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Zoroaster Created Judeo Christian Religions



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No one wanted to talk about

No one wanted to talk about Zoroaster and Aberhamic religions? Damn! Maybe you should write an artical about it and get it put on the front page. That would stir people up. Well, it would stir them up but I dont think that they would believe you. For as much as this site talks about religion, by the comments on many articles, it sounds as if the majority of the people here are judo-christians. Or that the majority just supports the Judo-Christians. 


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Absolutely True

All of the Abrahamic religions were started from within Zoroastrianism, however, that is not where that whole thing began either. Zoroaster was the last prophet in a line of prophets reportedly coming from 12,000 BCE, the first of whom was named Mahabad and according to one Kurdish researcher (to whom this version of history that I speak of, was taught orally from birth from that time period up until today to all children, author is Hamma Mirwaisi who has several books on on this subject). He claims as I recall that Mahabad brought teachings that eventually became Mithraism, and that further developed over time to become Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster (actually named Zarathustra) who was the 27th (as I recall being told) prophet in a direct line from Mahabad (for whom the Iranian city is named) and he goes further tyo say that this line of prophets taught the exact same religion throughout the centuries, as well as the fact that Aryan was a religion and NOT a race though these people were definitely Caucasian. This is an area where he differs from commonly accepted history that states that the Aryans (race) came from the Russian steppes around 4000 years ago. Mirwaisi uses Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which has been determined to be at leas 12,000 years old as a partial basis for his date for Mahabad's life. The point is that this spirituality had existed among the Aryans long before they invaded India ( a thing that is highly controversial and is not accepted as fact by all ) although they obviously were there as are their kurgans. Arkaim seems to be dated around 400 years ago and is claimed to have been the capital city of the Aryans/Scythians/Siberians. These folk populated the Iranian plateau and at this point are often warred against throughout the Middle East. They were the same peoples that inhabited Persia where the city of Babylon was. Babylon conquered Jerusalem and took many Hebrews east with them as slaves where they existed for many generations until they were influenced by the Zoroastrian religion and not a little by the fact that the Persians would offer them rewards for adopting aspects of their way of belief. One thing that is fact about the Persians in general was that much like Hinduism, when they conquered a new area with a differing spiritual belief they tended to bring the new localized religions under the umbrella of their own finding this a better way to treat a conquered population and one that caused those groups to tend towards assimilation into their culture. That alone works as evidence to support that at the very least, Judaism was greatly influenced by its interaction with Babylon (who at the time were a different kingdom from Persia, and I make this point because previously I had said Persian meaning the entire overall culture). As the Bible states, the Persian army conquered the Babylonians and freed the Jews allowing them to go back to Jerusalem. All of that is fine and good, but is it a complete history? Not necessarily. There are many similarities in the story of Abraham, supposedly from Ur, and his wife Sarah. Some claim that he was from India in the first place and that he was the story from which their name for God, Brahm originates. It IS interesting that Brahm's wife is named Saraswati. It is a well known fact that Hinduism is the world's oldest religion, and also that it is a collection of previous separate religions that were eventually codified into a single path that had room for all regardless of any cultural or linguistic differences. Some claim that Rome was actually an ancient Indian city and that the Vatican is the shape of a Siva Lingum. It IS known that the city of Jericho has been occupied continually for at least 10,000 years. Gobekli Tepe dates to at least 12,000 years. Several years ago the ancient city of Dwarka, the city of Krishna was located off of the coast from its present day location. There is also a second city under the sea. Divers went under to inspect it and search for artifacts and many were brought back and carbon dated, conservatively aged at 7500 years old, which does not reach the general 10,000 year mark, but which DOES predate Sumerian civilization (yet another group of Aryans, or Medes, or Kurds) who happened to have built Ur. Some researchers using this newer information about ancient Dwarka used a computer to turn back time and tide to find the general date for when this ancient Dwarka would have been on the coast, and that date was between 12,500 and 15,000 years. While not complete proof that that IS how and when things happened, with the information we have concerning the end of the last Ice Age, it does indicate that civilizations existed in India quite a while before Gobekli Tepe was created. Who knows? It COULD be true, despite many Judaeo-Christians being unwilling to accept the suggestion. Archaeological evidence shows that the Hebrews were simply Canaanites that decided to adopt a new system of belief and then conquered their countrymen, no matter what any ancient texts might say on the matter. The Hebrews also believed that they were the world's first civilization, a thing now distinctly proven to be untrue, as is the enslavement in Egypt of the Hebrews. They were hired and paid workers that decided for whatever reason to steal from the Egyptians and head out across the desert. Everyone CAN believe whatever they want to, but the archaeology doesn't lie.


