fellowship with the divine presence until it’s time for ourselves to shake off this mortal coil and be off. 


--Still learning--

I think that just sounds

I think that just sounds lovely and a deeper overall definition.
I guess many points spring from the subject.
One great benefit I always consider is that religious material as simply, a collection of words, gives the opportunity for people to come together and become bonded by sharing and discussing these ideas, stories. To come together and form friendships by having the opportunity to discuss a common material as many subjects can.
I have been focusing on religious cosmology lately as well as the legends and stories globally. They all build an understanding of how life works. It becomes rather obvious when you focus on this one idea that it is an attempt to comprehend the structures in life.
We are fully aware of the animals and life forms on Earth as well as having a catalogue of creatures that have roamed before us. As science has developed and many theories evolved it is more practical to describe the formation of the planets and galaxies, stars and microscopic details scientifically. Traditionally these formations were described religiously or through myths and legends. It is a common theme globally, biblical, religiously that these structures were traditionally referred to as structures with the spiritual or unseen form of a full body.
I believe the main cosmological structures are defined as;-
1/ Life forms on Earth as well as the microscopic breakdown
2/ The planets and the solar systems.
3/ Galaxy formations
4/ Super structures
This is globally, commonly, traditionally referred to as Mother Earth, a Celestial Father and a Universal God. Biblical this is the structures of the Holy Spirit and the heavenly Father and God. Globally referred to as many names but the basic structure is similar, globally. Each of these structures or bodies are then broken down into smaller units or parts.
I think too a big part of religion is simply an explanation of how things work, from subtle items to spiritual interpretations. Trying not to divide, science too is a growing book of how life and things work. Law too is a changing developing system, like for example hanging to learning and rehabilitating, subjects grow, change and intertwine with different cultures and time. We are at a time when global information is available to all and open global minds may interpret this material in new ways, perhaps truer to original intentions. Here is my summary, a global pattern bound by a simple structure, repetitive microscopically and macro-cosmically.
( Est 1/2 hour read totally.
The purpose is to pass on information for future generations, but like all subjects it changes and grows, perhaps simplifies with new discoveries and information.   

The purpose of religion

I found not only reading the christian bible, but also the vadas and the agnostic shines some light. The agnostic books state that religion was created so things would not be forgotten. The sad part is that man has corrupted or misintrepreted many of these books. They are still worth reading though. 


I agree 100%!!!

I agree 100% like the bible many people translate many was from the ancient language it was written in, and each bible is different from interpretation. So, the meanings are varied in each book. The knowledge, words, and thoughts that were meant for the future generation are lost to future generations.

If the meanings are well

If the meanings are well written, then they will survive the translators. Take, for instance, the story of Pandora’s box, I’ll bet that you have heard one of a hundred different versions of that tale. Each one is slightly different then the next but in the end, the overall story really doesnt change that much. Woman is created to be a punishment to man, and lets punishments out of her box/jar, manages to keep most of hope trapped. Mankind suffers. The end. Many generations have read this story, the meaning is still there if you look for it. Not everthing in religious text is lost to current and future generations. People just have to learn for themselves.


--Still learning--

I was shown by Mother Earth

I was shown by Mother Earth that a full body of Gaia, the holy Spirit can be seen physically as you see in my picture. I was shown by Mother Earth that all of the animals and life has evolved to these creative energies radiated from our Celestial surroundings. I was taught by the Celestial body that life has evolved from small to big but the big now, is so big that it influences the small. Endless galaxies have evolved like tadpoles in a pond, yet the pond can only be imagined and the pond is but a part of a more complete ecosystem.
Yet I seek for reason, in global scripture that which I have seen, that which I feel and I find the same, hidden and lost but still there. Information to help guide and teach and support from simple to more complex messages.  

Have you considered reading

Have you considered reading The Book of Thoth/Hermetica on your quest for knowledge?

--Still learning--

Thank you Alanna,

Thank you Alanna,

I have had a good browse and may pick it up after some of my current projects.

My interest synchronises with yours, have you viewed the comments on my profile?
I was shown the pattern to the World and I see also this pattern in the Celestial. I have studied animal features, unique dynamics and the correlation to the World anatomy. I have also studied numerous species and their global variations correlated to global anatomy. It is by this awareness that much of the esoterical and mysterious messages can take on a new meaning. There is much confusion with all of the traditional gods and goddesses but once you recognise the main structures and then how these break down into smaller attributes or characteristics, things become much simplier. Examples would be for biblical structures the Holy Spirit refers to the terrestrial World body and then there is the Heavenly Father. There is then great confusion between the Father as god and a larger God figure. Each of these bodies are then broken down into the angelic attributes for each level as well as other divisional contributions. This is the same for all cultures who use different names. For the Egyptian heavenly body Nut is there divided into the twelve anatomical parts.

