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Oldest tattoo shop, Israel. Source: Djampa / GNU Free Documentation License.

The Oldest Tattoo Shop in the World (Video)


Meet Waseem Razzouk, the guardian of an extraordinary heritage that spans an astonishing 27 generations. Nestled within his family's humble tattoo shop, a tradition dating back an astounding 700 years comes to life. It all began during a tumultuous era when Christianity clashed with the spread of Islam. Those who resisted conversion faced a dark fate—an indelible mark of humiliation etched upon their wrists. But through the passage of time, this mark evolved from a symbol of oppression into a clandestine emblem of resilience and faith.

Today, Waseem proudly wears his Coptic cross, a testament to his ancestral roots. The legacy of his ancestors extends far beyond their own beliefs, as they have inked renowned figures, including Ethiopian Emperor Hiva Selassie and even British royalty. As the centuries wove their tapestry, women joined the lineage of tattooing, bridging the gap between generations. With an unwavering dedication to preserving this sacred art, the Razzouk family remains the steadfast custodian of an ancient pilgrimage tradition.

Top image: Oldest tattoo shop, Israel. Source: Djampa / GNU Free Documentation License.

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