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Egyptian Gods

Ancient Egypt was a polytheistic society  with a rich and complex pantheon of deities. The Egyptians worshipped gods and  goddesses who represented various aspects of nature, the elements, and human  life. These deities were an integral part of everyday life and played important  roles in religious ceremonies, as well as in the lives of individuals and  communities.

Some of the most well-known gods and  goddesses of Ancient Egypt include Ra, the sun god; Isis, the goddess of  fertility and motherhood; Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife;  and Osiris, the god of death and resurrection. Each deity had their own  mythology, rituals, and symbolism, and many of them were associated with  specific animals, plants, or symbols.

Explore the fascinating world of the gods  of Egypt, and learn about the mythology, symbolism, and significance of these important  deities. Discover the stories of the gods and goddesses who captured the hearts  and imaginations of the Ancient Egyptians, and continue to inspire and intrigue  people around the world today.

Milky Way and pink light over mountains. Source: den-belitsky/Adobe Stock

The Hidden Role of the Milky Way in Ancient Egyptian Mythology (Study)

Ancient Egyptians were known for their religious beliefs and astronomical knowledge of the Sun, Moon, and planets, but up until now it has been unclear what role the Milky Way played in Egyptian...
Sekhmet at Rameses III’s temple at Mabinet Habu (abrilla / Adobe Stock)

The Enigma Of Egyptian Sekhmet And Leonine Deities

Typical of cats, the leonine goddesses of ancient Egypt, including Sekhmet are very elusive, despite countless research papers. A review of the attestations of the cult of feline deities in Egypt...
Egypt’s Edfu temple with its passage lined by two glowing walls full of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Source: Konstantin/Adobe Stock

Who Are The Lost Gods Of Ancient Egypt? (Video)

Exploring the ancient Egyptian pantheon reveals gods manifested in wood, paint, and stone, shaping a rich tapestry of beliefs. Shifting from a myriad of deities to the revolutionary era centered on...
Image of ancient god Akhenaten.	Source: Vlad/Adobe Stock

The Mystery of Akhenaten's Revolution (Video)

In the ancient annals of Egypt, a mysterious chapter unfolds around Akhenaten , a Pharaoh who dared challenge millennia of entrenched beliefs. Around 3,000 years ago, this audacious ruler initiated a...
Hermanubis, a syncretism of Hermes from Greek mythology and Anubis from Egyptian mythology. Source: Rafel Miro / Flickr.

The Ancient Greeks Became Fascinated with Ancient Egypt (Video)

Ancient Greece's engagement with Ancient Egypt is a remarkable tale of cultural exchange. Greek influence in Egypt resulted in a captivating fusion of traditions. Along Egypt's Mediterranean coast,...
Left; Statuette depicting a worshipping baboon, Right; Baboon mummy.         Source: Left; Metropolitan Museum of Art, CC0, Right; CC BY SA 2.0

Origin of Ancient Mummified Baboons in Egypt Found and Points to a Location for Punt

University of Konstanz Primatologists are using genetic analysis to determine the geographic origin of ancient, mummified baboons found in Egypt. In doing so the evidence points to an astonishing...
Osiris as a pharaoh, real king (NorLife/ Adobe Stock)

Was Osiris A Real Person Deified After Death Or A Mythical God?

Who was Osiris? Was he a mythological God in ancient Egypt before Christianity began, or was he a real person, a King of Egypt? Dr Ken Jeremiah provides his thoughts on the existence of a real person...
Cat mummy. (Justin Ennis / Flickr)

Cat Mummies Were a Big Thing in Ancient Egypt (Video)

In ancient Egypt, cat mummies held a special place in the religious practices of the time. The practice of mummifying cats and other animals was considered sacred . However, not all cat tombs were...
Egyptian painting of dancers and flutists, from the Tomb of Nebamun. (Public Domain)

The Wildest Party in Ancient Egypt- The Festival of Drunkenness (Video)

In ancient Egypt , amidst the grandeur of pyramids and pharaohs, there existed a unique annual event—the Festival of Drunkenness . This mid-August celebration found its origins in Egyptian mythology...
Lapis lazuli cult image of the God Ptah. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

This Egyptian Statue Was Created to Hold the Spirit of a God (Video)

In ancient Egypt, amid the grandeur of pyramids , obelisks, and temples , there exists a small yet captivating marvel—an exquisite lapis lazuli statue designed not for burial but for divine...
Head of Tutankhamun. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

Face of the Boy King: The Deeply Human Story Behind Tutankhamun's Head (Video)

This exquisite limestone sculpture, currently an exhibit at the New York Met, captures the youthful innocence of Tutankhamun , the boy king, at the tender age of six. Crafted with meticulous detail,...
A Hippopotamus. Source: Aintschie / Adobe Stock.

Hunting Hippos Was a Royal Sport in Ancient Egypt

To the modern observer, the hippopotamus might seem a curious creature - large and often languid in its watery habitat. However, in ancient Egypt, the hippo was regarded as one of the most ferocious...
The god Khnum, accompanied by Heqet, in a relief from the mammisi (birth temple) at Dendera Temple complex. Source: Roland Unger/CC BY-SA 3.0

Beyond Fertility: Goddess Heqet’s Extensive Influence on Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, the goddess Heqet reigned supreme as a symbol of fertility and childbirth. Heqet’s following spanned the ages, from the Old Kingdom to the Ptolemaic period, due to her impact on...
Gold sandals and toe covers discovered in King Tut’s tomb, part of “The Discovery of King Tut" exhibition in New York City. (Mary Harrsch / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 )

These Objects Reveal Intimate Details of Tutankhamun's Life (Video)

Renowned Egyptologist Professor Joanne Fletcher curated a captivating exhibition in Barnsley, exploring the life of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun. The exhibition not only celebrated Tutankhamun's...
Representation of Egyptian super god, Ra known also as Ra-Horakhty. Source: AkuAku/Adobe Stock

The Egyptian God Ra - Lord of Life and Light

The Ancient Egyptian pantheon was filled with imaginative deities of all kinds. In fact, this pantheon numbered hundreds of different gods and goddesses, whose importance often waned over the passing...
Primaeval Temples Of Egypt: Hidden Gods In The Sand

Primaeval Temples Of Egypt: Hidden Gods In The Sand

Temples have always fascinated people. Although their structure, design and meaning, are sometimes taken for granted, they seem to be magical religion made manifest. It seems to be one of mankind’s...
Carving of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and his Ancient School of Mysteries

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is portrayed by the Egyptians as the moon god with the body of a man, head of an ibis, and a crescent moon over his head. His symbol was the winged serpent staff. He was the...
Though Egyptian hippos are now extinct in Egypt they still thrive in Africa. And these hippos are shown with lotus flowers, which often featured as decoration in Egyptian hippo figurines and paintings.                  Source: Faas / Adobe Stock

Egyptian Hippos: Ancient Symbol of Protection, Rebirth And Hunting

The ancient Egyptians had an undeniable and powerful connection to nature and the world around them. Almost every animal and plant had a specific meaning to their way of life, inspiring grand murals...
The god Horus represented by a falcon at the Temple of Edfu. Source: Edyta / Adobe Stock

The Cult of Horus: Myths That Stretch From Egypt To Rome

Horus (also known as Heru) was one of the most important deities in the ancient Egyptian pantheon . The ancient Egyptians worshipped Horus mainly as the sky god and the god of kingship. In the cult...
Detail of Khnum, the ram-headed ancient Egyptian god. Source: PTimm/Deviantart

Khnum – Ancient Egypt’s Lord of the Land of Life

Who was Khnum? The oldest and most important deities in the Egyptian pantheon are often the most mysterious and lacking in scholarly information. They are old – so old - that they’re veiled in a mist...
Fragment of the Alley of the Sphinxes in the Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt. The image of a sphinx with the head of a ram was a common depiction of the god Amun and this connected him with fertility.                   Source: Anton / Adobe stock

Amun, The Creator God Whose Supremacy Surpassed Egypt

The world of the ancient Egyptians was diverse and enigmatic, filled with untold wonders and beliefs that were closely interwoven with the nature around them. Of particular interest is the vast...
Goddess of Egypt, Bastet. Credit: MiaStendal / Adobe Stock

Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet, Protector of the King

The wondrous world of Egyptian deities is filled with all manner of fantastic creatures, each one captivating in its unique depiction. This vast pantheon features hundreds upon hundreds of deities,...
The goddess Hathor

Hathor: Goddess of Joy and Motherhood Near the Nile

The shadow of Hathor is still present in many places related to the monumental history of ancient Egypt. She was one of the most important goddesses near the Nile and remains one of the best-known...
Egyptian gods and goddess. From left to right, Sekhmet, Isis, Ra, Horus, Wadjet, and Set. Source: Hotaru Ito / Public Domain.

Understanding the Gods of Egypt: In Unison With Nature

Ancient Egypt is a never ending source of inspiration for many of us – their myths , their history, and their art are so wonderful and enigmatic, that they have intrigued researchers for decades. But...