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Nephilim - Giants - Sons of God And Daughters Of Man

The Nephilim: Giant Offspring of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Man?


Who were the nephilim? The word nephilim appears twice in the Old Testament of the Bible. They are first mentioned in chapter 6 of the book of Genesis and then again in Number 13:33. But their brief mention in the Bible has led to an ongoing debate as to who or what the nephilim were. Much of this debate stems from the passage in the Bible that states:

When people began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that they were fair; and they took wives for themselves of all that they chose.
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went in to the daughters of man, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown
.  – Genesis 6: 1-4

The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair (1923) by Daniel Chester French. Corcoran Gallery of Art. (CC0)

The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair (1923) by Daniel Chester French. Corcoran Gallery of Art. (CC0)

What Does ‘Nephilim’ Mean?

The traditional definition of Nephilim is giant. Some dictionaries describe the nephilim as being giants who also possess super human strength. The Greek Septuagint, an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible, refers to them as gigantes, which actually means "earth -born," a concept we will be coming back to as we continue.

It is believed that the word Nephilim comes from the root word "Naphal" which means to fall. In biblical circles this definition has quickly put the Nephilim into the role of the children of the fallen angels. The word Naphal, however, is never directly associated with the concept of fallen angels. Its meaning in context is more closely associated with the idea of lying prostrate or of prostrating oneself. There are also ties in this word to the concept of failure, falling short, or being cast down.

‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’ (1685) by Charles Le Brun. (Public Domain)

Mythos of the Nephilim

Over the years a mythos has developed around the concept of the nephilim. It alleges that these giants were the offspring of the "Sons of God" and the "Daughters of Man". Are the nephilim the children of the untoward relationship?

The connection between the biblical text and this claim, although commonly pointed to as the basis of this belief, is unfounded. The document in which we find statements that support this claim actually comes from the apocryphal Book of Jubiliees:

And it came to pass when the children of men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them, that the angels of God saw them on a certain year of this jubilee, that they were beautiful to look upon; and they took themselves wives of all whom they chose, and they bare unto them sons and they were giants. The Book of Jubilees - Chapter V: 1

Is the claim that the nephilim were the offspring of the sons of god and the daughters of men supported by sources outside the Judeo-Christian tradition?  In other words, does mythology worldwide support this belief?

The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair, by Maurice Greiffenhagen. (Public Domain)

Giants Roaming the Earth Across Cultures

The notion of giants roaming the earth can be found in cultures worldwide. Greek mythology tells us that the Titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus in order to gain control of the Greek pantheon. It is from the blood of the castrated Uranus that fell upon the earth that the giants, the "earth-born", were created.

The Earth-born, when compared to us, were giants. The giants, lived under the rule of Cronos during the golden age, in a time that was free from sorrow or care and everyone lived happy and joyous lives.

It was only after Cronos' son Zeus fought for control of both the heavens and the earth that everything changed. In his new role, Zeus, according to Greek myth, put the giants to work. It was just a matter of time before the giants started ignoring the god's mandates.

Bell krater depicting Zeus fighting against the giant Porphyrion. (Egisto Sani/CC BY NC SA 2.0)

They were no longer prostrating themselves to the will of the gods. Their lack of complete servitude and their failure to comply with the god’s demands incited the "children of god" into a full blown rebellion against the heavenly gods. Heavy losses were taken on both sides, but their revolution was finally suppressed by the gods.

A truce was declared. As part of their reparations to the giants it was decided to create a new race to handle the burdens that were cast upon the giants - man.

Padraic Column in his book entitled Orpheus, Myths of the World, relates this tale about the creation of man: Aztec legend recounts how the Earth-mother, Citlalicue, gave birth to a flint knife. When the knife was flung down onto the Earth, it was transformed into sixteen hundred "earth-gods." (Is there connection between the flint knife, flung down by Citlalicue, and the sickle used by Cronus to castrate his father?)

These newly formed earth-gods lived as men and women and labored in search of food. After some time, the Earth-gods began to think that this work was below their station. They were, after all, the children of the Sky-father and Earth-mother. They asked their mother Citlalicue to make a race who would serve them and bear the burdens they faced. With the help of Citlalicue, mankind was created.

‘A group of natives in the central highlands of Mexico, capturing and putting to death a giant.’ (CC0)

Based upon these mythological traditions it seems clear that the earth-born giants, the nephilim, existed long before man first inhabited the earth. Thus when you read the line "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward" it seems clear from this perspective that the authors were not being vague. Instead they were just making a statement of fact - that the Nephilim, the earth-born, were on the earth at that time.

The Offspring of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Man

So who were the offspring of the sons of god and the daughters of man? The Hebrew Bible refers to them as gibborim. The inferred meaning of this word is men of great stature, heroes, men who are valiant or brave.

The Greek Septuagint identifies them as the renominati or men or renown. In Greek mythology the gods have a long history of having relations with humans. The names of some of these "demi-gods", or semi-human individuals, whose names have withstood the tests of time include were Hercules, Perseus, and Achilles. In India they are called Hanuman and Garuda and in Sumer Gilgamesh and Adapa.

Interestingly, a parallel myth to this biblical narrative does exist. It comes to us from the pages of the Hindu epic the Ramayana. The Ramayana is the epic tale of Rama, the 7th avatar of the supreme god Vishnu.

Rama lived during the Treta Yuga. It was an age where the world was filled with giants. Around the same time as Rama's birth, the supreme god Vishnu, knowing what was in store for him, requested that all of the gods descend to the earth and mate with the apes and the bears. This request was made in order to, when the time was right, provide Rama with an army he could use to help him conquer Ravana - the giant demon king of Lanka.

Fight between Rama and Ravana. (CC0)

The offspring of these unions obtained an array of impressive skills from their divine parents. The mighty Sugríva was the ruler of the vanara, the ape-men. His father was Surya, the chief solar deity. The demi-god Hanúmán was the son of the wind god and is described as being able to travel very fast, while Nala was the son of the god of building and construction and is the vanara that helps Rama to build a bridge from mainland India to Lanka.

These thousands did the Gods create
Endowed with might that none could mate,
In monkey forms that changed at will;
So strong their wish the fiend to kill.

Are the nephelim the offspring of the sons of god and the daughters of man? No. They were the race of earth-born giants who lived before the creation of man. They are the group who revolted against the gods in antiquity.

They are also the ones responsible for the creation of mankind. Additionally, based upon the references that come to us from the Ramayana, it does seem clear the when the gods mated with "ape-men" their offspring were men of renown, heroes, or individuals who are valiant or brave.

Top Image: ‘Norandino and Lucina Discovered by the Ogre’ (1624) by Giovanni Lanfranco. Source: Public Domain

By  Dr. Rita Louise

© Copyright Body, Mind & SoulHealer – 2013. All rights reserved.

About The Author

Bestselling author and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise is the host of Just Energy Radio and the Founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics. She is the author of the books Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods, Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4, Dark Angels: An Insider's Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entitiesand The Power Within as well as hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She has appeared on radio and television and has spoken at conferences covering topics such as health and healing, ghosts, intuition, ancient mysteries and the paranormal.  For more information about Dr. Rita please visit or listen to her live at



Thank you! That was quite an education! Now I'm going to read Enoch, the Watchers, Jubilees and any others you mentioned.

Hi All,

I had written something on the subject of the Nephilims but, what I shared didn't sit well with me I think I posted a rough draft of what I intended to discuss and not a final point to the topic itself regarding The Nephilim: Giant Off-spring.

The debate in the church of the origins of these Nephilim touch on a variety of uncomfortable subjects and events that had occurred in our distant past with our Ancestors.

We in the church approach some Biblical Books much like people often approach The Book of Revelation Fear.

People are afraid of this Book partly because we as human beings need to feel as though we're the only ones in the Universe and an H.G. Wells scenario taking place on Earth like what's described in Genesis chapter 6, Enoch 1 The Book of Watchers, and Jubilees; just doesn't sit well with our consciousness.

How could we possibly survive an invasion like depicted in Enoch 1, Genesis 6?

I think in retrospect people are afraid of Enoch and that's because Enoch could quite arguably be The First Apocalyptic Book of The Bible.

When we're afraid of something we don't necessarily understand our first defense is to run like Jonah in an vain attempt to reach our various versions of Tarshish.

So let's take a moment to examine this period in Earth's History.

All that happened in the Antediluvan World came before The Great Flood.

God allowed for the Flood to happen to purge the corruption of Creation as an consequence of what 200 hundred Fallen Angel's known as Watchers inflicted upon the World.

