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Viking invasion. Source: TheStockCube / Adobe Stock.

The True Story of the First Viking Invasion of England (Video)

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On June 8th, 793, Lindisfarne Priory in England fell victim to a calamitous Viking attack, igniting the Viking Age in Europe. The raid shattered the peace of this sacred religious center, as heathen warriors plundered treasures and took slaves. Contemporary sources describe the Vikings' brutal assault, where they looted the priory, seizing precious treasures like gold and silver. The terrified monks, witnessing this horror, tried to hide their valuable books, but the Vikings sought only wealth and slaves. Though the attack was not the first on English shores, it struck at the heart of a vital religious center, intensifying its impact.

The Viking raid fueled panic across England and beyond. To prevent future disasters, people sought explanations and solutions. Some believed it was divine punishment for sinful living, prompting calls for increased piety and humility. As the Vikings' incursions escalated over the years, Alfred the Great demonstrated that military force and diplomacy could push them back. The attack on Lindisfarne in 793 became a haunting template of terror that gripped England for decades, shaping its history and leaving an enduring mark on the nation's consciousness.

Top image: Viking invasion. Source: TheStockCube / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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