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- Cubits in the philosophy of Alchemy

- Cubits in the philosophy of Alchemy

Because we start each generation fresh and new we lose sight of intent. I am a Free Mason and also an Alchemist. Not alchemy so much in distillation but more so in the reconstruction of principles (transmutation) through the discipline of measures. Specifically, the utilization of cubits just as the ancients used them.

The term turning lead into gold has much more depth than modern words describe. I'll explain. Though it is true that ancient metallurgists tried to compose. However, the term more so reflects gold as one atom. Gold as an element that cannot be destroyed. It can be melted down with alloy, slammed with the extremities of the four elements. But, and at the end of the day, it can be recomposed back into its original element, as if nothing happened. It has spirit that can not be removed, eternal. The philosophy of the transmutation of lead into gold is in producing a tincture of the same (recomposing the matter to be eternal with spirit). Rather distillation in the animal, vegetable, mineral or metallic realms thereof.

Alchemy is not far from modern (99.8%) medications made today, they are derived from the same practices, just different in philosophy. The difference in my opinion, the philosophical spirit was unwoven from the modern sciences. In alchemy, before coordination of the 3 principles sulfur, mercury and salt, the alchemist has to have full knowledge of spirit either being released or rejuvenated in order to be successful. In looking at modern medicine today, you have additives to counter react symptoms which alchemy would view as poison. A modern elixir pure of poison, you might ask? For instance, Penicillin is a little refined but still pure from nature. I am not going to get into medical debates, I am just pointing out the differences in devotion. Based on this, alchemy’s philosophy reaches much more in depth and pure to the origin of life. Philosophy is a key to understanding alchemy. I'll give you an example of philosophy associated with alchemical from my perspective with an impart paper I wrote and never fully published.


                                                                             Chapter I of V

Alchemy, The Master's Ingredient of Consciousness

In alchemy, cubits that divide matter into its integral parts are the math of Thoth (Hermes, Mercury). In the lab of the mind, the composing methods of preparation rejuvenate in being able to understand Thoth's unit of rule and his graduates thereof. Illustriously, cubits are at the corner stone of every ancient theology as it was G_d's math, no matter your identity. This is why many alchemists dedicate a portion of their lives to cubits. In the physical world, if you do not use proper measures, you do not have its elixir. In Masonry, the square and compass becomes nothing without the spiritually of cubits and measures in which they operate. These measures set matter into reality.

*This is in view with the Philosopher's Stone illustration link

*The following is depicted from the illustration linked above.

The Philosopher's Stone

From once you came, the inner diameter of your soul. By which a segment means you will come to reside where the four elements roam both spiritually and physically in a harmonious mixture. By a mathematical means of segment plus an hypotenuse, you lodge in physical creation and the three principles of. By the con-center of these principles, the edge of G_d's realm and his math that sets this matter into philosophical theorem. Freedom?

The Seed

What's next? The Orion belt or the cosmos? In realizing the discipline required, matter decays. Measurably, you begin to seek the essence of an element machine instead of accepting another womb. In actuality, it is similar to having the principles of salt water without the knowledge to compose (divine spark) its ingredients into life. The wings to transcend without the knowledge of transmutation is only equivalent to mortality. Mathematical sequence becomes revelation. Thus, Sir Isaac Newton, Lao-Tzu, Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan, Sir George Ripley who began in increments to re-build our intellectual inheritance.

The Planet

A mathematical means of, in the combinations thereof, inner diameter by √2 graduated by 2 above and below. Shown, is the soul grounded matter (physical plane).The order of matter and the residue of Thoth (Hermes, Mercury) becomes motioned. 4) By adding seasons (anticlockwise), you add intervals of ages cycle and natural philosophy. Fire, Summer Solstice-Eternal Life_ Earth, Autumnal Equinox-Decay_ Water, Winter Solstice-Suspension_ Air, Spring Equinox-Renewal. 3) A Trinity, of Father_ Mass_ Energy. 2) With the knowledge of Light and Dark you realize the hierarchy of all theology.

Not yet digested by the heart is the action of elements observed by the math as the material nature of the seed and the chief excellence of the stone.

                                                                              Chapter II of V

Physical Ingredients of the Stone

* Still in view of the previously linked illustration

The ingredients (harpedonaptai), circle to tangent square, the segment governed by a right angle is cubit law from one geometry to another. Seen are 2 right angles, opposites defined by the square segment and inner diameter of the soul. The right angle addition of this and its hypotenuse equals the 3 principles times √1.3333_ equals the circumference of the physical realm. What spirtualizes matter, geometry. What is consciousness without the development of matter? Unseen.

Can you see the integration of philosophy (spirit) projected in works? If not, survey the unknown masters,or if gifted enough, the Emerald Tablet. Same holds true for the Bible, Koran and the Kabbalah. Philosophy is the glue that the old school morals have not seen today.

In Closing

Alchemists believe when creating an elixir it must have essence of spirit to be pure, written in that philosophy. Wherein modern sciences believe otherwise. Before you say we have come so far, Roger Boyle and Sir Isaac Newton were great Alchemists. For example, Sir Isaac Newton dedicated 80% of his life to decoding cubits and alchemical.