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AI illustration of prehistoric tribe using their spears. Source: de Art/ Adobe Stock

Weapons of the Stone Age - How Throwing Evolved in Ancient Man (Video)

Ancient humans , in their quest for survival, honed their skills in weaponry, evolving from rudimentary tools to sophisticated arms. One pivotal development was the utilization of throwing rocks, or...
A boomerang that was discovered in a dry section of the Cooper Creek bed in Australia. Source: Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Traditional Land Owners Aboriginal Corporation

Cooper Creek’s Boomerang Study Finds A Multitude of Uses

Not all boomerangs come back. In fact, recent discoveries show that almost four centuries ago in South Australia the one-way version of the flying hunting stick was used for hunting, fighting,...
An Aboriginal boomerang, Australia. Source: Rafael Ben-Ari / Adobe Stock

800-Year-Old Boomerang Discovered in Australian Creek

A family in Australia noticed a “glowing object” lying beside a remote river. They crossed the river and examined the v-shaped item which turned out to be a boomerang. But not just any old-boomerang...
The Cave of the Golden Boomerang

Is this the Sistine Chapel of Pre-historic art?

Of all the constructions, engravings, paintings and Original sites we have seen, none were more remote or difficult to reach, or ever return to, than the Cave of the Golden Boomerang. Neither Evan or...