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Heidi Schultz is hot on the path of lifelong learning. She holds a master's degree from Harvard University in Spanish. Synthesizing those analytical skills with meditation practices, she is in pursuit of the truth. She aspires to take an extended trip to an intergalactic mystery school. In the meantime, she currently works as a translator at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional in Quito, Ecuador, where she also teaching an advanced writing class in English. You can visit her bilingual blog at


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A corridor in the Tayos Caves

Who Stole the Gold? Part 3: Blow Smoke and Look the Other Way…

[Read Part 1] [Read Part 2] This is the thrilling conclusion to the investigation on the true mystery regarding the Tayos Caves – what has happened to the pure, prestigious, and lustrous golden ore?...
Left: Father Crespi with a metallic artifact at the church of Maria Auxiliadora. Right: Nivello, Hall, Moricz, Pena & Punin 1975.

Who Stole the Gold? Part 2: There is a lot of Smoke, But are There Any Smoking Guns?

[Read Part 1] This investigation acknowledges that more than one party was in involved in illegal gold extraction, and that gold may have been extracted in more than one form. That said, let’s...
The open chamber near the first descent in the Tayu Jee branch of the Tayos Caves.

Who Stole the Gold? The Smoke Clears Around the Tayos Caves in Ecuador

The Tayos Caves ( Cuevas de los Tayos in Spanish) in Ecuador are a subterranean complex that forms part of the incredible Napo System of Caves stretching from Venezuela to Chile. The Tayos Caves have...
View of Pogačnik’s monolith in Itchimbia Park; close-up of monolith design. Itchimbia Hill actually lies slightly outside the central meridian; behind and to the left you can see El Panecillo, which lies directly on the main energy line.

Harnessing Energy Lines and Geocosmos in Ancient and Modern Quito

During the period 2002-2003, Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace, oversaw the installation of eleven small monoliths and one bronze plaque in the city of Quito, Ecuador. The monuments run along a...