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Indian fighters with weapons. Source: Zzvet / Adobe Stock.

Cutting Edge: The Top 5 Deadliest Weapons From India (Video)


India has a rich history of impressive weapons that showcase the craftsmanship and martial traditions of the subcontinent. The Chakra is a circular throwing weapon used by warrior Sikhs, known for its precise and swift throws. The Talwar, a curved sword, gained popularity during the Mughal era and represented the might of the empire. Emperor Shivaji's Bagh nakh was renowned for its lethal disembowelment technique, reflecting the strategic cunning of the Marathas. The Qatari, originating from Southeast Asia but prominent among Rajput warriors, featured a multi-layered strike zone for close combat advantage.

The Pata, a gauntlet sword from the Maratha empire, had a flexible blade attached to a gauntlet, making it adaptable on foot or horseback. These weapons exemplify India's diverse cultures and empires, highlighting the mastery and artistry of Indian weapon-smiths. From the Chakra's throwing prowess to the Bagh nakh's strategic techniques, these weapons offer insights into India's martial traditions and military heritage. They serve as tangible reminders of the subcontinent's history and the impressive craftsmanship behind its awe-inspiring weapons.

Top image: Indian fighters with weapons. Source: Zzvet / Adobe Stock.

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