This point in Genesis is off putting to readers examining this Biblical Account Earth is so badly ravaged by Sin that God had know other option than too drive every Living thing with The Breath of Life to extinction which includes the dinosaurs?

Missing the point of the Text not everything got wiped out or we wouldn't be here at least those of Us who believe in The Biblical Flood with Noah and the Ark.

How did Earth come to this scenario in the first place to begin with?

That's my point to understand The Flood and the roles that the Nephilim played in being the reason for the Great Flood we have too go back to the Beginning of All this...

See the testimony of those Watcher Angel's the Sons of God fathers of the Nephilim Race doesn't begin with the Creation of Heaven and Earth and every Living Thing that has the Breath of Life in them the Origins of the Watcher Angels begins in Heaven..

There was once a great War in Heaven the root causes of this War was by none other than Lucifer He was the First Created in fact evidence in the Scriptures indicates that he was even Older than all of the Angels combined for Lucifer is often referred to as that Old Ancient Serpent of Old.

Ezekiel 28 sums up his beginnings with the Heavenly Creator God; Lucifer was Created perfect in everyway; He was endowed with Beauty and Great Wisdom, till his Eyes were lifted up and Iniquity was found in Thee.

Lucifer changed himself Envy became apart of him Coveting what someone else had and He began to craftly plan a kind of Heavenly Coo.

Lucifer used the tools of deception when talking too the other Heavenly Angels I mean Heaven went from a joyous place to the most miserable environment ever.

What the Angels missed who were so easily duped (questioning God hadn't happened before in Heaven this was New), is that Lucifer didn't want to free his fellow brother's Lucifer wanted The Throne of God for Himself; Lucifer wanted to "Be God".

All this came down to worship wanting To Be God its apparent that after, Christ baptism an He's led in to the desert to be Tempted by Satan last confrontation is Satan offering the Kingdoms of the World to Christ if only Christ Worshipped Him.

Christ response was to declare towards Lucifer "Away from me Satan, for It is Written Worship the Lord Serve Only Him!"

Getting back to disruption in Heaven by Lucifer with the other Angels against God.

Revelation chapter 12 teaches that there was War in Heaven; Michael and his Angels fought, and The Dragon who is called Satan or the Devil and his Angel's fought and there was found No Room for them in Heaven and so they were Cast out of Heaven.

Revelation says that Lucifer was kicked out and a third of the stars from Heaven Fell to Earth (that was 1000 evil Angel's cast down to Earth).

It's interesting to note that around 500 countries and Nations around the World has stories about The War of the gods. Supreme beings being cast out of the Heaven's.

The best one's if you could believe it or not is by the Greeks and the Hmong in Cambodia. I recommend the book
Catch A Spirit Fall Down on a Hmong families belief regarding Epilepsy living in the U.S.A.

It's a great Study for understanding cultural differences.
Going back to the Greeks however, through one of their oral historians Hesiod.

He has an impressive Epic regarding the War of the gods but what is understood by scholars that has studied his work is that War in Heaven one reads in Revelation lasted a long time.

If anyone is wondering why I'm bringing up the Greek Stories because they were telling the Truth We just didn't listen to Them.

During the Time of this Great War in Heaven The Holy Trinity is stead fast with Creation and so God ends his Creation of Earth and Creating Adam from the Earth herself an Eve from Adams Rib upon the sixth Day of Creation.

After, the War in Heaven like any War Zone there appears to be an like ripple with the Angels grappling with these changes.

Lucifer and his followers cast out an cast down from the Heaven's but, in his wake a kind of silent question mark is in the air that question mark will remain for a Time.

The interesting thing Enoch 1 in The Book of the Watchers makes reference to this point from Enoch's eyewitness Account that The Satans awaited an audience with The Holy Trinity but, were routinely denied; in fact, I'm thinking in The Book of Job Lucifer must have took authority over the Satans by making certain He's the only one to visit Heaven because it seemed that He was granted partial audience with The Ancient of Days.

So what does The War and Heaven an Lucifer have to do with The Nephilims the Giant Off-Spring of The Son's of God?

I'll give you two points...

1. Point The Plan of Salvation Lucifer knew that if Sin was to come to the New Planet Earth, it would have an devastating effect on Earth.

Before Earth was even Formed A Plan it was made to rescue Humanity from ourselves. Christ dying on The Cross for the Whole World's Sins.

