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Battle in Ancient Egyptian Temple


I’m trying to get some information on such a battle or dispute.  I read about this 25 years ago in a book on Ancient Eyptian history.

Does anybody know of such a battle?  In the account I read, the losers fled to China, and there was a  discussion about the similarities of the eyes painted on Chinese boats to Ancient Egyptian eye symbols.

My thanks for any information.

Hmmm lots of battles

Hmmm lots of battles throughout Ancient Egyptian history, with many being over the religious control of temples, while other being caused by the transition into a new dynasty. Do you have any more info to help narrow the search? All i could go off of was the loosers fleeing to China. 

The main Asiatic period in Egyptian histiory is know as the Hyksos incursion which created the second intermediate period of Egyptian rule. Hyksos refers to Asian interlopers conquesting in Egypt. Chronologically placed from 1650 to 1550 bc, so approx 100 years of volitile rule.

The battle you are looking for could possibly be at the end when the Hysksos are finally expelled, at the dawn of the Egyptian New Kingdom. I think the Hyksos were baracaded into a city, which would include a temple. I am not sure where i read this last part from or to its accuracy, but i am pretty sure that the Hyksos Pharoh Apophis was an important figure in the Hyksos decline, and also that the people were not conquered but more forced to leave.

As far as the eyes are concerned the only info i can provide without further research is that the Egyptian eye, or eye of Horus is based upon the natural marking found on the face feathers of a falcon, hence Horus is the falcon-headed god.

Hope some of this helps. More info on the battle or templ you are looking for could help narrow down results.


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