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AI illustration of prehistoric tribe using their spears. Source: de Art/ Adobe Stock

Weapons of the Stone Age - How Throwing Evolved in Ancient Man (Video)


Ancient humans, in their quest for survival, honed their skills in weaponry, evolving from rudimentary tools to sophisticated arms. One pivotal development was the utilization of throwing rocks, or Stone Age missiles, as effective hunting weapons. Researchers analyzing stone tools from South African archaeological sites uncovered that over 80% of these rocks could inflict damage from distances exceeding 80 feet (24.38m).

These findings underscore early humans' perceptual thinking and adaptability in utilizing resources for survival. Additionally, the discovery of stone balls near caves in South Africa suggests a deliberate selection process, highlighting the cognitive abilities required for effective hunting strategies.

Furthermore, the evolution of throwing spears marked another significant advancement, potentially predating modern humans by hundreds of thousands of years. Evidence from Ethiopia reveals stone-tipped javelins dating back 280,000 years, indicating early humans' ingenuity in creating complex projectile weapons.

This technological leap empowered prehistoric hunters to strike at a distance, expanding their hunting capabilities and reducing risks associated with close confrontations with dangerous prey. Overall, the study of ancient weaponry illuminates the resourcefulness and intelligence of early humans, shedding light on their strategies for survival and dominance in an unforgiving environment.

Top image: AI illustration of prehistoric tribe using their spears. Source: de Art/ Adobe Stock

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