I love what you wrote, great information but the last line about archeology doesnt lie. It is a tricky comment in that lieing is relative, and so much archeology is hidden under sea water what we know as truth today may be disproved later and it is the interpretation of what truths we have at the given time that make a lie to some folks evaluation at that point in time when viewed in retrospect. archeology is now mixed with paleontology and forensic sciences to help muddy the waters in the search for origins and truths . I realize you were making a closing statement but I jst wanted to add my first 2¢.thank you very much for your intelligent and informational post and I do  not mean to criticize at all, just a start point for my post.



Point Taken

And I do not disagree. The interpretations of archaeology ARE very subjective and this is why we get such drastically different interpretations from various archaeologists, and many times these depend on the beliefs of that person. A Christian pastor who is also an archaeologist will tend to interpret things that support the Biblical stories while another might interpret those in a very different way. I was specifically speaking about things that seem to show that first of all, the Hebrews were likely Canaanites (regardless of what time period they might have arrived there, whether from India or any other area of Asia) and that iof this was the case, it directly speaks against the Biblical account of how things happened. The same is found with the story of the Hebrews "slavery” in Egypt because the archaeology suggests that they were paid laborers that were housed and fed there, and that may have stolenitems from the Egyptians when they set out behind Moses into the desert. These are obviously merely 2 small incidences among a great many that show a different story than the Biblical account when taken as being a historical document, a thing I believe to be a not very honest way of looking at it because so much of it was appropriated from previous cultures stories. In any case, thank you for pointing that truth out about archaeological evidences. I will call that my bad, I should have oerhaops stated things in a better way! 


I am must add that I had not intended to diminish anything at all about your great insightful comments, just found a point i could expostulate on in terms of an addition. Your contrition is well noted but entirely unnecessary as it certainly has merit and can be simply a matter of interpretation of sorts.I have only just started to take a look at India and its origins with religions and languages and civilizations since, or before the ice age. I went to grade school many many decades ago and I never believed what was in the text books as all there was only went back 5 or 7thousand years. So, am and have been extremely interested in all the current material being made available through the internet where I came across some  Max Planck institute papers which got me started, I think, about 10yrs ago maybe . Again , thank you for your information provided in the posts



No Problem

I took no offense to anything you said and do tend to agree with you on it. I am glad if you found anything I said useful to you. I read quite a lot and tend to distill the things I come across into my version or personal interpretation of the histories of cultures. I find India to be extremely interesting because they consider themselves to be the oldest civilization on the planet, and I cannot say that that is true or isn’t true, but they DO have a great deal of interestiung things to say, despite much of that coming from what the West calls Hindu Mythology. Over time as new things are found, those mythologies are not always so easy to write off as just stories. Much of that is due to what is found beneath the waters such as Dwarka, the city of Krishna that was found under the ocean and had artifacts that were dated conservatively to 7500 years old.Others have dated them to considerably older times and that is of course the subject of much debate because 12,500 years ago is previous to accepted history, BUT, now that Gobekli Tepe has the accepted age of 12,000 years old, that begins to push back the walls of what is considered possible. I saw an interesting show about the opriginal Dwarka where they had found that the last time that spot had been above water was before the Ice Age ended, which obviously provides the reason that the waters rose. There is a great deal of very interesting stuff being found. I hope that it continues to be found because I very much enjoyfindings that stretch one's ability to accept as being possible, especially anytime that corroberation can be found. As far as what you have said and/or added to my comments, no harm, no foul! It is all good!

