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Steve Marshall

For 20 years Steve Marshall was a busy and successful film composer and sound engineer. He worked for a time in the famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and co-curated an electronic music exhibition at the London Science Museum.

After taking a break from music he became fascinated by ancient monuments and landscape, eventually becoming a full-time independent writer, researcher and photographer. His best-selling book Exploring Avebury: The Essential Guide is the result of a decade spent living close to Avebury conducting his own research.

Eventually Steve combined his love of music and archaeology by delving into archaeoacoustics – particularly the acoustics of the West Kennet long barrow, near Avebury. Inside the stone monument Steve has found musical resonances, and an infrasonic resonance too low to be heard, but with the potential to produce altered mental states. This work resulted in his acclaimed album Avebury Soundscapes , where he combines music with 3-D recordings made in and around Avebury and its monuments.

'Avebury Soundscapes'

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