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Tudor banquet. Source: Yuri Arcurs/ / Adobe Stock.

What Did the Tudors Eat at a Royal Banquet? (Video)

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The Tudor royal banquets were a lavish display of indulgence. Henry VII's love for hearty meals, including roasted meats and fatty fish, contributed to his ample figure. Venison, a delicacy reserved for the aristocracy, showcased their privileged status. Only those who owned a Deer Park could savor its taste. The Tudors, known for their active lifestyles, required a high-calorie diet. They relished a variety of foods, such as swans, pies, lamb, and even Conga eel. Henry VII delighted in a diverse array of foods, while sweet potatoes, introduced by Catherine of Aragon, became a cherished treat. Explorers' journeys to Asia brought back spices that revolutionized Western European cuisine.

Sugar held a special place in Tudor cuisine, despite its association with enslaved laborers on plantations. March pain, resembling marzipan, satisfied their sweet cravings. The Tudor Court consumed copious amounts of beer, with approximately 600,000 gallons consumed yearly. These extravagant feasts reflected England's rise as a European power. Tudor dining halls showcased the wealth and influence of the era.

Top image: Tudor banquet. Source: Yuri Arcurs/ / Adobe Stock.

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