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Viking invasion. Source: TheStockCube / Adobe Stock.

The True Story of the First Viking Invasion of England (Video)

On June 8th, 793, Lindisfarne Priory in England fell victim to a calamitous Viking attack, igniting the Viking Age in Europe. The raid shattered the peace of this sacred religious center , as heathen...
Medieval miniature of Æthelflæd in genealogical roll of the kings of England 13th century.(Public Domain)/ Æthelflæd as depicted in the cartulary of Abingdon Abbey

Æthelflæd, The Medieval Queen Who Took on the Vikings to Save Her Kingdom

While her name is a mouthful, and quite a convoluted one at that, Æthelflæd of Mercia's role in early medieval England is rather straightforward. More importantly, the part she played in the conquest...
Alfred the Great. (19th century).

Was Alfred the Great Just a King that was Great at Propaganda?

Stuart Brookes / The Conversation The Last Kingdom – BBC’s historical drama set in the time of Alfred the Great’s war with the Vikings – has returned to our screens for a second series. While most...
Alfred the Great

Have archaeologists finally found King Alfred the Great?

In August last year we reported on plans to search for the remains of Alfred the Great , a Saxon king who ruled from 871 to 899 AD. The task was not easy as archaeologists first needed to secure...
Saxon King - Alfred the Great

Archaeologists on Mission to Find Remains of Saxon King, ‘Alfred the Great’

A team of archaeologists have applied for permission to excavate the churchyard of St Bartholomew’s Church in the city of Winchester, England, in the hope of finding the remains of ‘Alfred the Great...