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The Great Cathedrals

Were the Great Cathedrals designed over 1000 years earlier?

In the 15th century, surviving Templars taught stonemasons
some Gothic building techniques and sacred geometry which
inspired the esoteric foundations of Freemasonry.

The Templars were not stone builders? No,the Templars were financiers. Stone Masons originate 11,000 years before Christ and Masonry is a tribute to that craft. The Templars' name is derived from the eight knights of the temple. The only way the Templar would have such knowledge is if they tunneled into Hiram Abif's design studio. Hiram Abif was King Solomons architect in the construction of the Solomons temple. He was tragically killed before completion.  I would suggest King Solomon sealed Abif's design studio out of respect. All building techniques would have been left untouched. It is known that Prince Edwin, the son of King Athelstan, brought  the Templar Knights (now known as) and the Craftsmen together in about 926 A.D. What do you think that meeting was about? Solomons vault and its design theorem. Together the Templar Knights began to teach the Craftsmen how to read and write (for their knowledge was numbers and span) and, the Craftsmen began to teach the attributes of temple design to the Knights. Roughly 180 years later, in 1118 A.D. in Jerusalm, eight Knights began tunneling.  What do you think they found? The Arc of the Covenant? Possibly, but most likely Hiram Abif's design studio, building techniques and sacred geometry. This sacred geometry would have included similar plans of the Cathedrals, keyway stones and how to properly relation them (flying buttresses for instance). What do you think would support this logic? Well, less than 100 years later, the Great Cathedrals went into construction. About the appropriate time needed to re-assemble Freemasonry in an organized union in the same traditions of Solomon. The outcome, Templairs, Craftsmen and the King in a trifecta blessed by the pope. To further support this, the Pope is in Rome. At this point in history, Roman keyway stones excelled. I would say that Hiram Abif should be accredited to the Great Cathedrals and the Gothic movement, as well as the generations of Masons who dedicated their lives in furthering the craft. For it is this knowledge that the Tempar and Freemasonry is still in practice. I would also like to add, the crusades 1095-1291 were more so about archeological excavation of the Holy temple. If Hiram Abif was tombed in Solomon's temple, then the temple's location could easily be pinpointed...  The Templars manifestly found it… In closing, one could make this profound note, Cubits as a religion generated all of this. – Frank A.Tytar

Templar subject

Thanks Frank! This was a great mine of info ! Templar lore is fascinating to explore. One detail though, concerning the line that ‘ Templars were not stone builders ‘, and another that they were ‘financiers’. Is not entirely accurate. True, they were financiers and ‘invented’ the ‘traveler’s checks system’ so that one’s personal wealth, or expenses, were protected while en route. The other is that, while not ‘stone builders’ they were, and did, qualify as engineers having many years of study in mathematical equations & usages thereof, to wit, their much publicised tunneling under King Solomon’s Temple Mount, by many authors, and, by tradition. Also, various fortresses were constructed by the Templars, and/or others modified-to-suit, as req’d. I believe the Temple Mount digs were conducted by the Templars, specifically, to maintain secrecy. The castle building ‘may’ have had some Templars involved in the actual building, but beyond the design and planning phases, it would be typical to recruit manpower to put up a fortress, or a castle,certainly a cathderal. The masons of the day were certainly educated mathmatecally, and also morally, by Templars so the masons were more than just a guild, they were, in effect, a tightly bound brotherhood in the same, or similar, manner as presentday unions are, ( ideally, that is ). One should consider that traveling freely in Europe, under less than ideally secure circumstance was not undertaken by the poor or ignoble, and was not undertaken at all without securing some form of a ‘pass’( or ‘bond’ ). a cathedral building-Guild Mason could travel freely; he being on the business of God.  Modern Freemason are ‘Free( to travel and earn wages) and Accepted ( Among Brothers ), anywhere in the world. I read that, in the very old times, only a Druid could pass without challenge or threat, thruout Europe. The example was of a Druid in Britain who found himself in a quagmire requiring an answer which he, nor his cohorts could derive. Somehow he knew that the answer would be in Greece, and so he walked, uninhibited, to Greece, counseled with the scholars there, and having the answer to his question, then returned to Britain. ( How long this took, how long he stayed, who knows ?! ) If it were me, I don’t believe I could’ve returned so quickly without further ‘research’ , at least in a local area where warm waters & pleasant company-or accompaniement-could be found! Thanks for your story, it was very good and i plan to return to this venue soon, 














Templar subject in further

The beginning rise of the Templar was In about 1118 A.D. Twenty years later the Templars were recognized in 1139 for their deeds in protecting pilgrims. Additionally, they created the first banking system in the various fortresses that were constructed. Less than 100 years later, in a reunited hierarchy, The Great Cathedrals began construction. Legend says Prince Edwin receives Charter of York from King Athelstan at York, England, organizing a General Assembly of Masons. He was also a great collector of works of art and religious relics which he gave away to many of his followers and churches in order to gain their support. This was in 926A.D.

In conclusion, Templar history made tremendous technological advancements in the hundred years after the tunneling.

I thoroughly enjoyed your point about the Druids.



I wrote this as a proper reply to a recently published article I viewed here on Ancient Origins: Baphomet: Was the Diabolical Demon Really Worshipped by Knights Templars? 4 November, 2018 – 19:00 by dhwty Since the actions and event occurred at the same point in time.


The story of Baphomet begins in the known history of the Templar Knights. In and about 1160 years after King Solomons rule, the Templar who was originally The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ, began to protect the pilgrims on their travels in the middle east. This was in agreement with Prince Edwin, the son of King Athelstan and the Vatican. The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ believed that Solomon was the bloodline of Christ. Over one thousand years after Christ Crucifixion in 1118A.D., eight of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ began to excavate the temple of Solomon. These eight men were later known as the the Order of Solomon's Temple and recognized as the Templar Knights in 1139A.D., when Pope Innocent II issued a Papal Bull allowing the Knights Templar special rights.

Baphomet was the word in association with St. John the Baptist. The man who had his head severed and put on a platter by Herodias. In fact, there are several alleged heads of John the Baptist still around. The Templar viewed St. John the Baptist as a prophet of wisdom. The ritual is to be left out of the story, but the memorial was about skull and bones, later charged in 1307 by King Philip of France as heresy for worshiping Baphomet as an idol.

Since that time period, Baphomet has taken on many descriptions and myths-

An idol with a human skull

Ahead with two faces

With a beard

Without a beard

With the head of a man

In reality, the modern Baphomet has become an idol that has no affiliation of the Templar Order. Quite simply, the Templar do not view Baphomet as a deity. The ones that do have turned that story beyond recognition in self gain such as Elphias Levi’s illustration. This more popular appearance did not emerge until the 1850's-

The head of the goat

The upper body of a woman (maternity)

Cloven feet

A pair of wings

This modern illustration in which Esoterica, Gnosticism,Witchcraft, Magick and Satanist are ascribed some 600 years after the attributed Friday the 13th.. Baphomet from one source with developed in some cases opposite sums. Baphomet is a great story of man's nature in a baptism of wisdom.   -Frank A. Tytar