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Stone circle at Avebury Henge. Source: Reimar / Adobe Stock.

Ley Lines and Avebury Henge, the Better Version of Stonehenge (Video)


Avebury Henge in Wiltshire stands as a captivating alternative to its more renowned counterpart, Stonehenge. This expansive site, with its enormous earthworks and three stone circles, has attracted considerable attention from the New Age community, who believe it to be the epicenter of energy highways known as Ley Lines. These supposed mystical routes, popularized by John Michell in the 1970s, have sparked intrigue and debate. While enthusiasts claim to discern patterns and connections among the ancient monuments, skeptics contend that similar alignments can be drawn between random points on a map.

Despite these controversies, Avebury remains a site of great spiritual significance and accessibility. Unlike Stonehenge, where access to the stones is limited, visitors can wander amidst Avebury's standing stones, some of which have been restored over time. This preservation allows people to connect with the distant past, with those who raised these stones millennia ago, their purpose forever shrouded in mystery. The presence of New Age followers, though met with mixed opinions, signifies the site's enduring allure and its ability to evoke a sense of wonder and connection to ancient civilizations.

Top image: Stone circle at Avebury Henge. Source: Reimar / Adobe Stock.

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