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ley lines

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Are The Rollright Stones Actually Ancient Energy Fields? (Video)

In the heart of rural England, hidden away from the bustling roads of Warwickshire, lies the mysterious Rollright Stones . These neolithic monuments, some older than Stonehenge , stand silently,...
Stone circle at Avebury Henge. Source: Reimar / Adobe Stock.

Ley Lines and Avebury Henge, the Better Version of Stonehenge (Video)

Avebury Henge in Wiltshire stands as a captivating alternative to its more renowned counterpart, Stonehenge . This expansive site, with its enormous earthworks and three stone circles, has attracted...
Majestic sunrise at Castlerigg Stone Circle in the Lake District, one of many sites located on ley lines. Source: Danoz/Adobe Stock

Ley Hunters: Were Bronze Age Britons Really Following Ley Lines?

Google Earth is an amazingly useful tool for investigators to explore the sacred landscapes of prehistoric Britain. For sure, its accuracy cannot be denied. Indeed, one can even survey and measure...
Scilly’s Northern Islands

The Ancient Trackways of Britain’s Ley-Lines Steered Bronze Age Tin Miners

The Great St Michael and St Mary Alignment (or ‘corridor of incidence’) is probably the most famous ley-line in Britain, if not the world. Running for 350-miles across the country in a north-east to...
View of Pogačnik’s monolith in Itchimbia Park; close-up of monolith design. Itchimbia Hill actually lies slightly outside the central meridian; behind and to the left you can see El Panecillo, which lies directly on the main energy line.

Harnessing Energy Lines and Geocosmos in Ancient and Modern Quito

During the period 2002-2003, Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace, oversaw the installation of eleven small monoliths and one bronze plaque in the city of Quito, Ecuador. The monuments run along a...
The Hypogeum in Malta, which is known to create specific sound frequencies, which have an effect on the human body

The Mysterious Connection Between Geophysics, Architecture and Biomedicine

From the ancient past to the modern times, man has been experimenting with various architectural approaches, according to the era, the specific functions and his own level of consciousness. Nowadays...