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Falconer with a hawk on one hand. Source: zorandim75 / Adobe Stock.

The Ancient Art of Falconry is Keeping Planes Safe (Video)


Falcon Environmental Services has responded to the demands of the modern aviation industry by embracing the revival of an ancient art: falconry, a practice with origins dating back to 3000 BC. This enduring tradition is proving invaluable in safeguarding contemporary air travel. Mark Adam, president of Falcon Environmental Services, believes falcons are the formidable great white sharks of the sky, invoking instinctive fear among birds. The company's mission involves protecting planes in flight through the application of falconry's age-old techniques. The aviation industry faces potential dangers from birds, as a single gull striking an engine can spell disaster. Traditional methods like sirens and pyrotechnics lose effectiveness over time, but falcons retain their power to instill fear in avian populations.

Expert falconers raise and train these majestic birds, preparing them to execute aerial interventions at airports. In response to control tower requests, the falcons disperse birds from critical airfield areas, ensuring the safety of aircraft and passengers. The historical significance of falconry and the harmonious partnership between falcons and humans create a captivating fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary necessity.

Top image: Falconer with a hawk on one hand. Source: zorandim75 / Adobe Stock.

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