Thereby purchasing All of Us with His Blood an through Christ sacrifice on the cross We who believe inherit eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Christ had to come through The Blood of Humanity in order for the rescue to work. Lucifer would do anything and everything He could to prevent this from being full-filled.

Because then Earth would belong to Christ Not Satan.

Point 2 Lucifer had a plan get Adam and Eve to Sin in Eden and from there He could plan his next move see in Enoch 2 The Book of the Secrets of Enoch; God warns that He lost his place in Heaven but, that Lucifer has not Lost His Cunning.

Lucifer sends his Captain of his Evil-Angelic host Gadreel to Seduce Eve it was more or less a seduction of the Mind since Adam and Eve were already having Marriage ordained by God Sex.

It was catastrophic Adam and Eve had to be removed from Earthly paradise by God so they would not live forever in that condition of Sin which we genetically inherit from the both of them.

God on the other hand let them know about the Redemption through Christ that would come neither Adam or Eve were aware of how long that would actually be for when The Savior was too arrive.

Then the question that I am sure to follow when do the Nephilim come in to play at this point in Earth's History Before The Great Flood?

Without really understanding unusual moments are beginning to happen all in Heaven.

According to Enoch 2 Book of Secrets of Enoch some beings who were imprisoned by God in a 5th Heaven that is actually 2nd Hell (an from a article I read at Ancient Origins regarding Egyptians belief in 12 Hells it was a shock to learn Hell is Not of Earth like we originally thought), due to their taking part in The War with Lucifer by the way this tells me possibly other World's in The Universe were involved with this War triggered by Lucifer which answers why Hesiod Epic on the War of the gods event was to last much longer.

There isn't really an exact date for when The War in Heaven instigated by Lucifer, Identified by Hesiods' as gods in his Epic. Through Genesis 6, Enoch 1, Job 1 & 2, The Son's of God are embattled.

3 Beings escape from this 5th Heaven aka 2nd Hell, I suspect that they had some help they are called Grigori an according to Enoch those Grigori were even bigger than The Nephilims on Earth who grew to 3000 feet in Height.

As they escape there prison there seems to be another change happening in Heaven with the Angels the changes are happening with the soon to infamous Watchers.

These Watchers were appointed to Watch Over Mankind so they were supposed to take care of Us.

Satan takes too loitering outside the entrances of Heaven encountering other Angels on their way in or out conducting their business as Son's of God.

Questioning God, questioning them it's possible about that time he silently observed the Watchers headed to a 3rd Heaven to begin their job of taking care of Us keeping us safe from whatever atrocities that Lucifer might use against our Ancestors.

The Watchers would realize to late that they were Lucifers prey unfortunately for the archenemy his plan worked a little to strong He wouldn't find that out till much later and all of this was done so Christ The Son of Man would bot be able to come through The Bloodlines of Humanity via Adam and Eve.

As these events begin to take place in Heaven on Earth there is a snag Cain and Abel.

Both brothers had been taught of the wonders of God and as a consequence of their Sins in Eden they'd loss Paradise but, that God promised them a Redeemer who would save them all and bring them Home Again.

Abel accepts this lot in life by recognizing the blessed Gift if Christ as a Redeemer but, with Cain an added characteristic of resentment towards his parents and how their choices affected Cain. Cain wanted to show He was master of Cain.

So Cain adopted an Abhorrence towards God an too have Abel censure Him the Eldest irked him to know end.

Still when the day came to sacrifice unto God Cain made certain He was there before The Gates of Eden still guarded by the Flaming sword and 300 Cherubims, I'm not in Cain's mind by the way not at all the only thing, I can do is suppose what happened.

I supposed that Cain wanted to prove He was Right and his Dad, Mom, an Abel were wrong.

Cain Murdered Abel his brother this is recorded as the first murder Cain is then exiled from Adam and Eve as a consequence after all Cain just murdered Abel what would prevent him from killing his parents?

Surprisingly the Watchers assigned in a third heaven don't make contact at this point it's probably their at this point stead fast in their duties as Angelic Watchers.

A lot of people tend to blame how the Nephilims the Giant Offspring came about was the fault of Cain's Bloodline that's not entirely accurate from what I'm beginning to Understand.
All the people accept for Noah and his Bloodline from which He came were corrupted by the Blood of the Nephilims and Rephalims on Earth.

