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Locals in Thailand Village Claim Black Magic Tattoos Helped Preserve the Skin of a Corpse

Locals in Thailand Village Claim Black Magic Tattoos Helped Preserve the Skin of a Corpse

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A group of cemetery workers clearing a graveyard in Thailand near the Laos border were shocked to excavate the corpse of a man whose skin had been preserved, as if by magic.  In fact, some people have said the skin was preserved by black magic. The skin had black magic tattoos with a spell to make his skin impenetrable. Ironically, experts believe that the man possibly died from appendicitis simply because his skin was too hard to cut through.

Yantra Tattoos: Thai Amulets for the Skin

Thai tattoos, also known as Yantra tattoos, have been popular in that area since ancient times. Like in other native Southeast Asian civilizations, animistic tattooing for luck and protection was common in Tai tribes. Over the years, the tradition expanded across what is now Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

Despite the tradition originating from indigenous tribal animism, it slowly but surely became tied to the Hindu-Buddhist concept of Yantra, with mystical geometric patterns used during meditation. Such tattoos were thought to have magic powers as well.

There are three types of a Yantra tattoo. One supposedly benefits the person who carries it on his/her body by doing things such as making them more articulate. Another is that of protection and to ward off evil and hardship. This is very popular even today, mostly for military personnel, police officers, mafia men, and others in dangerous professions. The third type of Yantra tattoo is the one that benefits the people around the wearer. Generally, it is believed that Yantra tattoos only hold their powers as long as the wearer follows specific rules, such as abstaining from certain types of food.

Thai amulet or "Yantra".

Thai amulet or "Yantra". (Sakyant/CC BY SA 3.0)

Surprise that the Skin was Still Intact

The body was reportedly found while the local authorities worked to clear an ancient burial site in Mukdahan, a town on Thailand’s eastern border with Laos.  The corpse’s skin was discovered intact and hanging from the skeleton. The skin was painted with Sanskrit tattoos, which some people believe suggest a black magic spell to make the skin strong enough so it would prevent anything from penetrating it.

Facetiously, it appears that this “blessing” turned out to cause the wearer’s demise. Some local medical pundits expressed their thoughts that his strong skin prevented an operation for the appendicitis which eventually killed him. A representative of the government organization Goopaitongdaeng Jeemokkho Goopainueng Soonpaed said: “The skin has a lot of tattoos and it hasn’t gone rotten. The spell to protect him and make him strong prevented the operation and then after he died stopped his skin from rotting.”

This strange story has made even some of the most skeptical people wonder if magic spells really do work…even after death.

Top Image: Some of the skin covered in tattoos. Source: Exclusivepix Media

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