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Stephen Martin is a theology major working in automotive electronics who has long nurtured an interest in world religions and Hinduism in particular. Equipped with his background in religious studies and a strong desire to better understand his Hindu coworkers, Martin spent time studying the Vedas, the most ancient Hindu texts, along with a plethora of other rich academic sources on the topic, to flesh out his comprehensive study on the matter. He is the author of Retaliation of the Cursed A Historical Investigation of The Origins of Worship, World Religion, Mythology, Paganism, Astrology and Atheism, and Their Contributions Leading to Modern Hinduism .


Primarily grounded in examining the Sumerian, Akkadian, Greek, Egyptian, Pagan, and biblical origins of various religious figures, practices, and beliefs, but drawing on a wide array of mythologies that stretch beyond this, Martin makes a compelling case for the shared origins of the world's great religions, arguing that by reincorporating many previously excommunicated spiritualities and atheisms, Hinduism manifested itself as the complex, multi-faceted cosmology it is today.


He hopes to have his book contribute to a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of Hinduism from outside its cultural and religious bounds. Martin currently lives in Michigan with his wife and their four children.



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