I think Cain was already Dead?

In retrospect Cain's first born Son Enoch might have been around when Nephilims came in to existence, I'm not sure, I maybe wrong but, that's what I understand from Enoch 1 Book of the Watchers Timeline:

In the Year of Jared... (Seth was Jared's great-grandfather remember Seth died when He was 912 years old Jared was Enoch's father) the Son's of God saw the daughter's of Man that they were beautiful... Enoch was born when his own Father Jared was 800 years old.

I do think around the time of Cain's exile from Nod the land nearest to Eden that those 3 fugitive Grigori arrived to Earth it's possible they may have I'm not certain that's why I say possible or possibly they linked up with Lucifer who might have told them too lay low till further notice.

I suspect it's through the Grigori that Nephilim got so big to begin with (I may have to explore that possibility through the Norse Stories). I realize it was only three but, those three could have done a lot of damage.

It's around Jared's Time Enoch's father that Those Watcher Angel's begin to get restless they didn't seem to care all that much about the Men at least not in the beginning.

As Earth's population begin too grow an increase of Natural beautiful Women around with long flowing hair (this is why Apostle Paul tells women to keep their hair covered so as not too tempt Angels).

That's when Shemyaza the captain of these 200 Watchers accompanied by 10 Lieutenants Jasher, Baraqiel, Amezarak, Yomiel, an Tamiel along with five other Watchers on a Mountain.

Where Shemyaza challenges them if whether are not they would do this Act are not?

Meanwhile I'm thinking this is Crazy Angels don't do this, right Angels aren't interested in Sex right? They are Holy Beings Created by God.

This believe are not is the endless debate in the Church a lot people dispute the idea that Angels could have Sex because verses in The Bible describes them as Spirits.

Then one could argue and So Lucifer was a Holy Angel but Sinned greatly before God adopting Envy, and Coveting wanting To Be God.

Let's not forget Lucifer was on an quest to prevent the arrival of Christ on Earth for Humanity's sake.

We tend to forget Lucifer was Holy too yet He deceived many of the Heavenly Angel's then he tried staging a Coo in Heaven just to sit on the Throne of God that He wanted for himself He wanted to Be God.

These Watcher Angel's committed the Sin of Presumption thus Acted as though They were God which God does say in Enoch 1 The Book of the Watchers.

Shemyaza makes a both an Oath and Deal with the 200 after this willful decision of Their Own Free Will to Break All of The Commandments of God and their Covenant with The Holy Trinity they then go to the women that they desire pick which ones they want.

Remember the Greco-Roman Story of Cupid and Psyche well take that one Cupid add 199 more to that number then take a moment to remember Zeus/Poseidon/Apollo notorious for Raping Women I'm mean those stories were full of them.

While it appears some Women were willing others might not have been with these Fallen Angel's they wind up having children known as the Nephilim.

As their numbers increase into this confusion comes the three Grigori an children come from their bloodlines through the Grigori and Nephilims we get the Colossus, Cyclops, The Faeries, The Gnomes, The Titan's, The Giant's, The Ogres and Trolls.

Then the Angels dissatisfied by their Families and children set out to corrupt all of Creation with Experiments science should never consider embarking on.

I do think that those Angels first experiment has been in our possession now for quite sometime in our natural history however I do know that Science will definitely not be sold on the Idea.

I think Lucy discovered in Africa was their first attempt at experimenting but, it didn't seem to be working very well.

So it seems they decided to try interspecies relationships instead and you can read all about that in Enoch 3 Book of Giants just pray to God it's in Hebrew and Not Aramaic otherwise we lose the complete understanding of this specific Book.

I guess what I haven't touched on in this discussion is the wide spread violence discussed in Genesis and Enoch.

Through Enoch 3 God doesn't condemn the children right off the bat because of their Father's behavior He Creates a Sanctuary for them instead but their hybrid confused Nature reminiscent of Jurassic World with Indominus Rex gravely injured them.

Think of Superman and His Fortress of Solitude and then Indominus Rex at the top of the Food Chain.

By all indication this Sanctuary could have been in Antarctica or Ireland where the Giant Causeway is located today.

So the dreaded word I strongly contest to ever being uttered What else can happen regarding the Nephilims?

