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The Hypogeum in Malta, which is known to create specific sound frequencies, which have an effect on the human body

The Mysterious Connection Between Geophysics, Architecture and Biomedicine


From the ancient past to the modern times, man has been experimenting with various architectural approaches, according to the era, the specific functions and his own level of consciousness.

Nowadays, in spite of all the technological evolution and tools in our hands, there are still so many unanswered questions regarding the use and purpose of ancient temples and megalithic monuments.

How where they built, why were they built at locations with specific properties and with the use of particular material? Why did the ancient people and later mystics and masons spend so much time, energy and resources to build these structures? Was it merely for divine worship or were there other functions more complex in nature?

In order to begin decoding the answers, let us analyze the layers of such a structure:

  1. Earth location and ground properties
  2. Geometry of building and material properties
  3. Relationship to celestial bodies and astronomical events

Earth location and ground properties

The placement of these monuments has been proven by many studies not to be random, but extremely researched and located with precision. As far my research has shown, and also backed up by many others before me, monuments where always placed on what we call geophysical anomalies – places where the following take place: an intense change in the magnetic and/or gravity field, the change in radioactivity levels, a conductivity discontinuity of the ground material, the presence of fault and/or underground water. The aforementioned parameters morph these areas into stress zones.

Ancient sites are usually found to be located in areas of geophysical anomalies, like here along the St Michael Line

Ancient sites are usually found to be located in areas of geophysical anomalies, like here along the St Michael Line (

Whenever there is a fluctuation in the above fields, it results in the generation of telluric DC electric currents, which are measurable. The concentration of natural geomagnetic and electric fluctuations is the most basic characteristic of ancient monuments and temples.

So indeed, temples were indeed located on power locations, a statement which is not just a theoretical belief, but now a scientific revelation.

Figure: Ultrasound measurements in Rollright Stones, UK

Figure: Ultrasound measurements in Rollright Stones, UK (Robins, 1985)

Tesla writes “the earth is found to be alive with electrical vibrations”. The Radcliffe tower he created, was an energy generator that would not function if it did not “grip the earth”, as he wrote.

Were ancient temples transmitters of longitudinal standing electric waves?

Sesh Heri, writes in the Handprint of Atlas: “The entire topography and geomorphology of land features are results of standing waves in the earth. The artificial monuments are built around significant naturally occurring geomorphologies”

Geomagnetic field intensity on the location of Balanced Rock

Figure: Geomagnetic field intensity on the location of Balanced Rock (Burke,2005)

Geomagnetic field intensity in Stonehenge

Figure: Geomagnetic field intensity in Stonehenge (David, 1997)

Thermal survey in Visoko Pyramids, Bosnia

Figure: Thermal survey in Visoko Pyramids, Bosnia (Smailbegovic, 2006)

Also, the induced currents can be conducted according to the grounds’ material properties. Their strength will depend on the ground’s conductivity; ground with higher mineral contact will usually have stronger currents.

Geometry of building and material properties

Dr. Konstantin Meyl, with a background in electrical engineering and field physics explains, in his book Scalar waves, that earth radiation was the power supply for the temple. In order for the building to transmit this energy, it had to be built as a resonant cavity. In order to make it as efficient as possible, specific proportions and shapes- known as sacred geometry was incorporated.

Many historical monuments incorporate sacred geometry, like this mosque in Iran

Many historical monuments incorporate sacred geometry, like this mosque in Iran (

Brian Desborough writes, in They Cast No Shadows: “sacred geometry was incorporated into the design of buildings that enabled them to function as resonant cavities. The incorporation of these geometries into ancient temples to function as “coupled harmonic oscillators.”

Architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim proved with his work on Biogeometry the effect of shape and form on various issues. A significant case study was alleviating negative symptoms on residents’ health from a mobile antenna placed inside an old church in Hemberg, Switzerland, by the use of specific geometries. As old churches were also placed in energy spots, and architecture of the building was designed to amplify that energy through its geometry and materials, it also amplified the energy emission of the antenna.

The shape and geometry of the molecules gives their properties. By joining the same types of atoms in different geometrical configurations we get different molecules- which shows the effect of geometry on energy and matter.

