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Oksana Moshynska

I have thirty-three years of combined research training and experience. I have completed graduate degrees as well as a post-doctoral fellowship, all in the areas of health sciences, human and animals’ biology and physiology and molecular biology. I also have experience in research management and data mining. I worked for the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Canada) for 21+ years, first as a Professional Research Associate and later, as a Research Programs Advisor. Although all my publications (~ 65) are in scientific journals, I have written pieces which I plan to publish in various magazine(s) in the near future.

I also have a great interest in the history and genetics of purebred dogs. I own two Vizslas, with whom I compete in various performance dog sports. I also show and hunt them. I am currently serving on the Canadian Kennel Club’s Genetics and Medical Committee, working on the development of the new canine wellbeing strategy for purebred dogs in Canada. I am also a member of various dog organizations, including hunting and all-breed clubs.


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Hungarian Vizsla out hunting with a pheasant in its mouth.   Source: oroszgy / Adobe stock

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