How about maintaining both an combination of Daddy Azazel, Uncle Azazel. He taught Humanity the most Evil thing in the World Wars. He created the weapons for war the armor used in War and steadily eliminating us as Earth's rightful inhabitants.

Azazel also created Jewelry for women to wear and make up to use on their skin huh I wonder what happen to the natural beauty the Fallen Angels loss their Angelic minds for? The worse idea these Angelic husbands came up with teaching their Wives the Secrets of Heaven some wives even learned of God's Name.

I believe in February of 2020 Ancient Origins announced the discovery of an Temple in Turkey dedicated to the god of War Ningirsu upon further examination I noted that a figure etched in the Temple Stone was Male and wings the shape of butterfly or moth wings were displayed within the stone.

I think this Ningirsu is Azazel the Angel who taught Man War who gave man the weapons to destroy themselves. It is my belief that after Cain Murdered Abel and one of Cain's great-grandson Lamech I believe (that's the one who had two wives), through his first born Enoch that there wasn't any wide spread killing like that of War happening until Azazel the others and their Gigantic offspring The Nephilim.

Other Angels taught their Wives astrology, star constellations and something involving Oaths, Binding Oaths used to Create the Universe (bad case scenario Hitler, Mussolini, Osama Bin Laden what would happen if that were in their possession?).

In the face of all this corruption of Creation why did this happen at all with the Grigori, The Fallen Angel's, their Giant offspring?

Remember in The Beginning a Plan of Salvation was put in place before Earth's Creation to Save Earth's inhabitants from Sin Christ dying on the Cross but, it could only work through The Bloodlines of Humanity for Christ is The Son of Man.

This may seem repetitive of me to keep saying this but it was all about keeping Christ from coming through and I for one am glad Lucifer and alk the Angels who followed after him that there plans were thwarted.

Lucifer did all of this to try and stop Christ from coming through Humanity he tried to corrupt the Bloodline and this was all because Lucifer still wanted the Throne of God and more importantly To Be God.

Jesus coming to Earth was establishing His Kingdom.

Both Genesis/Enoch/Jubilees teaches that Nephilims existed long after the Flood. I believe don't know for sure but, Rephalims might be their children.

God did two things after The Flood He shortened how long we lived and I think that God shrunk the Nephilims from their original height of 3000 feet to about anywhere 100 feet then 16 to 17 feet I know that's fairly big but at least it's Not 3000.

God said in the Scriptures that the Giant's of Lebanon were as tall as that if Cedar Trees and Cedar Trees grew to 100 feet thank the Lord not as big as Sycamore Trees or The Redwood Trees if not cut down Redwoods could live for 10,000 year's.

The War's in Joshua and Judges comes to a head when God calls for the complete extinction of the dominant of Giants from the Holy Land beginning with Shion and King Og of Bashan (I found out Bashan is Syria how crazy is that?) probably derived from Ogre.

It's a shock sometimes reading that in the Bible but, this was the ultimate battle for Humanity's Soul so God ensured Jesus would come through the blood of Human Being's those Giants stood in the way of that happening I also think the other reason why we haven't found Og's remains or his brother Shion because Science would pull a Jurassic Park and God is trying to protect us.

Listen those 3 Grigori and those 200 Fallen Watcher Angels God sent the 4 Arch Angel's

1. Gabriel
2. Michael
3. Raphael
4. Uriel or Phanuel

To bind those 200 hundred watchers chain them up and cast them in Tartarus in utter darkness. Tartarus is mentioned in 2nd Peter and the Epistle of Jude chapter 1:9.

I know the Greeks spoke of Tartarus where the Titan's were imprisoned in Tartarus in Chains well through Enoch they are imprisoned in Tartarus while in Heaven God's Country Enoch saw 7 Mountains and one of these Mountains was massive seemingly filling up the Heaven's.

I used to have a copy of Edith Hamiltons Book Mythology; I read the introduction which stated that the Greeks often referred to Mount Olympus the Home of The gods as Heavenly.

Enoch speaks about that mountain I do believe that is Mt. Olympus in Greek but in Hebrew The Holy Mountain of God Mt. Sinai.

Enoch saw the Elysian Field's He saw the two Trees in Heaven before Christ last living Apostle John Did the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and The Tree of Life.

Going back to the topic of the Nephilims their seems to be and extensive study on The Return of The Nephilims by both pastors and scholars alike followed by one more Epic Battle which will be won by Jesus.