Gobekli Tepe

You have just expressed the exact same interests I happen to have on these subjects-and all are brand new since I just found out about them.I had learned about some Hindu claims of being the oldest religion and may be accurate based on some of the Brahmin papyrus text translations as being unchanged from the beginnings or very early on and the language being that old or things like that. It stimulated my interests nonetheless. How can people not take note? rather than being called rewriting history ,as is best left to describe the deliberate exclusions to marginalize contributions of conquored or minority peoples ,but to be the constant ability to allow for the expansion of our knowlege of the whole field that is in search for our beginnings. Of course , there are many who may ask of what benefit this can be to us today with all the other insanities that occur daily. Interestingly however, is that so much of the troubles are replications of conflilcts  that have been ongoing over thousands of years and much can be learned by a better understanding of all humans as a species in terms of similarities rather than magnify the differences and to what makes those differences so important that killing off others based solely on some fairly minor differences so critical that is should ,and does continue over millenia. It is fascinating to be around to see how dna can trace just about everyone back to one spot and that being Africa, at least for now and that the original inhabitants of what is now asia and europe may have been the sister group of what have been called Neanderthal or Denosivan and that they were assimilated into who and what we are today. It is exciting to read about and I am old enough to have plenty of free time and access to the internet to find links to as much information as there is available.  If I were working and supporting a family I probably wouldnt have time for this as its priority would fall down the list of importance. But there should be plenty of digest format information available for people so it can be put into the school systems for kids to learn about things in a more accurate and well rounded manner than when I was there and the history we had was certainly deliberately exclusionary and new thinking was ridiculed and dismissed or worse demeaned and the writer ostracized . I should have known there would be like minded folks around the ancient origins pages., I only just realized there was a forum attached, albeit very hard to access at first with the protections against spam or hackers to contend with.

not to beat the dead horse, but thanks for the interesting post about the zoroaster religion ,it put me back onto it after a month away .




I am not sure whether or not you were aware of this, but there is one older gentleman who has written several books about some of those groups of Persians that became Zoroastrians. He is a Kurd, who are the same as the Medes and the Aryans. Whites. He also is originally from India and has written extensively on the oral folk tales passed on from generation to generation among the Kurdish groups in the Middle East. As he tells it, Zarathustra was the last in a line of prophets, the first of whom was Mahabad (now a city in Iran). His name is Hamma Mairwasi and his books can be found easily enough on Amazon/Kindle. Some of his work has a lack of proper usage of American English as can be seen when reading it, but that is a minor detail when compared to the history his people give. I found that interesting to say the least, especially because they are one of the groups that receive the most prejudicial actions by rulers of countries there. That racial element also brings up one that is happening in India concerning history. In the past much was considered to have been the product of the Aryan invasion of India, whereby they set up the caste system that places them at the top. Now whether an Aryan invasion even happened or had such a drastic effect on the culture is hotly debated and obviously has two strongly opposing sides, and I choose to stay out of that debate but I DO read anything I can on the subject regardless of which side has written it or which sides veiws are being shown. I just thought I would mention this author and his subject matter because it might be interesting to know a bit more about what is taught from birth to those in that racial group about their culture and spiritual beliefs. He has stated many times that Aryan was actually the name of the religion and not a racial group, and also that it has remained the same religion despite changes in some of the names used from Mahabad (who he says lived 12,000 years ago) to Zarathustra. He also says much about Gobekli Tepe in his books. If interested search his name on Amazon to get more information.

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Kurds and Aryans

Thank you very much.  I read abstracts on the web and may have seen this man interviewed in a bit of  National Geo or Discovery channel documentary, somewhere. cant place his name Hamma Mairwasi, now I know it. I had only known the bare basics of what you are saying but could not go farther in the issue. It had definitely caught my attention for just the reasons you pointed out. I think the show on whatever channel got me going. just cant recall since I do no   any commercial television at all and usually only pbs. thanks for the update with amazon reference forgot about that completely. i also get an email ebook on line via book bub or some name like that for discounted books on kindle or other electronic books. big discounts on the ones when they are available .in all categories too. I get way too many of those email alerts however and come to discount them when they come it, but it is a fairly good on linebook resource.       

took way too many words to just say thanks for this info, just what i was referring to in my post as it happens and i agree that all sides of issues should be read in all matters particularly when I have a specific opinion on a subject. in these matters  i do not so all info is greatly appreciated.