The focus of shape and material was to concentrate further the naturally occurring earth energy fluctuations.

The material could multiply further and conduct them; materials high in crystals (Silica), which is piezoelectric, was used in the structures for that reason.

Relationship to celestial bodies and astronomical events

The telluric electric currents are intensified at specific times and dates, due to the effect of celestial bodies such as the sun.

The geomagnetic field fluctuates according to the daily solar movement and solar winds. It also varies according to the lunar day and yearly solar orientation.

Computer simulation of the Earth's field in a period of normal polarity between reversals.

Computer simulation of the Earth's field in a period of normal polarity between reversals. (public domain)

Openings, geometry and orientations of ancient monuments were found also to be aligned with solar location at specific times and dates, and astronomical points or events.

The reason is that certain planetary patterns create fields when certain types of events can take place.

Specific celestial geometries where actually a way of intensifying the energy concentration of a structure, placed on a geophysical anomaly, as described above.

Engineer J H Nelson, while working for the RCA, produced 5 year experiments, that proved radio signal quality varied with planetary positions, and that there was a clear correlation between planetary angles and field variations.

Results vary over time, in accordance with the position of celestial bodies in relationship to the earth, and to the position on the earth and the season in which an experiment was performed.

Effect on people, animals and plants

It has been shown that low levels of stress in short exposure times can been extremely healing. Various electromagnetic therapies, low radiation treatments, hot-cold exposure, are all based on this principle.  Short term low dose stress can increase the number of mitochondria per cell, whereas long term stress of the same source can be extremely damaging and induce chronic disease. The same principle has been used by John Burke and others after him, to pre-treat seeds with short term electromagnetic stress, and have as a result much stronger plants with higher yield.

The work of Dr. Dieter Aschoff, proved the effect of geo-physical anomalies on people, through the use of an electromagnetic blood test. He found that these anomalies caused the bloods field oscillation polarity to invert.

In a research experiment done on more than 800 people, called the Vienna report, group of 20 scientists including found significant results on people exposed on a geophysical anomaly.  There were signification changes in serotonin, zinc and calcium levels, and also in immunoglobulins, such as IgA.

The earth field’s fluctuations create electric fields not only in the earth, but in any material that can conduct electricity. Especially our brain is great electrical conductor, so these fluctuations can create DC electric fields in our brain, which can have intensely mental effects.

Dr. Persinger studied the effect of geomagnetic fluctuations on human biology, and noticed a significant change in brain activity, sleep and mood disturbances and other health effects.

Dr. Debertolis, in the archaeoacoustics field, found that there are specific frequencies that can be detected in ancient monuments (around mostly 90-120 Hz). His work with EEG on people while I these temples showed that there was intense activity in the frontal or occipital lobe. Also the work of Dr. Cook had the same findings regarding the frequencies found in ancient temples and their effect on the human brain.

The hypogeum in Malta is an ancient monument that produces specific sound frequencies

The hypogeum in Malta is an ancient monument that produces specific sound frequencies (

Dr. Hacker also indicates that longitudinal scalar waves are the cause of symptoms on biology in different locations. In some f his experiments he made measurements showing the effect of geophysical anomalies and rise of A-amylase, a signal of stress.

Dr. Barbara Tombarkiewicz in her own research proved the effect of geomagnetic anomalies on cow’s health. When they were moved the anomaly location they developed health problems above a normally expected ratio, and also showed lower levels zinc, copper and iron.

A secondary effect of telluric currents is that they attract airborne electrically charged particles of the opposite charge these can have a significant effect on biology. The effects of breathing air ions have been shown in details in studies by A. P. Krueger.


We could say that a temple is the sum/ fusion of earthly and heavenly energies - not just a spiritual theory, but a proven one scientifically- that could affect biology, plants and animals in various ways.

Lydia Giannoulopoulou is planning research to investigate the effect of geophysical anomalies on health and their relation to buildings, as well as the reason for situating ancient temples in locations with particular geophysical properties. To support this research, please visit her campaign page.

Top image: The Hypogeum in Malta, which is known to create specific sound frequencies, which have an effect on the human body (

By Lydia Giannoulopoulou


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