In terms of that return that means either those imprisoned in Tartarus is getting out or a New wave of Angels might do what the 200 Watchers did in both Enoch and Noah's Time.

I think they most likely might get out led by their King Abbaddon in Hebrew Apollyon in Greek that's in Revelation chapter 9:11 pay close attention to the mention of Manticores in that same passage.

I think that's all I have to say on the Nephilims: Giant Offspring from The Bible; The Titan's/Cyclops from The Greco-Roman Bibles.

I'm currently doing research on the Giant's in the Norse Stories so if I learn of something interesting that may have been about the Nephilims I'll come back here and share it with everyone also if what I've written makes it appear as though I'm rambling then I apologize wasn't my intention to do that.

Until next time Everyone, Goodbye exciting topic to discuss.

Hi All,

What can I say about this Ancient Origins Subject The Nephilim?

First-of-all if one had my background they'd probably squirm a bit about the Nephilims a difficult conversation piece it seems.

I hadn't heard of Nephilims till a series of programs did in depth Study on specific Sacred Text that was originally in the Bible then just as easily got removed from The Scriptures as a whole. I was more familiar with Giants in King James Bible.

At 17 I got my hands on an NIV Bible and it was then I first saw the word Nephilim for myself.

I'll just say this I believe a guerilla force of 200 Watcher Angel's came from Heaven married human women (God did not approve of these Unions by these Angel's), and had children that became these Nephilims. According to a particular Book these Nephilims grew to 3000 feet in Height but their heritage from their Angel Fathers an human mothers seemed to confuse their nature a bit; somehow, this messed with Creation so consequently they were Cannibals too.

From the Bible and other Ancient writings we know them as Nephilims through The Greeks and Romans we know them as The Titans that famous painting of Cronus eating his children that's no myth the Nephilims did all of that and some more besides.

I think through the angelic father's they adapted into family clans and tribes for instance, Greece the Olympians, Norse Asgardians, then there were Ancient deities of Welsh, British, Scottish, Irish deities including the mysterious Faeries male and female.

Then their were Ancient gods made known in China, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

All of the peoples of the Earth speaks of beings much described as the Nephilims pertaining to their Ancient Ancestors living alongside of them.

Some descriptions of these Giant offspring were considered to exaggerated that they became Myth's but, it appears that our Ancestors knew what they spoke of about these Nephilim these Giant off-spring.

It took the Bible Book's of Enoch for me too see them as Biblical Truth and that they weren't a Myth but, for others that may not be the case it's possible people today may even in fact worship these Nephilims.

I on the other hand from my understanding hope that Nephilims never ever come in to existence because these things are not the pleasant beings they're believed to be this is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

This was an exciting discussion look forward to sharing more ideas on this Subject all together so for now Everyone, Goodbye!

Hi All,

At one time I did believe that knew The Holy Bible like nobodies business and first became aware of Enoch when I was 12, thanks to a Academic Scholarly program known as Mysteries of The Bible in fact a few of those segment can be watched on ytube.

I didn't accept this book when first being told what were in The pages so ignored it. Then I was 16 or 17 History Channel did Banned Book's of The Bible and Enoch came again especially the description of the Giant's. Not able to wrap my brain by what was being taught in the Sacred Text again dismissed its significance.

My reluctance to accept the Book came from Matthew chapter 24; and Jesus warns of False Christ/False Prophets because if so can deceive the very elect. Jesus Disciples preach this consul in their Epistles of False Prophets and False Teacher's.

Then one day 2 years ago something clicked and I realize Enoch is Biblical Truth but I am aware not that many people believes this about Enoch save, for Ethiopia since The Book is in Their Bible.

I'm reading Enoch currently I learn something new each time. I've come to see Enoch as a point of origin all the Ancient Stories by our Ancestors that swore these guys in Enoch walked the Earth beside us was True.

The basis of Enoch is to teach earth what happened when our Ancestors walked the Earth first Adam and Eve to all the way with Noah and his family. Noah's family represented The New direction in which Humans were to go in history.

Enoch covers those on between years that people wonder about from reading Genesis. It's while reading Enoch you learn of the Fallen Angel's ID as The Watchers which numbered 200 came from a 3rd Heaven because they were observing the comings and goings of Man.

Then saw the daughter's of Man were very beautiful so left their home in Heaven to marry human women who gave birth to children who grow to Titanic Size Enoch said they grew too 3000 feet in ht.

