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Teotihuacan, Mexico. Source: fergregory / Adobe Stock.

Bribes, Zoning, and Ancient Pyramids: Walmart's Corporate Greed at Teotihuacan (Video)


In 2012, The New York Times uncovered an elaborate tale of bribery involving one of the world's largest corporations. Walmart, a global powerhouse, faced scrutiny when The Times exposed a cover-up of widespread bribery by its foreign subsidiary, Walmart de Mexico. The investigation then delved into the relentless campaign of financial inducements surrounding Walmart's most controversial establishment in Mexico, a Bodega Herrera supermarket situated near the revered pyramids of Teotihuacan. Residents vigorously opposed the store's construction, staging prolonged protests and hunger strikes to safeguard their heritage. Their pleas to Walmart, urging the corporation not to desecrate this historic site, went unanswered.

Astonishingly, evidence uncovered by The Times revealed that Walmart de Mexico effectively conquered Teotihuacan with over $200,000 in bribes. These payoffs were used to manipulate zoning maps and secure the cooperation of a compliant mayor. Even when confronted with credible proof of these serial bribes, Walmart's leaders in the United States remained passive, taking no action to alert the authorities. Another example of the importance of protecting history’s most important monuments from all kinds of threats, including corporate greed.

Top image: Teotihuacan, Mexico. Source: fergregory / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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