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Thai Tattoo Master makes Sak Yant tattoo. Source: Denis / Adobe Stock.

Sak Yant: Foreigners Drawn to Ancient Thai Tattoo Masters (Video)

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The ancient art of 'sak yant,' traditional Thai tattoos, has long been cherished by locals for its spiritual significance. In recent times, however, an increasing number of foreigners are drawn to Thai tattoo masters in pursuit of this mystical practice. Sak yant's allure for outsiders lies in its rich history and unique symbolism. Each intricate design carries specific meanings, believed to impart blessings and protection upon the wearer. The global fascination with this art form has been fueled by social media and travel platforms, exposing the tradition to a broader audience.

Foreigners seeking the authentic experience embark on journeys to Thailand to be tattooed by revered masters. The process involves rituals, chanting, and the use of traditional hand-carved bamboo rods to create the designs. Beyond a mere tattoo, sak yant represents a cultural and spiritual connection. However, this growing trend has not escaped criticism. Some locals argue that the commercialization of this sacred art, now paid for beyond mere donations, compromises its true essence. Despite the debate, the enduring appeal of sak yant tattoos shows no signs of waning, and those who receive them are advised to uphold certain Buddhist principles to preserve their spiritual significance.

Top image: Thai Tattoo Master makes Sak Yant tattoo. Source: Denis / Adobe Stock.

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