They were warriors in those days Men of great re-known. Their nature's however were confused born of the Angels and Human they were a confused hybrid Race that happened to be Cannibals too.

We human forces to live with them had no power to kill these things plus the Hybrid Beings were immortal they'll be destroyed come Judgement Day it's a promise from God. God punished the Angels offspring by turning them to Evil-Spirits it had to do with their nature born of their Angelic Father's and earth.

God also stirred them against each other and made then War towards one another. The Giants had children too so God had their children the Angels grand children go too War against their Giant parent's and friend's.

Think on the Greek Stories Zeus killing his father Cronus who was wow a cannibal remember famous art renditions of Saturn or Cronus eating his children? Multiply that one Cronus with the 200 Angel's who fathered them and how many Cronus do you have?

Think about all the War's of the quote Ancient gods or the gods fought amongst us storylines. We wouldn't be capable of killing the Angels children until after the Flood. For God had those 200 Angel's bound by the righteous Angels in chains and thrown into Tartarus.

So there's an common agreement in the Ancient World about Tartarus. This is why I believe Enoch to be point of Origin behind all the Myth's, legends, an Fairy Tales and why I know longer see them as Myth's.

I got the names of 55 Angel's out of the 200 Angel's who married Human Women and fathered the Hybrid-Race. It's one name in particular that stands out too me the most it didn't register with me the first four times when reading Enoch.

In Hebrew Satal in Greek Satal is Atlas and he is definitely chained up No Hercules has set him free on account that Hercules who I believe to be Thor got captured by the
Arch Angel Raphael upon the Ancient of Days command bind him in chains and throw Him into Tartarus where He recides to this day.

Neither Satal/Atlas or Hercules/Thor will get out come Judgement Day.

Why I think Thor/Hercules really does exist again is because of Enoch. The Apocalypse describe in Norse Stories is about Ragnarok.

I read a little about the event to come when I realized the Norse Clans time was coming to an end the story indicated that Man would begin again but, they the Norse Being's would not be apart of the World anymore alongside Humans.

This means The Flood was about to happen there is an interesting event when Thor take on this great snake it's an epic battle where he winds up killing this snake.

In Enoch 3 The Book of Giants a Hybrid Son of the watcher angel Shemyaza Oy Ha in Hebrew battles the Leviathan God sent too kill the Hybrid Race swimming in the waters as the Great Flood progresses. Oy Ha gets into an epic battle that makes God Wroth towards him for Oy Ha winds up killing the Leviathan.

So God commands Raphael to bind him with chains Oy Ha throw Him into Tartarus with His angel father Shemyaza. Raphael and Oy Ha engage in a pitch battle that Shemyazas Son ultimately looses b e cause Raphael is stronger than even Him and so tosses him into Tartarus.

Do I have definite proof of this about Thor? About Satal Atlas? Or Thor/ Hercules killing the Leviathan and winding up in Tartarus probably not that's why I continue to study Enoch with renewed interests.

You have to understand there's a lot going on in Enoch and yes Jubilees that's why each Biblical Account should be in fact Studied on a regular basis.

My favorite puzzles growing up and even now are Connect the Dots, Mazes, and Word Search. In reading Enoch I've had to put to use all 3 puzzles understand the Biblical Text.

Hopefully I haven't offended anyone with this one, it's how I see the World from a Biblical Perspective. It's that way for me since, I was a child.

Well until next time Everyone, Goodbye!

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The skeletons of Pre-Flood giants seem to be around 12-15 feet tall. It is quite possible that ALL humans were larger due to the different climatic conditions the Bible lists before the Flood changed everything. This would explain why the eight survivors were deified as paganism spread after the Babel rebellion - they were bigger and lived longer than their descendants. The Hermopolitan Ogdoad fits this precisely.
Even later generations linked the giants to the rebellion, further confusing the issue.
This scenario explains a lot of the corrupted stories in Greek myths, the two Hercules’ in the ancient literature, and so on. Further understanding is gained from the first part of Hislop’s much-maligned “The Two Babylons”. He demonstrates the many alignments between the ancient gods of pagan religions and the characters involved in the Babel rebellion. Also, he confuses Babel with Babylon, even though the Bible clearly puts Babel in the plain where the Euphrates emerges from the mts.



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