One text is the Gospel of Thomas which is part of the newly discovered Nag Hammadi texts (discovered 1945-1947).  Most are composed about the same time as the Biblical gospels in the 1st and 2nd century AD.  In this gospel, Jesus declares that his disciples must hate their earthly parents (as in Luke 14:26) but love the Father and Mother as he does, "for my mother (gave me falsehood), but (my) true Mother gave me life."  In another Nag Hammadi discovery, The Secret Book of James, Jesus refers to himself as "the son of the Holy Spirit." 

Many mysteries can be solved with respect to this comprehension. From the simple design of Stonehenge being the Earthly zodiac connection and is the design of Cancer, next to Leo the Sphinx, which is next to Virgo and Israel is the land of Virgo confirmed by Mr Christ and the Virgin Mary. These are all traditional zones and each are anatomy points. Each sign is represented by the animal characteristic representing this point of the anatomy. Our ancient records show how global civilisations communicated and built monuments to this pattern. 
I am reintroducing the missing link, with a contemporary twist; the physical recognition of the full body of Earth, Mother Nature, Gaia, Papa Tuanuku... and the connection life on Earth has to this pattern. All our animals today, fossil records plus ancient monuments and messages, dance and arts, myths and legends all change globally and fit this pattern as seen in my picture. 

The Purpose Of Religion

Original purpose of religion is the easist for me to do, its present purpose I would need  to write a book… or ten. You have to go as far back in time as we have been able to peer to catch the odd glimpse of religion in its formative state. The first words we can refer to come in cuneiform, hieroglyphics, Mayan glyphs, Shang dragon bones, etc. Otherwise, it’s from prehistory archaeologists answers to this deep, primal question are forth coming. 

Right now the thinking is, roughly; Tribes of hunter/gatherers turned to farming and stopped following game. They stayed in one area and built permanent structures in small villages. Towns formed for self protection. (part of warfare hypothesis) Safety and excess food production allowed free time to create. Shamans turned into priests, chiefs to kings. Towns grew into cities, small temples into componds… etc.

Religion evolved with the cities. Many argue it was the genus of cities. When digging under the Ziggurat of Ur a much more ancient sacred building was found. This structure was left in place as the Ziggurat grew over it. Over the next millennia it was built over many times. As the city grew bigger so did its religious component. What was first in Ur… religious structure or a small village?

Gobekli Tempi and Stonehenge archaeology is starting to suggest another path for early cultural complexity. That is; people got together in large groups to socialize, feast/party, and trade. Permanent structures to mark a ceremonial, sacred area were built. Hunter/gatherers started farming around these areas to support the big events of the year. (seeded the ground for harvest when they returned) People stayed to care for the plants, towns developed…   I call this the “Party Hypothesis”.

A shaman was present from the first. Zoning problem, go see the chief. Problem with your wife, go see the shaman. When others come to you for help/advice it gives you status, influence, power. The chief and the shaman become the king and priest, two poles of a now familiar power structure. These two grew up from infancy together. Both held onto their power as cities grew into states and empires. Kingship is easy to understand but why religion? Is it a cultural matrix? For humanity, can complex society be stable enough to begin without it? If so is this still true today?  (Kingship is now greatly diminished and society can easily survive without it)

No matter where they were located the first cities had organized religion. Was a first city possible without it? If not then, originally, religion’s purpose was to hold the group together, group cohesion, unity. 


Hi Barry,

Hi Barry,

I have just got a bit muddled, I thought I read this post on the trinity discussion. Here is a small speal on Stonehenge – Cancer. Good logical simplicity in you thought process. All would have started simple too in observation and grew to over complexity. I think the real good stuff and truth passes through time.
Stonehenge is part of a traditional global design representing one of the zodiac signs. It is understood that the zodiac corresponds to the parts of the Celestial body of which each sign is an anatomical zone and all together make up the complete body. We now know that there are also Earth zodiacs with the corresponding signs generally represented with animal figures correlating to anatomy. 
The Father as a body is rather obvious and well defined, although traditionally this was considered a full body surrounding our planet and is more obvious through neighbouring cosmology. Biblical scripture took on a stance and worked with the acceptance of gender opposing the Egyptian Nut as a Celestial Mother and defined the Celestial body as a Father figure. This also simplified the concept as far as structure, placing a singular God as a universal structure. They however express the big message and acceptance of the Earthly anatomy as Israel being the zone of the womb and the Virgo region of anatomy. 
The global anatomy is one of the most lost messages, so obvious once seen and is expressed as the Holy Spirit; all references are terrestrial and refer to the spring of all life forms on Earth.

One text is the Gospel of Thomas which is part of the newly discovered Nag Hammadi texts (discovered 1945-1947).  Most are composed about the same time as the Biblical gospels in the 1st and 2nd century AD.  In this gospel, Jesus declares that his disciples must hate their earthly parents (as in Luke 14:26) but love the Father and Mother as he does, "for my mother (gave me falsehood), but (my) true Mother gave me life."  In another Nag Hammadi discovery, The Secret Book of James, Jesus refers to himself as "the son of the Holy Spirit." 
These bodies are well recorded globally; the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.