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Soldiers of Odin in Stockholm 2016

Swastikas Carved at Prehistoric Sites in England by Neo-Nazi Groups that Worship Norse God Odin


Neo-Nazi groups in England have been carrying out sinister torchlit rituals and carving swastikas into trees at ancient sites across the country.

An investigation by The Telegraph revealed that far-right groups which have adopted religious beliefs connected to the worship of the ancient Norse gods, have been participating in rituals at National Trust sites, such as the World Heritage stone circle at Avebury, and English Heritage site Wayland’s Smithy, a Neolithic burial chamber.

Swastikas were found carved into trees at Wayland’s Smithy and both English Heritage and the National Trust plan to increase security and surveillance at the ancient sites to protect them from vandalism and anti-social activity.

Avebury Neolithic henge monument

Avebury Neolithic henge monument. Credit: valeryegorov / Adobe Stock

The Rise of Odinism

One of the groups that has vowed to “take back” ancient sites across England is called Woden’s Folk – Woden and Wotan are both variations of the name Odin, one of the principal gods in North mythology.

Odinism is an ancient Germanic religion which has been seeing a resurgence across Europe in recent years with groups such as Soldiers of Odin, Sons of Odin and Woden’s Folk gaining traction. But worryingly, many of these groups have also become a haven for white supremacism.

Anders Breivik, who slaughtered 77 people in Norway in 2011, told the court that: I’m an Odinist, I believe in the only god, Odin”, and Brenton Tarrant, who shot dead 51 in the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand earlier this year, also claimed to do so in fulfilment of Odinist principles, writing in his manifesto “See you in Valhalla” [the heavenly hall ruled over by Odin].

While not all those who worship Odin are white supremacists, most of the Odinist groups are, citing the need to revive the white race and prevent multi-racial mixing at all costs. 

Among the list of main principles set out by Woden’s Folk is:

The protection of English Identity, English Culture and English Tradition and the revival of ancient Folk-Customs which were essential to the working of the Anglo-Saxon society… This land is the rightful Land of the English by conquest and was protected from foreign invasion through the blood which was shed by its Folk.

They continue: “We oppose the multi-racial society on the basis that it has proved to be a total disaster and has been totally destructive in all its forms”.

The group’s founder, a pensioner called Geoffrey Dunn who goes by the name of Wulf Ingessunu, writes blogs and uploads videos on YouTube filled with racist ideology and calling for ‘Aryan laws’ to be introduced into Britain.

Undercover Investigation

The Telegraph’s undercover investigation revealed that one of the rituals carried out by Woden’s Folk at ancient site Wayland’s Smithy was attended by members of violent neo-Nazi organisations Combat 18 and now banned terror organisation National Action, and they are planning more rituals at the site in November.

Wayland’s Smithy is a Neolithic burial chamber in Oxfordshire, England, located close to the famous Uffington White Horse, one of the oldest hill figures in Britain.

Wulf Ingessunu has written in promotional literature that the group plans to “take back these Ancient and Holy Sites around rural England” and told The Telegraph’s undercover reporter that they are “white survivalists” who must fight and die if necessary for their sacred English land.

Indeed, the Woden’s Folk code of honour contains what is likened to a ‘call to arms’:

“Harken and respond to the call of the War-Arrow, that summons the host to defend the Kinfolk, or to avenge wrongs done to the Kinfolk. A warrior's death in the struggle for the freedom and survival of the Folk secures a place with the Gods in Walhalla. Woden awaits the brave in the Halls of Valhalla.”

Many of the Odinist groups also believe in the Norse legend of Ragnarok, the final destruction when the gods and their enemies alike would perish in a cosmic battle, after which a new world would rise out of the cosmic ocean with new gods and a new human race.

Top image: Soldiers of Odin in Stockholm 2016. (CC by SA 4.0)

By Joanna Gillan



I was just reading about how the swastika is a sacred symbol… now it’s hate again? Make your mind up. Jesus Christ. Hail Odin.

ancient-origins's picture

Selective reporting is where you avoid publishing a news story out of fear of offending a particular group. We prefer to tell things as they are.

Go to The Telegraph article on this subject matter to see photos of the swastikas carved in the trees following the ceremonies carried out by this group. 

If you take the time to look through the content of our website, you will find hundreds of articles on the rich history and traditions of paganism. Unfortunately some (not all) modern day groups have corrupted and adultered the original traditions and beliefs of those ancient peoples. 

The article has been spread all over the media and I’m surprised that this website is posting trash like this. It’s another way of demonising the pagan and heathen religions of England. They’re not vandalising sacred sites or marking swastikas on trees as the article is saying. This is propaganda spreading lies. The liberals and elite want to ban paganism in the UK and are doing all they can to start vicious rumours. 

Really? I am Asatruar and i find these idiots using my gods as an excuse for wanton destruction and hate speech utterly offensive. What a bunch of ignorant stupid people. Vandalism of ancient sites that have nothing to do with their supposed beliefs shows how mindless and pathetic these folk are. It is historically known the Norse were a diverse group that lived and intermingled with a wide group of different peoples. The offensive white supremacy crap spouted by these idiots is what many genuine pagan and heathen groups strive to distance themselves from and condemn. These disgusting people gives all heathens a bad name and the media must ensure to clarify that that they are the exception and not the rule. These people are nothing but thugs.

It isn’t true.


Joanna Gillan's picture


Joanna Gillan is a Co-Owner, Editor and Writer of Ancient Origins. 

Joanna completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree in Australia and published research in the field of Educational Psychology. She has a rich and varied career, ranging from teaching... Read More

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