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Falconer with a hawk on one hand. Source: zorandim75 / Adobe Stock.

The Ancient Art of Falconry is Keeping Planes Safe (Video)

Falcon Environmental Services has responded to the demands of the modern aviation industry by embracing the revival of an ancient art: falconry , a practice with origins dating back to 3000 BC. This...
A mummified falcon found in Egypt (rob Koopman / CC by SA 2.0)

Headless Mummified Falcons Found in Egyptian Temple Suggests Ancient Ritual

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Egyptian temple with 15 mummified falcons, many of them headless and buried around a pedestal. The discovery suggests a previously unknown ritual performed...
Anne Boleyn’s carved falcon that went on display at Hampton Court Palace earlier this month.	Source: © Historic Royal Palaces

Heraldic Falcon Emblem Of Anne Boleyn Rediscovered

After a one-sided courtship which mostly involved her putting a stop to King Henry VIII’s advances, the posthumously famous Anne Boleyn finally consented to his pursuit of her which culminated in a...
Hungarian Vizsla out hunting with a pheasant in its mouth.   Source: oroszgy / Adobe stock

Link Between the Huns and Vizsla Dogs Unravels an Ancient Enigma

The history of the Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer breed goes hand in hand with that of the Huns’ (later called Hungarians’ or Magyars’) and even the history of their language. Recent DNA analysis...
Inset; Bucket/ banduddû from the north wall of the Palace of king Sargon II, and a four-winged genie in the Bucket and cone motif.

Banduddu: Solving the Mystery of the Babylonian Container

One of the great riddles in Mesopotamian sacred art concerns the image of anthropomorphic winged figures called Apkallu holding a mullilu (tree fruit) in one hand, and a banduddû — a container — in...
Top: The tail of an animal can be seen in the innards of this kestrel mummy in a CT scan. (Stellenbosch University photo). Bottom: The mummified kestrel

Discovery of mummified kestrel reveals evidence for falconry in ancient Egypt

Throughout the ages around the world, humans have associated gods of various religions with animals. Some individual animals in ancient Egypt were so sacred they were believed to have the spirits of...
A limestone sarcophagus of an unknown person has been unearthed near Aswan. Some of the sarcophagi at the site have mummies intact.

Six tombs containing mummies belonging to elite figures of 26th Dynasty unearthed in Egypt

Six ancient Egyptian tombs belonging to elite members of the 26 th dynasty of the Late Pharaonic Period have been excavated by an Egyptian archaeological team. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities...